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  1.  NextGen Assassin's Creed


    I've played the first Assassin's Creed on my PC and the rest of sequels on my PS3 until now. Firs of all if you get the PC version you will get all the exclusive single-player missions that includes what are exclusive to PS3 as well. Another tidbit is that the PC version has been released with latest patch which fixes a lot of bugs and is of course graphically superior. Yes Ubisoft has said textures could look twice and some cases four times better.

    Now let's talk about the game. This is the first time I am thrilled and excited to play Assassin's Creed game since the first game. Do not get me wrong the Ezio trilogy were great but it felt samey. There are so much new with this game. I am going to skip on naval warfare, hunting animals and bigger missions. The most impressive is how the game plays and looks. Many developers including Crytek, DICE and now Ubisoft upgraded their engine for next gen while it runs on current gen. This completely shows with Assassin's Creed 3. Aside from Borderlands 2 this is the most improved sequel this year. Connor climbs structures that includes trees very organically and combat which i do not know is due to excellent animations or what, is more fluid than ever before.

    The first time you play as Connor is the same feeling as Altair in the caves back in Assassin's Creed is completely different than anything else.

    I don't understand reviews from various publications giving this game 8-8.5 score. It's not game of the year but definitely a runner-up.

  2.  Next Gen Tom Clancy


    It seems to me that Ubisoft is reinventing Tom Clancy games to the highest quality while we are reaching to the end of this generation of consoles. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Rainbow Six: Patriots.

    Let me get rid of downsides first because there are so many upsides for this game. The graphics of the game don't hold a candle what we come to expect even from Ubisoft(especially during cut scenes). Same goes with the story. However when it comes to the game itself its a force to be reckoned with.

    Ghost recon is all about tactics and how you'd like to approach the situations. It's not a futuristic game but it seems the ghosts take advantage of futuristic tech like optical camouflage and are able to do 4 coordinated sync shots. Yes they are as cool as it sounds. Thanks to cinematic camera and motion captured animations I didn't mind the substandard graphics one bit. My favourite moment is when the ghosts make diamond formation to protect the VIP. It's an exhilarating and exciting ride all the way through. It has a lot of content to go through as well: single-player with challenges, co-op. multi-player and guerilla mode( horde mode).

    If this is the sign of new breadth of Tom Clancy games to come, boy it will worth the wait. Judging by how awesome Splinter Cell: Blacklist looks you can expect what might Ubisoft has to show for Rainbow Six: Patriots as well. We have exciting years of gaming yet to come

  3.  Based on the demo


    I've just played the single-player demo of this game. I gotta tell you that even though game-play wise there was nothing new it was enjoyable play-through nonetheless. The most striking thing about the game seems to be its story and its visual splendour. The main visual theme is sand of course. I might even have to say it is presented as well as it was in Uncharted 3. It is also part of the game-play to kill your enemies. The lighting in combination with the sand theme has created a feast for your eyes but as I said there is nothing new here we haven't seen before when it comes to the game itself. You are commanding a squad of two which you can order to suppress enemy by firing, throwing a grenade or stun them. The combat is fluid but the enemy a.i is particularly better than some other games. We just have to see how good this war story is when it is released because i am not completely sold yet!

  4.  Crytek knows how do amazing graphics but...


    I bought this game alongside Killzone 3 and Resistance 3. I didn't find it as good as K3 is but it was better than R3. Crytek has different approach to gameplay than other two games. You have more freedom how to play either stealthy or rampage killing or in between. The visuals are some of the best i have ever seen. I have a big bone to pick up with Crytek regarding the AI which is jarring and confusing. Specially the ceph (aliens) have erratic behavior when they fight you and I wished there was more variety. The story is uninteresting and due to some bad level design choices specially the last level of the game, it's not on par with K3. Still a good game if you are looking for a change.

  5.  Great but not perfect!


    I have to stress that Resistance 3 is a great game in its design and gameplay as it should be. The problem is when I look at the three franchises that born on PS3: Uncharted, Motorstorm and Resistance, Resistance franchise hasn't seen much of overhaul as the other two. Resistance 3 apart from couple of moments is not thrilling ride as you'd expect. Maybe it has to do with tone of story or that we are not playing as Hale anymore. R3 tries to be more atmospheric and scary unlike the last two games. One section of the game reminds me of Ravenholm of H2. As with the last 2 games i was expecting for a climatic battle that doesn't happen. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Maybe because i was expecting too much.

  6.  Buy it!


    I have had my share of joy playing platformer games. I remember the excitement I had when I played little Big Planet but I didn't enjoy the controls since they were kind of floaty. I had played Rayman back in the old days and how difficult and challenging it was. So it was nostalgic to play this one since i've seen the E3 presentation of it. This is as great a platformer can be, not only the controls are tight and responsive but the game is definitely a feast for your eyes because of its unique art style. From the sound of electoons to each level of the game having a cartoon drawn visual. Everything is outstanding here. It is more intriguing to see what Ubisoft will do with this engine on future games. I must emphasize that due to the commercial failure this game was as it was released a midst of big hitters last year it should not be forgotten. I cannot express enough how great this game is. Please buy it!

  7.  Sigh!!!


    Sucker punch is tour de force in style but much less in substance. It seems the way director Zack Snyder had taken with his movies. It makes me worried about the fate of new Superman movie helmed by him. What Snyder does is that he takes the girls imagination (hallucination) and turns them into scenes of battles with lots of special effects. Even though the actresses may seem attractive to portion of audiences and battles are choreographed to please the same audience the plot is so thin and performances are so shallow that it would tire everyone. I find his direction problematic. He seems to be a great art director or special effect supervisor but not a good director. He can not get performances out of his actors above mediocrity. Lines exchanged without emotion it feels even the actors not buying the story. Hopefully with Nolan as producer man of steel will rise above Snyder direction.

  8.  Terrible...don't waste your time.


    I wonder what has happened to Cage acting career. He's not a bad actor. In fact him starring as bad cop in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans was award worthy and a joy to watch. This movie has no style. Even the action scenes and encounters between Cage a big action star and the opponents whoever they may be is disappointing. The Accountant is the only enjoyable character that has enough charisma that makes every scene that he enters funny, thrilling and unexpectedness even for a mess this movie is. I hope Cage starts to steer away from movies like Season Witch, this and others like it. So I don't understand why should you ever try to watch a movie like this in 3D. We are entering an era of 3D immersiveness led by Avatar. Your time and money can be invested elsewhere.

  9. Faster



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     Not so fast!


    I kind of felt unnecessary for Rock to play in this movie since this is no different in recent action movies who he played. It has a simple story. Story of revenge and it starts out promising but it does not evolve into something great, Take Kill Bill for example, even though the story does not get together well but the visual splendor and pacing action makes it seem charming and promising to the audience. We do not get any of that here. Since the premise is revenge here at least I expected some inventive killings at least. There is an interesting twist in the movie as there are one person after another but the movie does not provide adrenalin-filled stand offs or encounters for that matter. I liked Rock in the Rundown. He's not too expressive of an actor but at least we want action that is a treat to be watched. A missed opportunity.

  10.  3D at its best!


    This movie is a good example of 3D entertainment. I've seen many movies in 3D but only a few take the crown as best 3D movies. This is one of them. Although most parts of the movie was shot in 2D but the scenes that use 3D effects very well add the depth needed. I still had some problems with it. For starters the story is predictable and there are unexplained plot lines. Much hyped Daft Punk soundtrack doesn't present itself well with the audience except for one key scene. Tron was a remarkable movie in terms of art direction back in 1982 but in 2011 not so much. I guess the movie will resonate better in 2D as most of the bright colours and amazing bluish hues were washed out in 3D thanks to glasses.