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  1.  Brillant


    The trailer was good. The film is brillant. This is a thriller put not for people who enjoy Saw. This is for people who enjoy a good thriller.

    Diana Lane is on top form and you enjoy every minute. Colin Hanks is alongside for backup.

    We have a brillant story as well. Forget everything else you have seen and you will not be disapointed.

    Well worth the watch.

  2.  Saeson 4 of to a good start


    I don't care what some fans say. Its nice for a change to have a different character in the Tardis. Who isn't gooey eyed over the doctor.

    So Catherine Tate is a breath of fresh air.

    Its like the original Doctors assistant.

    But as we see in the first episode a plot thread apears in the form of Billie Piper.

    Just like each season miss the plot thread and you might stumble in the dark, or just get a big suprise at the end.

    These Three Episodes are Brillant from start to finish and both the Doctor and Donna seem to be having a good time. Best episode the Ood.

    Look forward to the Agatha Christie Mystery and Sontarans.

    Well worth the money if you don't want to wait for the boxset way of in October/November.

  3.  K9 at his best


    1980 and forget xfiles. Its Sarah Jane and K9 investigating cult rituals.

    This was a pilot for a tv series, alas the powers that be decided not to go further. It was ahead of its time.

    27 years on and Both Sarah Jane and K9 have returned to Doctor who and a spin of series.

    So for old and New fans this 80's Pilot is worth watching.

    We also get The invisible Enemy, were the Doctors Brain is taken over and Leela and a proffesor have to help the Doctor rid him of the evil within his brain.

    This show introduced K9. Who was suppose to be in the one show but the producers decided to keep K9 with the doctor.

    A great espisode and adventure and glad to see the BBC putting more episodes back to back.

    well worth the price and just a joy to watch

    Trial of the Time Lord to come?

  4.  Made for tv with good value


    Oky so its Rutger Hauer instead of Gene Hackman or Kurt Russell if you like the new one.

    But he do's a good job and so doe's Byan Brown and Adam Baldwin. You also get to see were Steven Guttenberg and Peter Weller have been for so long.

    It has a diffrent twist to the other two versions although, yes the ship do's sink.

    Set in to parts and directed very well buy John Putche its well worth the price and a Sunday afternoon watch.

    So set sail and watch a diffrent version of the tale.

  5.  Big Teeth Big Bite


    For all us Monster fans, who like to see not only old but new.

    This is worth the watch. Don't expect lake placid, its a whole different thing.

    Although nearly all films take from Jaws, you can still enjoy this film for its excitment and shock value.

    Good special effects and not a bad story line make this big croc worth the buy.

    So if you like big teeth with large bite then buy this.

  6.  Classic Hitchcock


    Before Jaws there was the Birds?

    They might not eat you but they still attack you and will not give in.

    Just like Jaws, The Birds is set in a little fishing coastal village.

    Its a thriller with shocking effects.

    Rod Taylor of the Time Machine and Tippi Hedren of Marnie star and are both briillant in their roles.

    Watch out also for a very young Veronica Cartwright from Alien.

    This film is Alfred Hitchcock at his best and I would say is better than Psycho.

    Also with this dvd comes some great extras especially the brillant trailer. They don't make them like that any more.

  7.  Doctor Who Thriller


    For this only two part thriller, you really get your moneys worth.

    Its a who's who and you would think that Agatha Christie had wrote this one.

    The Doctor enjoy's a good game of cricket and then ends up being acussed of murder.

    Its a change from the time traveling and Monsters and is a nice rest before the Cyberman adventure to follow.

    Peter Davidson is into his full stride as the Doctor and I would be suprised of any fan. Not to enjoy these to great episodes.

    Well Worth the money and the time traveling adventure.

  8.  Tom Baker the Number 1 Time Lord


    Fans Old and New, will enjoy this adventure.


    Becasue it not only shows the Doctor in a different way but also gives us a good look at Gallifrey. That home of the Time Lords that is always talked about but rarely seen.

    We also get the Sontarans as villians and for new fans, you can see what they looked like before they meet David Tennat.

    This Story is also sadly the last adventure for Leela and K9 Mark 1.

    Its a Thriller of a Story with lots of twists and turns and enjoy the special voyage through the Tardis.

    Well Worth the watch and to a great collection of Tom Baker Doctor Who dvds.

  9.  Scifi with a leap


    This is a new hero and something of a change to scifi.

    Some what comic book but also Thriller.

    Directed By Doug Liman and Starring Hayden Christian and Jamie Bell as well as the King Of cool Mr Samuel L Jackson.

    This film has all the right elements. Action packed and great special effects.

    Well Worth the price and worth plenty of viewing time.

    May lead to a couple of sequels?

  10.  The Next Chapter


    Too Many critics and sad pick pocket fans have dismissed this movie. Why?

    Because they have lost the will to enjoy a good pop corn scifi movie.

    Fans have waited for these Alien vs Predator movies and now they complain.

    Well they can't afford Cameron or Ridley so they have to find pop video or special effect directors. So don't expect vast landscapes and oscar winning actors.

    Just enjoy the movie. It worth the price has some new twist and some good effects. So pretend you havn't seen the other movies and enjoy this for what it is.

    Becasue it won't win an oscar but is worth the watch and part of the Alien/ Predator Franchise.