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  1.  so good


    I loved this movie. Had to wait until the dvd release to see it though as my wife didnt want to sit for 3 hrs in the cinema. But it was worth the wait , Brad pitt is awesome from the start and its an emotional journey right through to the end. Ive read some very harsh reviews on other sites comparing this film to forest gump. Forest Gump is so different to benjamin button its unreal. Simply a visual masterpiece.

  2.  proper shooter


    Killzone 2 is superb , at first i found it really hard , which is a good thing cuz cod was really easy . Its grown on me big time i would advise anyone who finds true first person shooters to stick with cod though as this is very hard online and i will own you again and again. Ha ha. Psn thriller__killer

  3.  so far sooo good!


    I am a long time pes fan and this is much better. I was let down in recent years with bad next gen pes games , the worst been pes 2008. Now though it is clear that konami have listened to the critics of last years game and mustered up a treat of game this year. OK its only a demo , but its the only demo ive had which i cant stop playing, its brilliant, quick and very rewarding. Play it on top player difficulty and when you win you will feel what know other video game can provide. Dont worry about licences this year cuz the game will feature an extensive edit mode too , which will allow you to fully edit your favourite teams. This is the year of the pes on ps3.

  4.  If you have cod 4 then dont bother buying this.


    Bad company is a good solid game, but its failed to keep me entertained for longer than a week. At first i was hooked but i love playing online and have now found it boring ( GOLD CRATES GAME OVER AND OVER AGAIN! ). Ive now gone back to cod 4 and im loving it as much now as i did when it first come out. Bad company is good idea but dodgy graphics, laggy online and boring multiplayer games spoil it . Wait for Cod 5 that will be better!

  5.  great!


    This controller is a must buy for any ps3 owner , I had mine delivered yesterday and yes it does work on the uk ps3.If thats whats putting you off buying one then your wrong. There are a few games though where the vibration feature does'nt work, e.g cod 4, resistance , but it does vibrate on mgs 4 , grid -race driver, gran turismo 5 prologue ,motorstorm and bad company. Its not just the vibration that makes it better though , its built better , it feels more sturdy and heavier than the normal six axis controller. Take my word for it , i had my doubts too but this really is the real deal.10/10

  6.  good , But !


    I must admit that the picture quality on this movie is brilliant. Although half way through this movie i found that the sound went slightly out of sync which was very off putting. This film has a huge amount of dialogue. So its easier to see the faults. A great movie but out of sync sound does annoy.

  7.  best of a bad bunch !


    I used to own an xbox 360 and have spent hours playing a nintendo wii and was not entirely satisfied , so i bought a playstation 3 and found that it has a much better set up . The whole thing is made better , build quality ,looks ,free online and so on. The only problem is that game developers dont understand how to properly make games for it yet. Games come out and dont look finished , graphics dont live up to the hype, eg GTA4 , CONDEMNED 2 , with the exception of COD4 , which looks amazing by the way.
    I can honestly say that the ps3 is the best of a bad bunch of new consoles and this is why.

    Nintendo wii = Last gen graphics , babyish games , awkward controls and limited online capabilities.

    Xbox 360 = unreliable , be prepared to wait for your xbox to be repaired after a few weeks , it will break! ,online is not free and does not have the advantage of a blue ray player , which trust me will be a big thing in the near future.

    PS3 = Free online service,great build quality , reliable, great future exclusive games , blue ray player , but has lazily developed games on the market which just dont really impress as they should do .
    So after all that I think only the ps3 can improve in the future [when developers pull there fingers out of there asses] and the 360 and wii can only get worse , go for the ps3 its the best console out there , but only just!

  8.  sound issues are true


    Im quite lucky because i didnt actually buy this game in the end as my brother bought it first. While playing condemned 2 i noticed that there were frequent sound problems , clicking , popping etc. This game was made for hdmi 720p and i think this is whwere the root of the problem lies. He will be taking the game back for a refund asap , and i just hope that sega and other game developers planing to rip off their customers with rushed games sort themselves out because this is happening too often with the ps3 , its becoming ridiculous to say the least. They need to understand that the xbox 360 and the ps3 are not the same system. PLEASE ! NO MORE PORTS ! and DO NOT BUY

  9.  why the envy ?


    This game is awesome, ignore all of these xbox fanboys who gave this game 1 star. If you look at all the reviews of this game you will notice they are all 4 stars or above. They must be blind aswell as dumb. Oh and another thing ,I to used to own an xbox 360 and it was a noisy, cheap piece of crap and i am proud to own a ps3, Now go back and take a look at your 3 red lights you jealous people!

  10.  could be good with help


    this game needs some help, its full of lag which you would normally find whilst playing online games. If this was sorted out it would be the pes i was waiting all year for but untill then it will allways be a 2 star game in my opinion. pes has allways been a smooth game but this one isnt .konami need to remember which console made them what they are today and sort my ps3 version out now! ''DONT BUY THIS GAME UNTILL ITS SORTED''!