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  1.  Tough and fantastic!


    This is the game that divides Castlevania fans the most. It's like a tougher and more story focused version of 'God Of War' and since it's from the Kojima part of Konami (Best known for the Metal Gear franchise)
    It is a gorgeous game to this date.
    The main problems with this really are; no movable camara and if this Collection version is what you want? Be wary of a second hand copy since the 2 add ons and Mirror of Fate HD are all dependant on having an unused online code which comes with the game rather than the entire Lords Of Shadow saga on disc.
    Otherwise this is a deviously clever entry of the Castlevania series that deserves more of a chance than it got on it's release date.

  2.  It Will Surprise You...


    For one sentence? Treat this as a direct sequel to the first! This film completely ignores all the 'sequels' before it including 'The Return'.
    What we end up with is a cheaply made movie about brand new genetic super soldiers vs the old and some how it is great!!
    A simple plot and some rather good end based fights really shot this movie much higher than it deserves!!!
    Pay attention to the awesome one shot sequence of Van Damme slaughtering the enemy!

  3.  Good but it could be better


    I was sceptical about this game really but once I got to grips with it I found it to be quite charming but missing that special something that makes it brilliant.
    You start as a child (male or female) then grow up to fight the evil the plagues the land of Albion. It's open world yet linear, you don't create your character but you let the limited choices define your appearance and you find loot to improve upon the items you already hold.
    The whole game is very whimsical with its mostly british cast attempting to make you laugh and it throws in some rudimentary property buying and family life situations as well.
    It sounds like I'm praising the game and putting it down at the same time and I am! This game is good that it gives you so many choices and things to do but once you've done them the only thing left is to do them again either evil or good.
    I did like it though and it is worth a play as it's very simple but with some deep rewards thrown in for deep exploration and thinking outside the box.
    The DLC is nothing to brag about though but Knothole Island is great only because it allows you to gain a tool that lets you remove enchantments from weapons so you can re-use them!
    To summarise: A nice try by xbox in trying to get their own kind of Legend Of Zelda game but it will never be as good (even though it has a lot more choices and customisation than Zelda) but that said, it is a lot of fun and very playable.

  4.  Great Fun and Surprisingly Vast


    I picked this up after quite liking the first game and pretty much haven't stopped playing it!
    It helps to have played the first but it's not important as it is set during the events of the first. Unlike the first though a lot more emphasis is on RPG levelling, side quests and loot finding which I always enjoy plus the varied armour pieces to equip Death in are just great for changing his appearance and stats.

    The story is pretty forgettable really but Deaths voice is done by the awesome Michael Wincott which is a bonus for me at least! The game worlds are pretty empty and the controls do take some getting used to but they are no game breakers, just occasionally annoying wall running problems.

    All in all though the dungeon questing is brilliant with some pretty crafty puzzles thrown in and I just thought this game was nothing but fun to play with some online features, it has online stats and the ability to share weapons and armour with friends which I thought was a decent little feature.

    Worth a go for a violent Zelda style style game with a dash of Legacy Of Kain thrown in for good measure.

  5.  A Great Chance to Play 1 and 3 Again


    Devil May Cry for those not familiar with it is an action/adventure game in which demon hunter Dante takes on multiple enemies as stylishly as possible with his guns, sword and other weapons he picks up along the way as well as some Resident Evil style puzzle solving.

    Great for its time and it has been copied by many since. This HD pack includes the original 3 games with some inconsistent HD shine mainly with the cut scenes but still retains its fast paced gameplay and overall fun.
    The camera is still fixed but you get used to it (the third sometimes lets you change the camera) and it is still quite challenging. The second game is the weakest link though since it was a terrible game and holds up the worst out of the three, the first is still great and the third is the special edition that lets you play as Virgil, Dantes brother.

    Overall it's worth it for one and three but play two at your own risk as it really isn't very good even though you get to play as the Lucia character as well. It is the first time they have been released on Xbox so it's aa added bonus for the uninitiated.

  6.  Surprisingly Awesome!


    As a long time Street Fighter fan then later a Tekken fan I was really looking forward to this game but then I heard the news about the "DLC" Capcom had planned so I thought I would wait for the obligatory 'Super' version to be released.
    Well no super version so I just bought the game and loved it! It's like just like Street Fighter 4 but with Tekken characters who really fit in well with the game, the fighting is rock solid and it uses the tag system from Tekken Tag which I actually prefer to the Marvel/Capcom way of tagging.
    Annoyingly though when you update the game when you first play it you will see 12 unselectable characters on the selection screen, nope you don't unlock these guys (who are already on disc!) you have to buy them!!! Plus every costume has to be paid for as well!!!!!

    Those extortionate gripes aside, this is a fantastic game which has plenty of characters as default and colour edits for free so customisation is still an option and it's always better with friends to beat up!
    A good tip for fighting friends only is to set up a private fight in Endless mode and only set up enough slots for your friends.
    So despite the clear DLC based money grabbing from Capcom this game is an excellent addition to the Street Fighter series plus good value for Tekken fans and well worth it at this price.

  7.  Game Of The Century!


    I'm just going to say it, I think this is the best game Rockstar have ever made and possibly one of the greatest games ever made too.
    The story, gameplay and graphics are just fantastic and there is always something to do.
    I have spent more time just roaming the world of Red Dead than I have in Skyrim or even Zelda it's just fun all the time! The extras are also good even though they're mostly multiplayer which I just play with friends only.
    The Undead Nightmare is a nice diversion even though it's extremely short but that's a minor complaint since it is a fun add on.
    Just buy it!

  8.  Great Face!


    LA Noire was quite a risky one for Rockstar but that risk paid off! This game is brilliant, good story, graphics and gameplay.
    The facial animations are so good that it makes characters in other games look like dead eyed sex dolls!
    It really isn't too tough though since the cases give you plenty of hints and help and even if you mess up an interrogation the case can always be solved plus I don't think it needed to be free roaming since it breaks up the flow of the game.
    These are minor complaints though this game is well worth a purchase and the extra cases that come with it help to extend its lifespan.

  9.  Well worth your time


    The Witcher 2 is truly a grown up experience that doesn't hold your hand and isn't afraid to force you to make tough decisions.
    The game itself is tough and uncompromising but hugely rewarding as well and the ability to save any where and any time is a godsend.
    The game world isn't as open as a game like Skyrim, it's more like Fable with its openness which isn't a bad point at all since it is heavily story based. Even the side quests are well thought out and filled with choice and consequence.
    When levelling up you really have to pay attention to the skills you want and plan to have as the game just gets tougher and every scrap becomes a strategy in itself.
    If you want an RPG filled with depth and class then look no further than this, don't worry about it if you haven't played the first since a lot of the first story is covered in this game.

  10.  Suit Up!


    This has to be one of the prettiest games to ever be on an Xbox or any other platform.
    The controls are damn near perfect, the story is a huge improvement over the last game and it is just pure unadulterated fun!
    The problem is that the game is so much easier and shorter than Crysis 2 was, it was so easy that I played it on Veteran straight away and had no problem with it and I am a decidedly average gamer at best!
    It is good though just don't expect it to revolutionise the FPS genre or anything just appreciate the fact that it is a fun game that makes you feel good playing it.