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  1.  Mood, paranoia, visual claustrophobia


    The plot requires careful attention and several viewings and might in fact be beside the point. What happens is less important than how it happens and the air of isolation and paranoia that surrounds it.

    Imagine Kubrick had directed one of the Bourne series and you'd end up not far away from the atmosphereof this film. Grown up, mood-driven, superb. Gary Oldman deserves every plaudit as do the rest of the cast.

  2.  Well made but unremarkable


    Despite looking sleek and being well made this is a disappointing radio from Sony.

    The sound is weak and tinny and its chomps through batteries in a day or two. On that topic, as soon as the battery power gets below maximum it starts to suffer tuning issues - 'no ensemble' becomes a common message.

    A mains lead is supplied which you'll need. But why buy a portable radio only to plug it in to the wall? (And retune ever time you unplug it from the wall.)

  3.  A bit sluggish


    A good product at a good price. It is, however, pretty slow. I tested it against a number of other USB 2.0 flash drives and it came out near the bottom.

    This won't matter if you use to to copy a few megabytes but larger file transfers (around 500MB and above) should look elsewhere.

  4.  Adequate


    Inexpensive but there are better DAB alarm-radios out there. Fiddly controls and it has an audible hum even when switched off.

  5.  Be aware - this drive is tiny


    And I mean tiny - that is good but it might also be bad. This would get lost in a pocket or bag very easily. It's also not very robust and uses basic flash memory which has a defined lifespan. If something tougher is needed for frequent use (100+ large file writes per year) then spend a bit extra.

  6.  Great book shame about the yellow design


    Excellent map of cycling (and cycle race) lore, right down to which race is which and why. One negative, however, is the design, complete with hard to read yellow headings. Would it have hurt to print it in a more readable colour?

  7.  Beyond funny, tragic


    A book that had me wetting myself. Then I spent 20 minutes musing as to why these banal images of banal places were really that hysterical. I think it's the self-importance mixed with poverty of vision. It's visual McGonagall. It's inherently funny because it's absurd.

  8.  A Japanese classic


    The antidote to the idea that animation lacks sophistication. This film has it at every level and is intriguing to the last second. I'd go as far to say that all Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki films have this undefinable quality.

  9.  Some drawbacks to ponder...


    A good product overall (agree with most of the above comments) but Samsung will do better with its next model.

    The mains problems are the battery, which cannot be replaced. This limits its use but also its life expectancy - when the Lithium battery starts to deteriorate (which it will do in about 2-3 years of fair use) the camera will be utterly useless.

    I'd also criticise the lack of any kind of optical zoom and the rather cramped focal length of the camera, which would neither suits landscapes or interior situations. It's a sort of best fit compromise.

    Finally, an HD camera with no HDMI port, so no hooking it up to the TV to get HD video.

  10.  Buy only if you need eSATA


    Although this drive supports ordinary USB 2.0, the main reason to buy it is for the eSATA port which seems to be roughly twice as fast at backing up data. If you don't know what eSATA is or don't see a need for it then buy the cheaper USB-only drive.

    The slight downside of eSATA is that it needs to use two USB ports at a time; one for data and the other for power. The supplied cable is also pretty inflexible and the connector itself fussy about how cleanly it is plugged into the PC's eSATA port.

    And, of course, your PC or laptop needs to have an eSATA connector - few PCs have this and only a few recent laptops do though it is possible to add them as an upgrade.

    USB 3.0 drives will appear in the next few months, so it might be worth waiting for one of those. They will be expensive but probably about 2.5 times the speed of USB 2.0 (ignore the 10x speed claim as this will require SATA 3.0 hard drives which have yet to appear in any quantities).

    Overall, a worthy product if you want more speed without spending a lot of money.