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  1.  Great Game!


    This game is a must buy,especially at £17.99. What you are getting here is a full package and a unique feel to the PSP system. Resistance has previously had 2 games on the PS3 system and has now come to the PSP. The graphics and in game dynamics make this game a one to watch. The mission fundamentals are also unique as you battle your way,fighting against enemies. The camera modes and angling are superb as you can switch from 3rd person to a high quality 2nd person shooter. ADHOC and INSFRACTURE mode make it accessible to play a great multiplayer TDM or DM as you can paly with your friends or whoever you please to challenge via the PlayStation Network.
    Great Game!

  2.  Brill!


    EA has done it again with another fine Fifa game but this time gone all time big. If you are a serious football fan and need something to play on the go then this game is for you.

  3.  Quite good!


    Rockstar games have done it again. They have created yet another masterpiece for the psp. The game itslef has lots of car and not to metion bikes as well. They all handle a feel as real life with the realistic scenarios of Los Angeles and Tokoyo. The graphics on the game are a little bit dissapointing but nothing to bad. The cities in the game are not as big as the ps3 and the 360 version of the game which made it lose a star. Other than this the game can make it inot one of rockstar's finest. 4 out of 5.



    This game is the worst game i have ever played. If you are a realtime strategy game fan then this game is for you but this game just braggs on about its storyline and never seems to get to the main point. This game is a bit like chess. I would of rated this game half a star but i can't, NOT worth it for £24.99.

  5.  Just a brief question


    Does this verson of the 360 elite have the falcon chip in it or the jasper one.Also could you tell me how reliable these are and if if you have had the RROD.Thanks



    WOW! what a thriller.wicked cars and motorbikes are jam packed in this game.MUST but.Take my word for it.

  7. Driver 76

    Driver 76

    Playstation Portable

    6 New from  £10.41  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.82

     OK-Not what i expected


    IN driver 76 you are in the year 1976. It is a free roam game(a bit lie gta)but it has not many weapons.The cool thing is that it has the gun that scarface uses.in the first bit of the game it has no weapons.The storyline is very short.The crash physics are brilliant when you smash up your car.The police are pretty dumb and you will be able to shake them off your tail easily.Some of the cars in this game are faster than the ones in gta.You cannot go inside buildings.the graphics are OK.If you like free roam this is just the game for you. I think it is a bit boring