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  1.  Ace How do they do so much with such small speakers?!


    I was expecting a decent sound from these things, because creative are kings of sound quality, but however I was aware that they are small (2" cones and 5" for the sub) and only 25Watts so I wasn't expecting the result I was greeted with!
    Paired up with my pc's Creative X-Fi Sound card, these speakers sound sublime, The Bass is very apparent and thunders through the floor and desk, the trebble is sharp and accurate and the vocals are crystal.
    A few things worth noting are that there is no headphone socket (not a problem if your pc has a front panel output though.) and the other point is that there is volume dial for the subwoofer located at the back of it, which is very useful if you want to lower the bass for night viewing ect.

    In conclusion, if you need a set of compact but decent sounding speakers, look no further than these, trust me I've used others from Logitech and Yamaha and niether sounded as good as these even though the yamaha had a 6" sub and 30Watts RMS. Nice one Creative :)

  2.  Perfect solution for powerline networking


    This Router is the perfect and essential tool for powerline networking (Homeplug internet sharing).
    If like me you are interested in the benefits of powerline broadband networking then look no further than this, It's small FAST and at the moment very reliable (Better than my Philips router for £45!!!).

    To set up a powerline broadband network you will need: a cable or adsl modem, a router (THIS PRODUCT) and at least two homeplugs and of course plenty of CAT5e ethernet cable's.

    Without a router only ONE device can access your internet
    connection at the same time but with this little beuty your broadband can be split to up to 253 machines!! not bad eh.

    This router does come with software, but I didn't bother with it, it's simply: Plug your modem into the WAN input on this router, connect one homeplug into any of the four LAN inputs (router), turn on the modem, router and homeplugs fire up your pc's and your up and running! Instant broadband sharing and for under £16! and it even performs on par with netgear routers for over twice as much, Top notch!

  3.  Great Drive and very quiet too!


    I bought this off Play the other week for my old Xp Desktop, and I'm very impressed with it o far, it looks great and is no bigger than your average book (hence the name my book), also it's very quiet which is a really nice touch, it's pretty speedy too and compares to my 200GB internal Seagate SATA drive, which by the way is very loud indeed, so it should be fast enough for most game installs.

    The only advice I'd give is that if you are using win Xp, use USB 2.0 and set the drive to the performance setting instead of the much slower quick remove setting and your away, oh yeah and it does'nt work on USB 1 on my machine so make sure your computer has a USB 2.0 port to spare.

    Good features include:
    auto off after 10mins of inactivity which helps greatly to reduce unessasary drive wear and it comes on again if you decide to use it, Auto on/off with pc via USB2.0, Status icon on bottom right (windows) which tells you how much space is used and warns if drive becomes too hot, 7200rpm (fast), quiet and compact and comes with USB and Firewire cable's.

    Overall good looking, quiet, well desighned with ease of use in mind, good value-perfomance and more than enough capacity for most most home users and an ideal backup tool to keep two copys of all those precious memorys.

    How to set the drive to performance setting with winXp:
    Open my computer and right click the drive icon (Blue WD), now select properties and when the screen appears click hardware, after this double click the WD external USB drive now select policies and optimize for performance and your away.

  4.  Old but dependable


    If like me you own an older Xp machine e.g 4+years and you want to be able to play games reasonably well then this is the perfect piece of kit. How do I know, well I tried to get my pc to run an ATI Radeon X1550 and it was no upgrade on this card and i'll tell for why. Basically an older pc is simply not built to play the newest generation of games and simply putting in a fancy new graphics card will not speed up all of the other out dated components, even if you have 1.5GB of RAM and a 3.2Ghz P4 like me, running a new card can actually be a hinderence to the old machine. So if you want to play games such as halo,farcry, COD2 and LOTR Battle for middle earth 2, then this old timer card will serve you well and not over stretch your aged machine. Don't be tempted to buy a new card for an old computer, YOU WILL BE WASTING YOUR MONEY.