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  1.  Warband


    In a brief overview;

    More or less an expansion to the previous game, using an improved game engine, a larger map and generally better everything else... really quite a good game though, the free trial is downloadable from taleworlds.com

    the game is the only game which can be considered as a simulator of medieval combat with a totally orignal real time combat system that is skill based. it also accuratly protrays the different cultures, economy, social dynamics and politics within a feudal system.

    based in fictional land of Calradia where different kingdoms colide, this is a totally unprecedented free roaming with no forced storyline, you construct your own character and choose your own path through the world to success or failure.

    Warband includes a new multiplayer aspect to the series whereby you take part in larger battles that work in a similar way to C&C Renegade (if you know that one).

    To be quite frank everyone ive ever known to play this game series has fallen hoplessly in love with it, i urge you to download the trial version.... do it!

  2.  Best of the Best


    While being without a doubt the single most comfortable pair of headphones I've ever owned/worn, they also exceed the others in performance in every field, they have outstanding bass, comparable to being in a room with a very good subwoofer, the directional sounds are also great as they allow you to pinpoint other players during online gameplay, and when the microphone is detached for listening to music, you can practically pinpoint yourself amongst the musicians! For £17.99 I expect I can safely say there is nothing that is even in the same ballpark. The only possible qualm with them is that they have been called somewhat delicate, but quite frankly for the price it's not a big issue. I'm considering purchasing another set for use purely with my iPod, and considering I'm a student and strapped for cash, that's saying something! Buy them now!

  3.  Life or Oblivion?


    where can you start. oblivion quite simply is life in another world. anything is possible, you can eat sleep buy a horse, ride it, go hunting, fight a battle, go into hell (oblivion) lay waste to a whole town just because you feel like it. you can buy a hovel, buy a house, buy a castle! buy your own weapons, enchant them, make your own spells, complete quests become the leader of a faction, start out as the lowest of the low and build yourself up to become the thing of legends. this really is a whole other life.

    The graphics even now, when this game is nearing getting its bus pass and pension book, are breathtaking. Quite frankly the view of a golden sunrise when you have spent the last quarter on an hour climbing to the top of a snow topped mountain is only surpassed by reality itself. the addition of these expansions only increases the lifetime of these games as 'knights of the nine' offers an additional storyline that will add an extra main game onto the already expansive story including more weapons spells and a order of knights at your disposal.

    Then 'Shivering Isles' brings another enormous (if somewhat insane) world, accompanied with the expected set of endearing characters, quests, creatures and things in general to do. as is to be expected this is all portrayed in the same beautiful and unendingly explorable way.

    i must admit there can be at times momentary lag as the game catches up with you movement. but this is the only drawback and is far from off-putting. this game is in all honesty almost incompletable, i personally have spent around 150-200 hours over the whole time it has been out and i can safely say im not even close to finishing everything even on the main game, let alone the expansions. without a shadow of a doubt the best money i have ever spent.

    a genuine must have for every gamer. you'll not be able to put it down for a long time.

  4.  Good all round


    to put it simply, from the demo i personally found it was like the other battlefield games online. but with a genuinely good singleplayer with real character development and a refreshing storyline that wasn't the usual end of world tosh. brings the fun back to FPS, little things like the music and the unceremoniously greedy approach to the war that make the singleplayer such a breath of fresh air. essentially its battlefield 2 with the capacity to blow most things up. this gives the ability to start off with a serene village and total destroy it ! this also adds a new element to the online as there really is no place to hide.

    All in all (judging from the demo) a very good game online and especially offline. my only real reservations are that gameplay can feel sluggish and ham fisted at times, changing weapons is a hurry just doesn't happen and there are lag issues still. im sure with getting more used to playing it will resolve itself.

    im not a BF fanatic or bias when i say this but, its a enjoyable game for nearly all gamers. a good buy!

  5.  Good but expensive


    This is essentially your home entertainment. its got it all, blu-ray and HD. but what we have to remember is that it may have great graphics, but most of the time id doesn't actually use them plus you need to actually have a HD-TV, something most people seem to overlook! if your a movie buff too id say go for it because HD-DVDs have no future, its all blu-ray from now on.

    all in all a great console, but for the price it is at right now.. id forget it, far better deals on the other consoles. that said its still in its infancy, hence why the online is patchy and the games are still not using the consoles potential.

    Wait for more good games and the price to drop a little. then id have to say its a star buy!