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  1.  Name's Game... Great Game! :)


    This game is great, you can see the similarities between this and Call of Duty 4:MW (they use the same gaming engine). Graphics are great, gameplay great but I'd say the framerate is not as good as COD4: Modern Warfare. Just played the first level and onto the second so I can only review the where I am up to in the single player. It's pretty intense, you can be stealthy, or all guns blazing, found it hard to be stealthy so far. Plenty of achievenments. Multiplayer is set to be intense. If you're a fan of Call of Duty, this is very similar, just different guns and enemies and with a Gears of War style cover system. If you're a Bond fan you won't need telling to get this game. The question is, if you can only get one game this month, most people will go for Gears of War 2, if you're not a Gears fan, and stuck between this and Call of Duty 5 World at War, I'd suggest this. CoD5:WaW is very similar to previous games, few new things keep it interesting. However, for me, Bond is the right choice. Please give appropriate feedback ratings. Thanks

  2.  Great laptop, worth the price :) But nothing is perfect


    Before I start I would like to point out that this is my second Sony Vaio laptop
    Had this laptop nearly a month now and I'm still really impressed with it.
    I'm rather good with computers but I still think even the most computer illterate person should have no problem getting this out of the box, battery put in and charged up via mains. There is prompts and help with the initial set up, and further help is optional if you should require it.
    The old laptop had 512MB memory and this is 4x better. Because of this I was expecting it to go at lightspeed when you switch it on. Not quite, but it's still very fast.
    The 1.86Ghz processor has a noticeable difference compared to the old 1.73Ghz, but that could be due to the "age difference" because my last is few years old now.
    It's got 160GB hard drive, which is plenty of space for my music and word processed files, and I'm a student so you can imagine how much music I have.
    The 15.4" screen is beautiful, same as my other absolutely no complaints whatsoever.
    I'd say it comes loaded with everything the average person needs from a computer, except the stuff you pay for (e.g. MS Office) but there is a 60day free trial. The programs I have installed are: itunes, MSN messenger, visual basic (a computer programming program), and Sony Ericsson PC Suite etc, for my phone.
    It has 4 USBs (2 on the left, 2 on the right side), and the built in wireless for internet is superb. SD slot has come in use already for backing up some photos to clear space on the card to take more.
    The price is fantastic, and if you're looking at getting a new laptop, you can't go wrong with this. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
    (I think this is my first review and hope people found it ok, sorry if I compared it to my old laptop abit much, but, what else do I compare it to? Please give appropriate feedback.)