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  1.  Excellent series - Shame it's been cancelled.


    The best animated series are X-Men (1992) Spiderman (1994) Batman (1992) Superman (1996) Justice League (2001) Justice League: Unlimited (2004) Wolverine and the X-Men (2009).

    This series is just as good as those and is what I have always wanted from an Avengers TV series, the characters seem to be based on the latest Marvel films which was a nice touch and the story lines were fantastic.

    I cannot recommend this series enough and even lent it to my sister who usually hates animated series, she really enjoyed it too.

  2.  Does whatever a spider can!


    I have had the game for one week and completed it in a total of 10 hours, it does not have the replayability of Arkham Asylum or Wolverine but was still enjoyable.

    The game has very good graphics, voice acting and each level revolves around a villain getting hold of a fragment of the tablet of order and chaos, becoming even more powerful. Of course you then have to give them a beating and take it from them to restore each dimensions tablet, this consists of chasing the boss throughout a level and fighting their minions (which can get repetitive). However it was fun while it lasted and I wish it could have lasted longer, the game could easily have had a multiplayer aspect with the 4 spider-men fighting enemies or even a co-op but this is not included, which is disapointing.

    I would reccomend this game if you liked X-Men Origins: Wolverine or Arkham Asylum as it is very similar in terms of gameplay, although I could do without the first person fist fight with the level bosses at certain points (one of the games few weaknesses)

    I liked the narration by Stan Lee and the final cutscene was funny, if a little corny.


    Four out of Five stars and worth getting.

  3.  The best game ever!!


    The graphics, gameplay, everything about this game is perfect and it also has a great multiplayer aspect.

    Naughty Dog are constantly adding downloadable content and this makes for great replay value, I would reccomend this to anyone as it is like watching an Indiana Jones movie (not Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - the good ones) the game could so easily be an animated movie.

    Can't wait for Uncharted 3.

  4.  Great phone at a great price.


    I have had this phone for a little over a week, I have found it to be great for battery life and am enjoying the touch screen although I have to use the stylis as my fingers are too big.

    I only have a few issues, first that the camera does not have a flash as it makes the pictures quite dark, second that the touch screen does not seem to lock after 20 seconds as it should and so when it gets knocked in my pocket it will phone someone or continuously set the alarm for MIDNIGHT!!! which can get quite annoying.

    However aside from those two issues this phone is well worth the price and the one I got sent is black and silver as opposed the black and green one I saw in the shops which looks much better.

    I am very happy with this phone and would certainly reccomend it to anyone and did not have any problems inserting the memory card.

  5.  It's very very easy to find fault with this game...... but


    Yes the graphics could be better, there are so many glitches and you have to shoot enemies about 100 times before they die. Maybe they should of spent the £20,000.00 that they gave away in free petrol to promote the game on fixing these issues.
    But it is very addictive, I wish I had waited for it to come down in price before I bought it, but seeing as the first one was so good I bought it expecting the same sort of thing, which it more or less is.

    Could have been better but not the worst game ever.

  6.  I am IronMan...


    Great graphics in game and cutscenes with the voices of the films stars and incredibly easy to control character.
    Would reccommend.