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  1.  bioware are gods!


    mass effect, mass effect 2, dragon age and now the expansoin awakenings. bioware are simply godly game developers. they seem to know exactly what the true gamers want. this is a good expansion to the original story and a must have if you enjoyed dragon age: origins. a good many hours of gameplay so casual gamers need not apply. this is for true gamers lke myself only.

  2.  ok..


    this game is ok, not superb, not terrible. the 3 seperate campaigns is a nice touch and gives u a nice feel of what it is to be a predator or alien. the multiplayer is decent but it doesnt have the longevity like other games, such as cod. to casual gamers this game might seem brilliant and extraordinary, but to true gamers like myself this game is just average.

  3.  ok


    this game is ok, i didnt rate the first one as a brilliant game like so many deluded fans did but as a true gamer i thought it was a decent game, this is the same, i just found the story of being a big daddy very poor personally. nowhere near matches the story of mass effect 2. so to sum it up this game is ok and probably seems great to casual gamers, but mass effect 2 is for true gamers.

  4.  brlliant


    this game is a brilliant game just as the first one was. the story is completely original with very compelling characters that you actually get feelings for and immersed with. great choice system and nice to see decisions you made in the first game come back in this game. brilliant game, if you rate this lower then 5 stars then you just aren't a true gamer!!!!!!!!!!!

  5.  excellance


    this game is brilliant, a good improvement on the 1st as that was a great game too, the cities are great and fun playgrounds to free-run all over. there are lots of things to do and to collect and some challenging puzzles. this game also has a good story and above else is fun to play, the fighting is very good in this game in my opinion. Great game, well worth the wait!!

  6.  sheer brilliance


    this game is magnificent, i love it, rpgs are my favourite types of games as i love the character interaction and development and the relationships between the characters as wel as a brilliant story to keep u hooked with in depth moral choices, and this game has them all! bioware are now my favourite game developers with fantastic games such as this and mass effect. cant wait for mass effect 2 as mass effect was my favourite game of all time but now this just takes that crown, maybe mass effect 2 will take it back? but this game is for real gamers who dedicate lots of time to games and in depth storys. not kids who play for an hour before bedtime. if u like rpgs then this is simply a must buy!

  7.  great game


    this is a very good game and very enjoyable the only problem i have with this game is the career mode is a bit slow and clunky and online play when u beat someone they can quit and u do not get the win or they get the loss which is a terrible design flaw. but the game itself is good and fun with real fighting. people who dont like this game just dont know how to fight for real they rather put gloves on like girls, they are not real men, they are little boys. they probably think tripping somebody over means they have ''smashed them up blud init'' lolololol

  8.  calling all call of duty fans


    calling all call of duty fans DO NOT buy this game, you will laugh at it. very disappointing as many reviews have said the graphics are decent but very boring, shooting an enemy in the distance is impossible. the people who play this game must have ALOT of time on their hands as missions can take hours to complete. GET A JOB!

  9.  excellent


    These are excellent additions to the game, in fact i think all the dlc (i have them all) are a very good add on and different experiences to the game, the only one i didnt like much was mothership zeta. But this pack includes two great dlc. Fallout 3 really is a game for true gamers, not just weekend wannabe's.

  10.  brilliant


    brilliant demo will be a great game and the voice acting is superb IMHO!!! dont listen to people who say this game looks like plastic it is good graphics, some people (erbboli) just arent true gamers.