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  1.  Great story, poor game play...


    Let me start by saying that Remedy have made one hell of a story here. It's very gripping and just leaves you wanting more and more.

    However the gameplay does let the game down a bit. The fighting gets boring after a while as it's extremely repetitive, so halfway through the game you're playing just to find out the ending, rather than personal enjoyment.
    It's also very short. How they fitted that much story into a game that short still confuses me, so I wish it had more hours into it with more story.
    But it's smart as to how they've set it out, with a few jumpy bits, I think it's not a contender for Game of the Year but could have certainly been up there with a few tweaks, but definitely worth a buy if you like a game based around a story.

  2.  Good but not to be over-hyped...


    In the build up to this game I think there was far too much hype with people saying 'It's the best game ever made!'...let's not get ahead of ourselves.
    Starts off well, with things you haven't seen before which worked brilliantly like the lasso, the horses, etc. But I've found the game to be very repetitive. I like a game that'll keep you hooked. This game's story won't do that and it has very little re-playability. "Help a stranger, find their loved one, then kill a guy" being the main basis this games lead on.
    The multiplayer is also nothing to be desired for. So unorganised and takes ages just to get a half decent game going but before too long it's over and you're starting again.

    In my opinion, I think there's far better games on the market for single player and multiplayer, but a good start to what I hope will be a series of games from Rockstar.

  3.  Square have lost it..


    Let me start by saying that the graphics are amazing (as you'll already know by everyone saying it), and the battle system and levelling up system is good and enjoyable, but that's where it ends.
    I'm about 9 hours into the game now, and all I've done is walk, fight, long cutscene, walk futher, fight, cutscene. Square have used this to maximum effect so much that this isn't Final Fantasy anymore. The walkings boring, I'm bored of fighting already, and the cutscenes are long and slow, nothing seems to be happening. I've been told that it improves as the game goes on but surely a game's supposed to grip you from the go?
    If you're an RPG fan then go for it, you might enjoy it. If not, don't waste your money. Sorry Square but you've let us down again..

  4.  Great to start..


    Firstly, I'm a massive fan of the Football Manager series and usually would have nothing but good things to say. Football Manager Live starts off brilliantly, being able to create your own team, kit, stadium, and mixing players from the Premiership and League One together. The community itself is also good, with some nice characters.
    However, the game is too repetitive and lacks any real continuity and re-playability. It's not as if you can go onto another team without spending more real money. And it's hard to bring in a world class plaayer without paying an arm and leg and then sending your team into debt. The competitions are the same as well, so you're pretty much doing the same thing every season, and in my opinion the competitions don't mean much to me, compared to the Premiership and Champions League on the original FM games, which I want to win and will keep playing till I win them.
    Overall, it's worth a go if you've played Football Manager games previously, but don't expect to be blown away as before too long you'll be back on FM09 and in a few days FM10.

  5.  Another JRPG great


    The Last Remnant is actually a great game despite the reviews.
    The loading times can be quite annoying, but simply install the game onto your HD and it cuts them down making it alot quicker. The story is intense and the battle system is genius, and possibly more fun than other JRPGs battle systems.
    This is a must buy game for any JRPG fan.

  6.  Wooooo...


    I don't understand why people are complaining about this. It's another great game from the greatest series. I buy it each year and they get better. The 3d match engine actually helps, you can see how your players are properly playing. And the press conferences are good for motivating players. But you don't have to use either of these and can go back to a 2d engine or just commentary.
    And for the guy who's managed to get an injury a game...be realistic. I doubt you've got an injury a game and if you've actually ever played a game of football you'd realise that injurys are really common and players picks up knocks and bumps. Its not a non-contact game. But that's what this game is, realistic.

  7.  Raises the bar....again.


    For the guys at epic to come back, top gears of war 1 and every other game made on the xbox 360 and possibly ps3, is nothing short of outstanding.
    Everything from the campaign to online is brilliant and lots of fun. People who say the last boss battle is a waste of time..screw you. Try doing it on insane. No game is perfect but this is amazing. Definately worth the buy with new maps and weapons. There's even the best maps from gears 1 so there's no need to say "gears of war 1 is better!" .

  8.  Worth it just for...


    When I got 'The Orange Box', I didn't really know what to expect because I had never played Team Fortess 1, or Half-Life 1. But I was really suprised about it.

    I didn't like Half-Life, but for me it's either you love it, or you hate it, I personally got bored.
    But Team Fortess was simply amazing. This game was in production for a long time but was fully worth the wait. Online only but buying The Orange Box for this is completely worth it. It's a welcome change from the other shooters and online games, because it's simply a laugh, although tactics are involved so it does require to get along as a team but everyone I met on there realised that and were friendly. Being an engineer and building turrets to protect your base, or being the spy and running around disguised as the other team was too much fun, and would 100% recommend TF2 to anyone, even if they don't like shooters.

    Then there's Portal. Portal is probably one of the best games I have played. It's a puzzle game, and I don't usually like puzzle games but this one was just brilliant. Ask anyone with The Orange Box they will say the same. What I enjoyed most was the mind-boggling gun, shooting at the floor then coming out of the ceiling. The end credits are the most funniest credits I have ever seen as well and CANNOT wait for the sequel.

    I completely recommend The Orange Box to anyone as it has everything and is the best bargain you'll come across. Each of these games are worth £40 on their own, but you're getting 5 for £25. What more could you want!

  9.  Great game but..


    This is a great game. Probably the best on PSP.
    I don't think you have to be a fan of the series to play this. It has a new combat system that I believe works, but you only control one character, not a few in a party. The storyline is immense and enhances FFVII.

    But it has a downside. I miss the classic leveling up, where you get XP and gain levels. But now it's done by a reel and you level up completely by luck (In one battle I leveled up 2 times and then didn't level up for another 2 hours). And the limit breaks are done completely by luck on the reel.
    You could be getting absolutely battered by a boss and then luckily get a healing limit break. The camera is often fiddily, and I only did the extra missions for the materia which I didn't even use. The missions are only in there to make the game longer, when I would have rather they had used up the space the missions took and make the story longer and better.

    Fans of the series I would recommend a buy to, if you haven't played a FF before then rent it to try it.

  10.  It's ok...


    I was really excitied about this game due to the previous ones. But being honest, I'm disappointed.
    It's a game that should only be played on Live, offline isn't good.
    But online can be annoying, like how you can't swap teams, or how you have to press on the D-Pad to talk. This is might just be me, but I find that extremely frustrating when you're trying to talk to your mates.
    But does have its moments, but I wouldn't recommend it.