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  1.  great tee!


    saw this at the show didnt get it at the time, good price here!

    can anyone tell me what the sizing is like? I usually like my tshirts a bit loose but not too baggy? I'm an 8



    I absolutely love this show, so funny in its own way, different from the other sitcoms and I loveee Nina :')

  3.  Nice but sizes are large


    They are nice shorts however a warning to anyone thinking of buying them the sizes are a little big.

    I am usually a SMALL 8 and the extra small were a little too big!?

  4.  Getting there


    I think the only downsides to this game are the longevity, and a few minor flaws in planning it out. A few baddies missing from The Ginyu force (Although seeing Recoome and hearing his voice almost made up for it) and Freizas "death" being slightly different, as well as Gohans irritating "right" in the training seem to be major issues.
    That should tell you how good the game is. The fighting style is slick and looks great, and whilst relatively easy to pick up, is hard to master due to counters and dodges incorporated into the game. The animation is actually better than that of the original series, but the acting isnt, which reminds you from time to time that it is the game sadly. Nonetheless, almost all of the problems are forgotten as soon as the fight starts and you being to blast and kick your way through the latest bad/good guy. I personally think the new twist of occasionally beating up the goodies is quite refreshing, and well as serving sneakily as a basic tutorial of that character, should you want to use him/her in the multiplayer. Having only played the multiplayer online, not on 1 xbox (which rarely for the latest GOOD games, would be damn god fun), its only letdown is if your host has a bad connection. Otherwise its certainly a great time, including character change and rematch options at the end of each fight. Great! Sure it may not be as good or in-depth as previous DBZ games, but for the 360s debut, I think said previous games should be worried, as Burst Limit 2 will surely blow the socks off anything previously played.
    Also, as a last note, I LIKE the fact that its only the Freiza and Cell sagas for the first game. 1 - Its still a decent amount of fights. 2 - It takes you right back to the start of DBZ, and the first portion before almost everyone becomes a legendary fighter and a super saian. 3 - Having 4-5 sagas on the first game, which DOES have things to be fixed, would make it slightly tedious.
    Next time round, expect even better gaming, even longer longevity, and more choices for characters although DBZ fans will be well pleased with the current assortment.
    5 Star Burst Limit 2 coming up!

  5.  To the nay sayers


    This game is everything a sequel should be. A blend of old good stuff, and new good stuff. gone are the ridiculously unrealistic mechanics, which were stupid to the point of predicting where cars would turn up and racking up well over 60 takedowns in a roadrage, and gone are the bland boring same old tracks. Instead, you have to use your brain and dodge cars you couldnt really get away with smashing up, and the choice of routes, provided you can look fast enough, is amazing. I noticed someone ask how long it would take for someone to get used to the city and I thought at what point does a gamer complain about longevity? Previous burnout fans should definatly give this a shot. So what if its a bit new, some stuffs changed. Online or off, provided you can control a car, its the same old rip past people and smack em into walls game. Its jsut got nicer graphics and more places to go. Unfortunatly, their choice in music accompaniment was alot better in previous games.

  6.  Must read


    A must read book, once you've read this you'll just have to get the others. So funny and even my bookworm, sci-fi loving boyfriend loved it! :)