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  1.  Don't let the name put you off!


    I was a bit apprehensive about the show when I read the name; I didn't know exactly what to expect! But I am glad I gave it a chance.

    Cougar Town is my favourite comedy show since Friends - laugh out loud funny episodes - every episode!
    Courtney Cox brings a slight bit of Monica with her to Cougar Town but this time she has a whole new bunch of funny friends to introduce us to with more adult-based issues.
    Newly divorced and learning to be on her own, with a whole lot of fun.
    The storylines are good, and the humour is great. Give it a try! I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

  2.  Great Show... Shame it got cancelled :o(


    I came about seeing this show simply by luck. I was bored and browsing the Virgin Media "on demand" section and the name caught my eye... and I am very glad it did!!
    Really good show although it can be a little slow at times... but great storylines throughout. And I love the chemistry between Mick and Beth.

    Real shame it got cancelled. To be honest, I think the show came out a few years before it's time. If this show got aired around the whole "Twilight-Vampire-Love" phenomenon we would be enjoying the third or fourth season by now. Real shame...

  3.  Better than Twilight!


    Don't listen to the reviewers such as "MovieAddict" who blantently didn't read the book and therefore his comments are laughable.
    The wolves are meant to be over-sized! They are not average wolves! They are meant to be three-times as big or something..

    Great movie - from the dullest book in the saga i didn't have high hopes, but it worked out good. The acting was much better this time around. Maybe the actors really got their teeth into it this time ;-)

  4.  Just getting into it!


    I never seen Heroes on tv - so i decided to buy the boxset... i am about 5 episodes in and it is really, really good!
    Each episode ends with "to be continued" which would just drive me insane if i had to wait a week to see the next episode on tv!!
    Luckily that is not the case with the boxset, it is very addictive and gripping.... worth the buy! You will enjoy this if you are into superheros and people with special magical type abilities! Xmen etc!

  5.  Amazing Story.


    November of last year i was looking for a good book online to read; when i came across this book in the "top 10".
    I decided to check it out and was put off when i realized it's about a vampire.. I've never really been a fan of this sort of thing.
    But after realizing it was due to be released as a movie, i decided to give it a go... and i was not disappointed! I am now a fan of vampires! Well, Edward!
    This is such a heart-warming love story!

    I have read all 4 of the Twilight saga books and the first one is still my favourite.
    Seriously, don't be put off by it! Just buy it! :P