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  1.  Smokin Action!!!


    This is a very entertaining film from director Joe Carnahan made in 2007!
    For nearly 2 hours you are drawn into the events of a snitch in Las Vegas who decides to try and save his own skin by telling on the Mob!!! What follows is all out chaos as numerous people start trying to kill the snitch and his crew and many others end up dying in the crossfires!!
    Packed with action, a very clever story, humour and an all star cast - Ray Liotta, Ben Affleck, Alicia keys, Andy Garcia, Ryan Renolds and many more!

  2.  The Tank is Not Working!!!!!


    Another really funny film with one of my favourite comedians Eddie Murphy from 1984!!
    Dudley Moore is a military scientist who's invention ends up in a tank driven by hapless soldier Eddie Murphy, who ends up finding out that he's in the wrong place with a tank that doesn't seem to work!! What follows is both men's story which will have you amused throughout as events unfold and the madness ensues!!!
    In the usual Murphy style his expression can say a thousand words and have you in fits of laughter!! A great addition to my packed Eddie murphy collection alongside Trading Places, Coming to America, Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy, 48hrs etc...

  3.  U can't See me!!!


    A brilliant first film for the man Wwe's John Cena!!
    It tells the story of John Triton, a U.s marine who gets discharged from duty after Irag, who's wife gets kidnapped by jewel thieves and a mercillous killer (Robert Patrick - Terminator 2) and his mission to save her and kill them!!
    Packed with action right from the start, with plenty of wit also ( one of the thieves say's why wont he die? is he the Terminator or something? while he's looking at the Terminator himself - Robert Patrick ) ha.ha!!
    A must see just for that scene alone!!

  4.  Robots in Disguise!!!


    I have always been a fan of Transformers from an early age and now fully grown i still am as i own all the original collection + movie and still have loads of the toys as collectables so when this new film came out i couldn't wait to see it!!
    After hearing many mixed reviews i finally got to see it for myself and was not dissappointed!! For over 2 hours i was amazed and really enjoyed every second of it as the story was fairly similar to that of the 80's cartoon version but with a massive budget to spend on special effects!!
    It was brilliant to watch on a home cinema as the quality of the picture was great and also part of the experience was the sound - unmistakeable!!
    I cant wait to see the next film Revenge of the Fallen and i hope it is as good as this was!!

  5.  He's Blade - the Vampire Killer!!!


    This is a brilliant ending to the trilogy of Blade and his endless quest to kill all his enemy - Vampire!!!
    Just as with the first 2 films ther is loads of action and violence with even more weapons and more dangerous vampires to face - Count Dracula, that again give us some brilliant fight scenes!! (Check out Triple H from the Wwe as one hard, mean Vampire with some amazing moves).
    All in all this is a must see as are the previous two and again if you havent seen this or any of the others then check them out now!!!!

  6.  He's Blade - the Vampire Killer!!!


    Another brilliant film in the Blade Franchise that continue's where the first film left us! Blades quest to rid the world of his enemy - Vampire!!!
    Again this has action packed fight scenes that are violent and again he owns more impressive weapons to help him in his never ending battle!! Just like the first it will leave you gripped and wanting to see more and if you haven't seen it already then check it out!!

  7. Blade



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     He's Blade - the Vampire Killer!!!


    This is a brilliant action packed film that started the Blade Franchise with a bang!!
    Made in 1998 with a great storyline it tells of the ultimate vampire hunter named Blade who is on an endless quest to rid the world of his enemy - Vampire!!! It turns out that he is a vampire also but has none of the weakness that they do and he never drinks blood!
    Using all his skills and amazing weapons he takes on all making for some pretty violent fight scenes that keep you gripped throughout!! With an all star cast including Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff, Kris Kristoffesen check this out if you have not seen it all ready!!

  8.  Twin Towers - New York City!!!


    A brilliant commerative film to the many brave people who died on that faitfull day!!
    Directed by the great Oliver Stone in 2006 this shows how things actually were back in sep 11 2001 and shows the massive impact that it had on the many emergency services of New York City!!
    With a gripping story full of tension and disbelief, packed with brilliant actors such as Nicholas Cage and Jay Hernandez this is a fantastic film that must be seen!!!

  9.  The Wild Bunch!!


    Another top notch western from director Sam Peckinpah that was made way back in 1969 and has stood the test of time! In fact this is the fully restored version with over 2 hours of gritty, action-packed footage not seen since it was very first made!!
    This directors cut is part of the ultimate western collection - which includes Pale Rider, Outlaw Josey Wales, Rio Bravo, Chisum, Maverick, Jeramiah Johnson, Wyatt Earp!
    Packed with great names such as Ernest Bogine and William Holden and contain real documentary footage from filming back in 1969 this is a must have in any collection!!!

  10.  Urban Lifestyle 2!!!


    After watching Kidulthood and being blown away by a brilliant british film, i couldn't wait to see this follow on - Adulthood!!
    Yet again i was blown away by the raw and gritty story of the youths growing up in Notting Hill (6 years on) and it has another great soundtrack just like the first!!
    An appearance from one of my favourite actors in an excellent but small role (Danny Dyer) topped it off for me, and yet again Noel Clarke (the older and wiser Sam) was spot on after his release from prison for the murder of Trife!!
    If you have not seen either of these films then get a copy of both now as they are the best british films that i have seen in ages!!!!!!!!!