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  1.  Fantastic bit of kit


    I use this in my living room with my Samsung TV and Play station 3, the sound quality is excellent, It is very quick and easy to set up, it has many handy features, such as a pull out I-pod dock, and a very good bass control function, which is very handy as this system is very powerful.

    This is a first class system and i would recommend this to anyone wanting a surround system. In my opinion this is the perfect system.

  2.  Brilliant, well worth the money


    Fantastic bit of equipment!

    Easy to set up, connects straight to TV using HDMI and optical digital, work fantastic with my play station 3 as i use this for the Blu-rays. Only downside is if you want the wireless kit, it's an extra 70 quid, but again worth the money if you have a large room or simply if you don't want wires all over the place.

    All in all it's brilliant, crystal clear sound and picture, and easy to use, good value for money for the spec you get, and works perfectly with my existing Samsung TV.

  3.  Best sat nav in the world!!


    Have had this unit for over a year, and have had many sat nav units in the past, and this one really blinds them all. It's accurate and clear and very very easy to use.

    Everytime you plug into you PC it will update with all the latest maps for free and if any roads have changed and are different to what the sat nav says, you can log on and change them so when other people update their sat nav, it will show the proper road detail.
    The Bluetooth function is very clear, and its so easy to pair your mobile device too.

    For an allround sat nav that is reliable and easy to use and has fantastic features for the money...........buy this!! It really is one of the best on the market today. I can assure you that the maping system that TomTom use (Teleatlas) is the best, it really exceeds what other sat navs can do, and you are never left without a signal!!

  4.  Only one word........................AMAZING


    I've had this TV for almost 12 months now and i cannot fault it in the slightest, it is perfect in every way possibe. The wife and kids are home all day, and this TV is on from 7am until around 11pm and gets some heavy use, never a problem. Where as with our old Sony LCD it used to flicker like mad and swich off when it got warm!

    The picture and sound quality are spot on. It's easy to set up and use, and has plenty of extra features. One of wich is called WiseLink, which lets you plug removable media into the TV such as a USB stick and view the pictures or play music on your TV, you can easily attach a digital camera or a video camera. You can use it as your computer monitor also if you so wish.

    The TV is Full HD with a 1080p resoloution and a Dynamic Contrast Ratio 30,000:1, it is a truly amazing picture. I have a Playstation 3 connected and it's out of this world playing games on such a telly!! I really can reccomend this TV to anyone at all, you won't be sorry that you bought it, it really is worth the money, at the time i bought this TV i paid £700 for it, and it was on offer for that price too, but it was well worth the money.

    If you have the money and want a big name brand that is reliable and has all the features you could ever want in a TV, buy this, and you won't be dissapointed.

  5.  Best racing simulator


    When the full version of this comes out at the end of the year, nothing will touch this game!

    To be honest i was expecting a little more from this game even though it is only a Prologue, with only six tracks it's very repetative and you can get bored easily.

    But as for the game play and graphics, there is nothing to complain about, an all round good job.......................roll on September!

  6.  Best game for PS3


    This is THE best game yet for PS3, great graphics, story and gameplay. The second i saw the demo i downloaded it, and the second i finished that i ordered the game!! Brilliant! It's the best shooter i've played yet, even better than COD.........easy!

  7.  Brilliant Game


    Brilliant game, best COD yet! Graphics and game play are spot on, roll on COD6

  8.  Utterly Brilliant!


    What more could anyone want from a console? You get everything you need straight out of the box:

    The best games console to ever be released on the market!
    Blue Ray/DVD player
    Wireless internet conection
    Built in hard drive, 80GB is enough for anyone!
    SixAxis Dualshock Controller
    The best selection of games on the market....easily

    Just fantastic! I cannot fault this product in any way at all, only thing i can say is that the extra controllers could be a little cheaper to buy!

    Everything from how it looks to how it works is utterly fantastic, it opens up a whole new world of gaming and multimedia entertainment.

    Used in conjunction with a HDMI cable and a HDTV this product shines, the graphics on newer games such as COD5, MGS4, and Killzone2 really showcase the Plastation3's abilities, well worth the money for anyone of any age interested in gaming and wanting to upgrade their current system i.e Xbox 360!!