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  1.  pilotwings at last and very good


    I have waited since Pilotwings 64 back in 1996 for a new pilotwings game and finally it comes out out. First of all i have to say that after all the years of waiting i have always hoped they would have made a full screen console version of pilotwings. Pilotwings 64 for the N64 is one of my all time best games and i still play it to this day. They never made a Gamecube version and im still hoping that a Wii version comes out. If they were to use the Wii motion plus sensors they cud make the flying controls and landings very smooth and precise. Anyhow its a handheld version we have to settle with for now and i have to say that pilotwings resort for the nintendo 3DS has exceeded my expectations. the controls are very smooth, the graphics are very nice and wuhu island from wii sports resort is an ideal location for the game. And like pilotwings 64 you will have to master the game to get the perfect score on all missions so its very challenging but still manages to have that relaxing pilotwings feeling to the gameplay. if you like flight sims and enjoyed previous pilotwings games then i highly recommend this game. the 3D is amazing but you shud play for limmited bouts off time as the 3D can make your eyes go a bit funny after to long.

  2.  1 of the best sonic games in yrs


    When i first got this game then played it i was quite a bit disappointed simply cos my expectations were high enough to think it might be as good as or better than sonic unleashed which took me about 2 years to complete and get the S grade on every level and find every hidden item. I thought the first few levels were a bit poor but the more i play the more fond of it i have gotten. I still dont think its as good as the sonic unleashed day levels but i do love the different colour wisps which give sonic some fun abilities. the levels improve later on in the game but the gamplay of them is not as fast as sonic unleashed and i dont think the music is as good. if you want to get the most out of it you have to really make use of the wisps to find the 5 red rings in each stage which is best part of the game for me. it does not deserve 1 star which a reviewer on here gave it because its quite a good sonic game

  3.  a very good hidden object game


    i myself really enjoyed this game and found the graphics suitable enough to enjoy. there are a few minor niggles tho. 1 of them being some of the items in the list can be a bit hard to make out but not really enough to spoil the game as you can use the hint to help you get through a chapter. the other niggle is hardly 1 at all to be honest but some of the hidden objects are a bit tricky to find but if they were easy to spot that wud spoil the game as there wud be no point in it being a hidden object game, and as before the freindly hint system is on offer to help get you through a chapter if your short on time. i thouroughly enjoyed every chapter of this brilliant hidden object game.

  4.  quite good


    im really enjoying this cool floaty sonic racing game. the controls are quite sensative but after an hour of play i was fine with them and whizzing around the colourful and well designed tracks. if u cant grasp holding the wii remote sideways and tilting left to right for steering on wii racing games then this game may not be for u. but if u hav used the tilt sensor before in racing games then like myself u shud be able to enjoy this fun racer

  5.  awesome, cool and far out


    First of all i have to say that i prefer the original no more heroes, however i became such a big fan of it and enjoyed the style of the game so much that i knew id still love this game nevertheless. The graphics are a bit improved, the script and humour is just as crazy and the bosses are as good as the first. What i really preferred about the first game was the side jobs. Im really not fussed at all on 8-bit style retro gaming in this modern age of gaming so i was a bit gutted that the side jobs in NMH2 are all changed from the previous game to the 8-bit style games all apart from the scorpion catching game. never mind tho cos they still are a lot of fun and challenging so it hardly bothered me. i sort of preferred driving around the city as well but pointing at your next location from a birds eye view and arriving straight at that area was a welcome enough change for me. overall this is an amazing sequel to an amazing game and i hope we see a NMH3 one day so we can see more of Travis the great

  6.  best sonic game ever


    i enjoyed this game more than any other sonic game ive ever played. it seem a lot of ppl were'nt to keen on the night time stages but i really enjoyed them despite being a bit tricky and fustrating in places. but the amazingly fast and gorjus looking sonic stages is where this game shines. going for every S grade is great fun and quite challenging, especially the missions where u hav to reach the goal in the time limit. to do so u hav to learn all the short cuts and make no mistakes as u zip through the brilliantly designed stages. really quite challenging on later stages but a lot of fun. this game needs a direct sequel with less night time stages.

  7.  average


    this certainly is a gorjus looking game with an interesting story, which why i felt it wud be my type of game. but after completing it i was left feeling quite a bit dissapointed. it was'nt even challenging but instead was a bit fustrating in some places and the boss fights were way to easy and poor.

  8.  a stylish madworld


    this game is hilarious and has me laughing a lot. even tho it is a bit repetative, especially the extremly funny one liners from the commentator, i seemed to find it even funnier when those lines keep repeating. the graphics are stylish and like nothing you've ever seen before. the OTT violence is done in a slightly comical way and the finishing moves on bosses are so funny. madword is a very original and fun game

  9. .45



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     not bad at all


    thought this was quite an enjoyable film with a good powerfull performance by the sexy milla jovovich.

  10.  a brilliant point and click game


    i first became a point and click game fan after really enjoying zack and wiki, secret files and secret files 2 which are 3 amazing games with some brain bending but enjoyable puzzles. i then discovered broken sword for wii and now im an even bigger fan off the point and click genre. the game is amazing and while i solved a lot of the puzzles fairly quickly some off the tougher puzzles made me give up and use the hint system. i ended up using 10 hints by the end of the game but was still happy cos i got stuck bad on quite a lot off them but was determined not to use the hints then solved them with great satisfaction. i highly reccommend this game to fans of the point and click genre and to ppl who want to give their grey matter a workout and stop those brain cells from rusting.