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  1.  The best comedy since the first hangover


    Honestly this comedy is so so good. Kristen wiig co-writes and stars in this. She is annie, a neurotic, 30 something whose best friend is getting married and annie will be the maid of honour. The jokes come fast with a hilarious opening sequence involving jon hamm and wiig. Annie faces problems organizing the wedding with her friend becuse the bride has a new friend in rose byrne who seems perfect and is putting annie down at every chance especially in a great scene where they are making speeches. Watch the disaster that is the dress fitting for the best scene of the film or a very funny airplane trip. This will propel kristen wiig into the comedy a-list

  2.  I'm on a mission from god


    Simon pegg is such a hero. This is such a funny take on the sci-fi genre. Pegg and frost are two nerds who come across and alien named paul and end up having to escort him to a location to get his spaceship. Seth rogen is perfect for the voice of paul. The sci-fi homages come fast with trips to comic con and a tour of the extra terrestrial parts of america. Paul is the best character as he is crude, rude and very vulgar. Kristen wiig from snl makes an appearance as a creationist who gets dragged along too and she has good bits too when she learns how to swear. Frost, pegg and wright's best movie together to date

  3.  Could have been better


    Don't get me wrong by my title, i did love this film. I am the biggest tina fey fan and steve carrell is always funny in my opinion. However i just felt while many bits were funny, they weren't hilarious. There are many big co-stars too with mark wahlberg, mila kunis, james franco, bill fichtner and even a small appearance from ray liotta. Do buy this movie

  4.  Hilarious, totally tina fey's humour


    Tina fey may not be well known over here in Ireland and the U.K. but i am a big fan of 30 rock and saturday night live and i think she is one of the funniest women around. This book charts her from her teenage years right up to today. It contains so much humour and sarcasm that sometimes you question whether the funny story is genuine or a joke like her honeymoon cruise story. She doesn't go into huge detail about life in 30 rock but she does for snl. This is a definate for her fans or just snl or 30 rock fans in general

  5.  The best season in a while


    Family guy over the last few years has been getting a little stale and it was lacking the absolute killer jokes the fans had been accustom to. However this season was like a rebirth for the show. The jokes are funnier and edgier. The episodes are just so good and there are surprisingly a decent amount (15 episodes). The best ones are Quagmires Dad, The Splendid source, And then there were fewer, big man on hippocampus and the episode where peter rides bulls at a rodeo. I didn't like brian and stewie though. I thought it was boring but otherwise a good season

  6.  Welcome to fright night. . . for real


    This is one of those cult horrors that not everyone has heard of and it's unfortunate because this is very entertaining. The main character is a kid who is a big horror fan who one night notices a coffin being loaded into the house next to his and his suspicions start to arise further when people begin to die. He tries to get help from his hero, a tv vampire killer played by the legendary roddy mcdowell but nobody believes him. Chris sarandon plays the vampire next door and it has to be one of his best performances. He is so suave and almost like a playboy. Watch out for the remake with colin farrell. It should be in cinema soon

  7.  Stonehenge


    This is the birth of the mockumentary. Christopher guest is the genius behind these types of films and although he doesn't direct this he definately had a lot of influence on it. Him, harry shearer and michael mckean are a pretentious rock band who think the sun rises and sets from the behinds. There are some magic moments like with the 11 amplifier and shearer and a courgette. The bandmembers are such primadonnas its hilarious. I definately recommend this

  8.  More about beauty than the beast


    The premise of this is quite good and it's a different take on the alien attack. There is an infected zone on the mexican/american border where the aliens are being contained. A photographer has to escort his bosses daughter through it. The aliens are very beautiful and no more than the scene at the abandoned petrol station. Definately buy this

  9.  Machete don't text


    Wow this is one silly, silly film. It is almost mocking itself as a film. It is one of those "so bad they're good films". Danny trejo is a horrible lead but he seems to know it. Steven segal is the bad guy and he is disasterous yet he fits is b movie feeling you get watching the film. Danny trejo's character is a legendary mexican federale living in the U.S.A. Here he encounters many people. He is surprisingly good with the ladies too. Especially when he goes to jeff faheys house. Rob de niro is another antagonist as he plays a senator looking for re-election and he opposes illegal mexicans crossing the border. It really is so funny sometimes like watch the opening scene when machete rescues the woman and then she pulls a phone out of the place where the sun don't shine. This is a bad movie yet i get the feeling thats what they intended it to be

  10.  A brief, funny season


    This, i think, was supposed to be the last season but due to the writers strike the series was extended another season. J.D. and elliot are left reeling from their almost kiss at the end of the season before this one. There are some shake ups in sacred heart. People don't have the same job they had at the start of the season. Also you may notice that the episodes are in the wrong order too. It's still the scrubs we've come to love and know