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  1.  Brilliant.


    We are huge fans of this Movie and my wife and I have been waiting to see this in 3D for ages. The effect is stunning and seeing as this wasn't made originally as a 3D movie unlike Journey to the centre of the earth there are plenty of scenes that will take your breath away.

    We watched this via the PS3 on a 46" Samsung LCD in total darkness, sat around 8 feet away and like I said the 3D effect was stunning. From what I have read the 3D seems to be hit and miss on some systems but it works for us in 3D as did Journey to the centre of the Earth where the wife let out a scream as a bug seems to pop out at the screen towards you at the very start.

    If like us you Love this movie & you have no issues with 3D on your system then your in for a treat indeed, keep an eye out for the scene where the Eagle flies over the waterfall, very nice indeed.

  2.  Brilliant addition to my collection.


    Arrived this morning, as always great service from Play.com

    Gentle Giant are stunning with the attention to detail again on this bust, £30 is a bargain, goes great on the shelf with the Gentle Giant Jawa Busts.


  3.  The Birth of Lord Vader.


    I have to agree 100% with what Spikecast has wrote.

    I too have the Indy Premium format figure which is stunning and when you pop Anakin on the shelf too the Indy figure takes nothing away From Anakin this figure really is that good.

    Took a little fiddling with to get the Cloke looking right and I just had to put the Hood up too, LOL.

    This figure really captures the Mood and Power of Anakin as he now stands by Palpatines side as Lord Vader.

    Brilliant and thanks again Play for the 48hr turnaround, Cheers.

  4.  Great Game.


    Bought AC:LGTTC for my Wife as she has been hooked to the DS game for over a year.

    I watched her playing last night and its great, you use the WIImote to point at stuff and select options in you pockets etc and use the Chuck to run around.

    Prepare yourself as you will lose hours on this, Simple, Fun but very very Deep.

    Least I know the wife is happy while I hammer Gears 2 in the other room LOL.

    Fantastic Game & thanks Play for the great service yet again.

  5.  A Bat, man?


    This stunning Batman figure landed on my doorstep this morning and its just as nice as the Joker figure from the same range.

    Its simple, if you buy one figure, you have to buy both.


  6.  A very very nice item indeed.


    This arrived this moring and i could not wait too get it out of the box, however i took my time and slowly took out the piece and stood it on the table with my jaw on the floor.

    My only gripe is that there was a very small piece broken off the bottom of the pants, however is was a clean break so a small dab of Glue and you cant tell.

    I would say buy this now if your a Batman fan but there are only 6000 of these out there and Play seem to be out of stock. It will be intresting to see how much these will be on eBay for in a couple of months.

    A great piece and a great investment.

    Get one if you can.

    As always, thanks to Play for the great service. 5 *****

  7.  Great addition to the collection


    I collect Figures from various movies and games.

    Altair is a geat character from ( IMHO ) a great game. If there was a £200 version of this figure from Sideshow or hot toys etc I would buy it.
    However for £25 this is very nice indeed, some great detail on the weapons and clothes.

    For £25 this is a great addition to the collection and Altair sits nice along side some of his more expensive shelf sharers.

    Also, thanks Play for the quick service. 5 *****

  8.  Nice.


    I have been playing the Demo over the weekend and what seemed like a very simple game at first had me totaly hooked in five minutes, going to be getting this on Friday no doubt.

  9.  Chill Out.


    Grab a drink, kick the feet up and chill out.

    Its great just taking in how great this game looks.

    I have PGR & Foza 2 on the 360 too and all three of these games are great, however i find GT5:P to be the most relaxing.

    Nice to have the Daytona Oval in here too.

    Great game, Great price.

  10.  Still a Good Movie.


    Watched Death ship tonight with my wife, who had never seen it before & to be honest thought it was quite silly.


    Its been the best part of 20yrs since I last saw the movie & it has aged.
    Death Ship is still a great and sometimes Spooky horror movie with great acting from George Kennedy & Richard Crenna.

    There is quite a bit of print damage through out the movie but please read the Print Information note within the extras before watching for a little insight on how it was possible to bring Death Ship to DVD in the first place.

    Like I have said its still a great movie and it took me right back to owning a Phillips Video 2000 in the early 80's, LOL.

    A big Bonus for me with this DVD was being able to see Death Ship for the first time in Widescreen.