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  1.  your guns are pointing THE WRONG WAY.....


    I love Tv on the Radio in every single way....all their albums are shiny magical items...and LIVE....well let's not even go there....a complete group of guys with clear ideas of what they want to do....and it's nothing bog standard or trend following....i first bought this their first full length album in 2004 and it still is my absolute MUST HAVE ALBUM.....Wrong Way, King Eternal, Poppy, Wear you out.....what an album....and even if Dear Science IS A TRIUMPH...Desperate Youth and Bloodthirsty Babes is SOMETHING ELSE...from another planet....BE blown AWAY.....and buy it NOW!!

  2.  missiles aimed at your heart


    the less commercial success that The Dears have the better their albums become.....I personally have not listened to a more COMPLETE album this year....no filler at all.....but for a start listen to Dream Job, Demons, Crisis1&2....you shall not be disapointed BUT dumbfounded....after Gang of Losers i thought it couldn't get any better....I'm happy and pleasantly surprised that i was wrong.....

  3.  "fante was my god"


    Thankyou mr bukowski...for pointing me in the direction of john fante...like bukowski he wrote tough and gritty tales from depression era america..i loved ask the dust...but in my opinion his first was the best...read the intro john fante wrote and it will bring a tear to your eye...wipe away that tear and prepare yourself for a literary treat..

  4.  its amazing what you pick up at the airport sometimes


    As i was returning from holidays i bought this book by junot diaz at the airport...being english i am quite ignorant about politics regarding other countries...this book as much as about oscar is a fantastically recorded history lesson of the terrors which happened in the domincan republic from 1930 to 1961 and after..under the brutal regime of trujillo a completely cruel and evil dictator...i beg and plead with you all to read this book it will open your eyes to many things that like i never knew happened

  5.  the merry prankster's capolavoro


    Forget the fancy packaging because all you need is the words ken kesey wrote...it may start confusing for some readers as he leads you into his versatile and often strange prose...but it will not disappoint you in any way...some people say its racist and sexist...no its just an absolute joy to read...as vital now as it ever was

  6.  a absolute must read


    He's also ageing quite well mr cormac mccarthy...after no country for old men and huge success he could of wrote anything and sold by the bucketload...instead he wrote the road...and my god...it's moving, beautiful,poetic, hypnotic...just the book i have been looking for...ok maybe it's more or less science fiction but its a fiction that unfortunately we can all believe in....well done mr mccarthy your ageing like a good red wine....

  7.  parking the car she said i'm overwhelmed


    I love many other albums by many different groups...but no other band i repeat no other band will make you cry laugh and cry more than the national...absolutely inspiring in every way....my personal faves are "secret meeting","friend of mine","city middle" and "mr november" but hell there is not in my opinion one bad track...all killer no filler...cannot wait foir their next release...

  8.  i used to like them now i love them


    After the first listen i was hooked...against privacy...awesome...mexican dogs...messed up...but when you reach track 4 the antem which is "something is not right with me" there is no turning back....i have not heard a new album this year that messes with my mind in such strange and beautiful ways..."i love a man" is not just a classic cold war kids song...but a classic full stop.i just hope that they can go on with their own ideas and not bend to the industries wants...because their own ideas are immense..

  9.  hmmmm...one of the greatest albums no...but still..


    When i was an avid reader of nme from 2000 to 2004 there was a band that emerged that created a media monster....that band was the libertines...pete doherty and carl barat were two charismatic lead members that sent nme's writers into a gossip frenzy...i bought the album straight away and loved it for a year...then gave it away to a friend....but now looking back i realise i still do love it...it's cocky and funny and beautifully messy....none of the group has gone onto to do anything near as vital as this debut....and it costs 7 euros top!! Also makes me wonder what happened to decent english indie music.....now the americans are showing us how its done

  10.  they will break your heart..


    lovely...absolutely lovely..from the opening piano piece through the incredible "yesterday's tomorrow's" and "hungry saw" and onto the masterpiece which is "boobar..come back to me" it feels like tindersticks are as crucial as they ever were...they hit you in the heart and mind..some complain about staples' singing voice but it's just so full of emotion so touching..i seriously hope that we won't have to wait another 5 years for the next disc as "hungry saw" just leaves you wanting more...strongly recommended