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  1.  One of the best debut albums of all time!!


    Well just when people thought they had all the sounds and techniques of the guitar completely mastered along came edward van halen who single-handedly changed the way people looked at playing the electric guitar forever, in fact there isn't a single person on the entire planet past or present that has revolutionized the way people look at playing the electric guitar quite as much as eddie did except for jimi hendrix in the late 60's, basically he mastered the art of two handed tapping which meant that he could play notes on the guitar faster than anyone else and also play in a variety of new ways and whilst he was at it he had complete control over the many other aspects of guitar playing making him an absolute god to those around who couldn't do what he could which at the time was everyone, this album was his bands debut album and introduced the world to a virtuoso who has inspired just about everyone that has picked up a guitar ever since to throw away the rule-book and try to push things as far as they could go, it could be argued that the album 1984 was just as good a record as this, but it is such a different album and doesn't have the same impact, style or indeed sexual wit and swagger as this heavy metal masterpiece
    Running with the devil, ain't talking 'bout love and the kinks cover of you really got me have all proved to be hard rock classics and just about every rock fan you will ever meet will be more than familiar with both these radio regulars and the rest of this jaw-dropping album, specifically the guitar showcase on the second track called eruption which is the one number that made people sit up and take notice of this band the most, to say that this was the eddie show is not strictly true though because though edward was a virtuoso he was also a fantastic songwriter which few virtuosos in the same mould of eddie have been before or since and as such this was a band not a solo performer, frontman david lee roth is probabaly the one man who helped van halen on their way the most because though he was an arrogant, loud mouthed, party animal, he was the guy that injected the most energy and charisma in this band and though he was perhaps not the most gifted singer ever, he did approach things in a way that worked and as such has more fans than his future replacement who was actually a better singer, for a time this was the ultimate party band and indeed a good portion of their best party anthems came from this debut album, it is safe to say that if you like one song here you will probabaly like them all and as such this album has went on to sell copies in its millions because of that, the strange thing about this album is that it still sounds fresher than most of the newest releases and it has now been around for about 30 years which just goes to show how ahead of its time this heavy riff laden, solo heavy, party anthem masterpiece this is
    Basically this is an album that has so much intensity and power within it that it could probabaly knock a building down at the right volume, it is also packed with a surprising amount of melody for such a heavy album and as such deserves any interest that it still garners, its so hard to describe in words how much impact this album had on it's release because there has been nothing since that has had anywhere near as much impact on the worlds music scene apart from nirvana and their introduction of grunge to the masses, simply a really good catchy heavy metal party album that genuinely doesn't have a single weak moment on the entire album, as the very best album by one of americas best ever rock bands, in fact on the same popularity level as kiss or aerosmith, you really ought to at least listen to this album once, cos it rocks!!

  2.  Pure Brilliance!!


    First of all Strangers In The Night is without doubt one of the all-time greatest live albums, basically this album is pretty much a greatest hits album recorded live in concert during the absolute peak of this bands powers and to those out there that appreciate rock music which contains both supreme virtuoso performances and superbly catchy hooks, not to mention brilliantly crafted songs, then take my word for it this is an album that is really worth investigating
    As for this live recording itself there has been very hot debate lately as to how live this album actually is which has no doubt surfaced because of the bands inability to play brilliantly every night, both during when this was recorded and even during their current renaissance, in fact it has been said on a number of occasions by various people that when ufo were hot, they were steaming but when they were not on form they were tepid at best, nevertheless the band insist to this day that the only touching up in the studio that was on this album was one overdub to a single microphone that failed on the night and having seen the latest line-up in concert myself I could very much believe that because this band were on fire when I saw them, which brings me to my point that regardless of whether this live album was made in the studio or not it is still a fantastic album and there is no doubt in any one of the fans minds out there that these were and still are a brilliant live band in fact if this album is anything to go by, they were one of the best
    On this album it could be very much argued that michael schenker the erratic german virtuoso guitarist stole the show on this album and in many ways he did, because none of the replacement guitarists over the years really made material quite as good as schenker, nor did they release anything that was half as good a live album as this, but that doesn't mean that this is the schenker show far from it in fact phil mogg the singer is in fine voice and has never managed to feature on another album where his singing is better, pete way is a fine bass player that never overplays nor underplays his bass at any time, in fact he compliments schenker and mogg perfectly, andy parker proves to be a more than competent drummer with such explosive energy and paul raymond handles the keyboard and second guitar parts so well that when schenker quit the band shortly after playing this show, raymond took over the lead guitar role

    Basically this album is something that I myself wish I could have been a part of, though this band never really reached the major league they were frittering about on the outskirts for quite some time and with anthems like doctor doctor, rock bottom, natural thing, only you can rock me, love to love, lights out, shoot shoot and too hot to handle, it quickly becomes apparent why, if you want to hear one of the best live albums ever made then this would be a fantastic place to start, brilliant melodies and singing, brilliant hooks and guitar parts, brilliant drumming and rhythms, brilliant songs and crowd interaction
    Brilliant Album

  3.  Pure 5* Material


    Well first off this album built Bon Jovi's Career, their first two albums were superb hard rock albums which were criminally underrated and most of their albums since have been decent enough albums but this one catapulted them to superstardom in a way most people couldn't dream of, as one of the biggest selling albums of all-time you would probabaly guess that this is a very commercial album and if so you wouldn't be wrong at all, but the songs on this album are all brilliant so the 28 million copies of this album that are already out there sure didn't sell by accident, 2 consecutive number 1s in living on a prayer and you give love a bad name, a number 7 in the charts with wanted dead or alive which is now their signature song and also a number 28 in the charts with their signature ballad never say goodbye, not to mention the 8 weeks that the album itself spent at number 1 in the music charts making it one of the 6 best selling hard rock albums ever
    Anyway the album itself is pure listening pleasure to most of those with a hankering for a good set of catchy rock songs and they managed to swap between anthems and ballads on this album with such ease, the first number on this album let it rock starts with a great little keyboard piece by david bryan and then rips into a killer anthem where jon bon jovi shows what a strong rock orientated voice he has and ritchie sambora as always pulls of a really great solo that I personally never get tired of, the next couple of songs you give love a bad name and living on a payer are much the same but unlike let it rock they were released as singles and ended up topping the charts with no trouble at all, to this day both numbers are played on rock radio somewhere in the world several dozen times a day and as such are still fan favourites that are part of the bon jovi stage show even now, the next number social disease is more filler than killer but the album immediately picks up again with wanted dead or alive which much like living on a prayer and you give love a bad name is a killer anthem played on radio stations around the world all the time, raise your hands is next and much like all the previous songs is a killer anthem that is definately not out of place here, then we move onto the next three tracks without love, id die for you and never say goodbye which are all killer rock ballads which many people around the world still get married to to this very day, mind you these are not as sappy as the later bon jovi material and are actually very enjoyable to listen to, which leaves the last song wild in the streets and that is probabaly the one song on this album that explains what bon jovi were about the most, a bunch of wild starry eyed new yorkers who wanted to live the party lifestyle to the max, the fact is that every one of the songs on this album are hook filled party anthems or heartfelt power ballads and when it came down to it these guys had it all down to a fine art, in my personal opinion there are very few bands out there that could create both anthems and ballads that were world-class as easily as this , but then if you ask just about any real bon jovi fan what is their favourite jovi album they will normally say slippery, because when it comes down to it, this was bon jovi at the absolute peak of their powers and when these were on form they were world beaters

    Basically in a nutshell this is one of the all-time greatest hard rock albums and it is a wonderful hook laden album that is extremely melodic and catchy from start to finish, this is one album that for me at least helped define the kind of music I would grow up to love for the rest of my life and I seriously believe that i'm not the only one either

    Pure Class

  4.  Simply Breathtaking


    Well for those of you out there who are into rock music but have yet to discover Deep Purple, this really ought to be your first port of call, quite simply one of the most insanely intense and breathtaking musical achievements ever recorded, this album showcases all of the combined talents of the most famous and sucessful version of what is essentially one of the most important and hugely influential rock bands ever during a set of three japanese gigs that they played back in 1972 and this album which was only originally intended to be a japan only release was quickly released over here in the uk to try and beat the bootleggers out there at their own game and in the process quickly became one of the most popular live albums of all time, but then after just one listen it should become rather apparent to you why that is, in this day and age it is genuinely accepted as rather normal for a rock band to release a live album but at the time when this was made back in 1972 very few acts had released a live album so this was a major gamble, so if you think about it for an album that came out about 35 years ago to still be regarded as an all time great should give you some idea as to how good an album this is and always was.
    This is an album that hits you right from the start and continues to pummel your senses right til the end but with the inclusion of the three original encores that were not present on the original album you get an even better show for your money, though on the version I have the extra songs used for encores are on another disc and for some reason do not really seem particularly necessary to make this album better, in fact if i'm honest the original album on the first disc is so good that I rarely listen to the encores

    As for the album itself it mostly consists of material from the truly brilliant machine head album, in fact 4 of the 7 tracks on the original version of made in japan were from this monster of an album which had just been released, but going back to the material on this album itself it consists mostly of what are considered purple classics, the opening number highway star is one of those instantly recognizable driving anthems that features heavily on rock radio stations and rock compilations, the next song child in time is a completely jaw dropping excersise in excess, ritchie blackmore plays what can only be described as a phenomenal guitar workout and ian gillan manages to scream his way through that song in a way that most rock singers would happily exchange their larynxes for, the next song smoke on the water is without doubt the most recognized guitar riff of them all and the song isn't bad either with a suitably decent solo as well, the next song the mule is a showcase for the drummer ian paice and shows how good a drummer he could be, the next song strange kind of woman is another regular radio played song and goes some way to showing how well gillan and blackmore could work together, the next song lazy is my personal favourite on the album and goes to show how well the band could jam together featuring some of the best individual performances of all and the last song space truckin is like one long 20 minute jam.
    A special mention should go to jon lord and roger glover because they both play extremely brilliantly here as well, jon lord is one of the best keyboardists in the world and glover proves that he is a solid dependable bass player

    Overall this is without doubt one of the all-time greatest live albums where musicianship is second to none and though not everyone likes live albums I think they would be fools to miss this one because it is still one of the albums most likely to change their minds
    Simply Breathtaking

  5.  Southern Fried Classic!!


    Well this is without doubt the album that really put the genre of southern rock on the map, and is the album that most people including myself would recommend as a first port of call when investigating the rather diverse but musically exciting genre that is southern rock, this album is a particularly engaging listen from start to finish and showcases the amazing musical talents possessed by these bunch of ragtag whiskey swilling , hard fighting, hard living geezers from jacksonville, florida
    I honestly do not know how to describe the southern rock genre in words, but if you cross a healthy dose of blues with a bit of country and then a steely never say die attitude, then you have what is often the basis for this unusual musical genre, but that doesn't begin to even touch on the fact that the people who normally play this style of music are almost always extremely competent musicians
    As for Skynyrd they are definately no exception to the rule and with this album they made one of the all-time greatest rock debuts, on the same par as appetite for destruction or van halen, unfortunately though they showed plenty of promise and in actual fact never made a bad album, they never quite made an album as good as this again, one can only imagine what new and dizzy heights this band may have reached had they not all perished in an unfortunate plane crash less than a decade after this fantastic statement of intent was made, but even still they have a legacy and it continues to live on especially with this album

    The song that is recognized the most on this album is without doubt the awesome nearly 10 minute long solo heavy Freebird which features awesome guitar interplay by the three superb guitarists in the band and which all of the different record executives of the time swore blind would never be played on the radio because of its length, but within a month of the album being released this song became one of the most played songs on fm radio in american history and as such been labelled the southern rocks "stairway to heaven", of course one song doesn't make an album unless of course we are talking tubular bells or something, so the rest of the album is as you would expect just as good and is littered with southern rock gems in songs like i aint the one, gimmee three steps, simple man and tuesdays gone most of which you should recognize if you regularly listen to rock radio stations, even the three songs that do not get played quite so much on the radio have their moments and each provide moments of genius by both the musicians and the legendary ronnie van zant on vocals

    Basically if you have even a passing interest in the rockin sounds of the south from bands such as the allman brothers, the outlaws or the marshall tucker band then you really ought to own a copy of this southern fried classic, because this album defines southern rock probabaly more than any other and deserves it's place in any self respecting rockers cd collection

  6.  A Truly Groundbreaking Masterpiece


    Well the chances are that even if you havent heard this album you have heard of it or at least seen the cover somewhere, iconic in every sense of the word Dark side of the Moon is one of them albums that is as big as god in fact it could be argued that this album has made more of a cultural impact than religion since its release back in 1973, beyond what is the most recognizable album cover of all-time is an album that was and still is one of the most interesting and respected pieces of music ever put on record, the facts pretty much speak for themselves here, nearly 15 years it spent in the american billboard charts and it is safe to say it would probabaly still be on it if the rules hadn't been sneakily changed in the late 80s, but even still it has spent more than twice as long in the billboard charts than any other album in history, also apart from michael jacksons thriller this album has sold more copies than any other album in history, to this very day the album apparently still somehow sells a quarter of a million records each year and this album is solely responsible for a worldwide audience taking an interest in progressive rock
    As for the album itself it is a concept album based on the pressures of life and the causes of insanity as suffered by their original frontman syd barrett, it starts with the sound of a heartbeat as if to represent life and finishes with that same heartbeat fading away as if to represent death, but even if the words were taken out from this album it would still be a musical masterpiece in its own right, because the music has been put together in such a way that it works as one long continuos piece and the inclusion of everyday sounds such as the ticking of clocks and opening of cash registers somehow adds to the dynamics of each separate piece, couple that with some of the breathtaking songwriting and solo pieces played by each of the members of floyd on certain pieces then you start to get somewhere near this special vibe that this album gives out, through the years most of the songs on this album have became massive radio staples, such as money, breathe, time and us & them, but this album is a masterpiece when played all the way through with a decent pair of headphones on because the atmospherics on this album are jaw dropping and one of the main reasons that this album has made such an impact on people is that each of the atmospheric pieces on this album are completely different and yet change from piece to piece seamlessly, whether it be the beautiful sound of a womans voice on great gig in the sky or the funky bass rhythm of money, whether it be the superb sax playing on us & them or the wonderful synthesizer sound on any colour you like, this album continues to impress from start to finish even in some cases over 30 years since the first listen
    All in all this is an album you probabaly already own, but if you dont you really should take time to see what the rest of the world already knows, this is a masterpiece, a wonderful cacophany of sounds intermingling with each other to create something truly spectacular, give it a try it may even change your whole outlook on music for the better, afterall this album proves that there is no boundaries when it comes to creating beautiful music except for the constraints of your own imagination that is, which is effectively limitless anyway

  7. 1987


    Whitesnake - CD

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    Well this is one extremely commercial rock album but if you can listen to this album with fresh ears and forget about the early blues orientated whitesnake sound then you will find a really classic album here, first off by very commercial I meant that this is packed full of radio hits, in fact back when this was released, extremely heavy exposure from mtv (when it was a proper music channel) caused this album to start flying off the shelves and in all fairness that was a good thing because all the material on it is both catchy, classy and extremely slick, the hits on this album included the famous unforgettable power ballad is this love, which in all honesty has been put on just about every power ballads compilation that i've ever seen, something that only happens as you well know when a completely brilliant and timeless song that will never get old is made, then of course there is the re-recording of their hit single here I go again which became infinitely bigger the second time round and which has also appeared on more rock compilations than I care to think of since its release, then there is the hit single still of the night which though not as popular with rock compilations as the other two, is perhaps more popular with whitesnakes overall fanbase and no wonder because it really is one of the most fantasticly brooding and atmospheric pieces of music ever to be put down on record, give me all your love would also prove to be a hugely popular single after the success of the others from the album and so it continued
    The slickness of this record is instantly noticeable and it doesn't take much for the average rock fan to realise that this album has been purposely made to sound this exciting and fresh, but it works totally and ends up providing an album with basically no filler whatsoever, the only complaint that can really be made about some of the less well known songs is that they didnt become quite as enormous as the singles, but that just makes the album much better to have in the first place, this album is basically the perfect album to drive to, the whole album is catchy and its very hard not to sing along such is david coverdales amazing vocal talent, which explains the success of this album in a nutshell, it is simple but engaging music that the average man on the street can enjoy time and time again
    It puzzles me as to why coverdale felt the need to basically sack his whole band after this album, because he found a formula that worked extremely effectively on this album and the other band member that he fired were as important to this records sound as coverdale was, john sykes, neil murray and aynsley dunbar were all top musicians, but I guess he had his reasons

    Basically this album is the album that you all really want without realising it if that is your into slick radio friendly rock bands such as boston or rainbow, the chances are you are also into this album and are already familiar with half of this album, but there is so much more to this album than the best rock album ever mainstays, is this love and here i go again and for that reason you should all check it out because you are unlikely to be to disappointed, this is so underrated that it is unreal, most will agree that this is the best whitesnake album from their rockier period but unless the name whitesnake actually comes up few people will bother to name 1987 and thats a shame because its a true classic

  8.  A True Classic!!


    Well this is one of those albums that defined an era, without doubt one of the most popular rock albums of not just the 80s but of all-time and you only have to turn on a rock radio station to see how big they are, I guarantee that the gunners will be on the playlists for every decent rock radio station in the world permanently, such is their popularity, I do believe that guns n roses are one of the best rock bands ever to grace this earth, but I do also believe that this particular album is infinately better than every other album guns n roses ever made and I think that shows really when you compare the amount of time the songs on this album get radio airplay compared to songs from other albums by them, though that doesnt mean to say there isn't a ton of decent material on all their other albums, because there is an awful lot of great material on the other albums they made, the only difference being that appetite was full of nothing but gems whereas all the other albums had some great little gems but also their fair share of throwaway filler tracks, which is why some people are not impressed much by this band, though I can tell you that if you listen to this album the chances are you will disagree with those people

    This album is aggressive from start to finish and yet somehow subtle and gentle in places, a good example of this is on the song sweet child of mine which everyone by now probabaly knows as the love song axl wrote for his fiancee of the time, the album is a delight from the very first opening riff on welcome to the jungle to the final few moments of rocket queen and is without doubt one of the most intense and compelling listening experiences that any wannabe rocker will ever have
    The musicianship on this album is incredible and is a genuine delight to hear mostly because there is not one member of that band who was dragging their heels so to speak when they made that album, the singing is extremely powerful and strangely emotive for such a heavy band, slash is just a guitar god on this album since he created his own instantly recognizable sound here and all of his riffs and solos on all the songs just feel so so right here, even when he plays the quirky little things like the opening of sweet child of mine or mr brownstone he sounds brilliant, then there is the more than capable rhythm section who by themselves create a really cool groove throughout the album providing the backbone for what this album became

    If I sound like I enjoy this album then I guess ive suceeded in giving the impression that I want to give here, this album is chock full of radio friendly hits such as welcome to the jungle, paradise city, sweet child of mine, it's so easy and nightrain all of which will probabaly be instantly recognizable even to someone who doesn't think that they are familiar with any of this bands material, but just because these songs all became hits that doesn't mean that the rest of the material here is not as good, because everything on this album is instantly gratifying, indeed my own favourite songs on this album are the very ones that get played the least on the radio, my michelle, youre crazy, think about you and anything goes

    Basically in a nutshell this is an essential listening experience for anyone with even a passing interest in rock music and indeed is one of the reasons why guns and roses are so popular with both the older generation of rockers and the newer generation, which in itself is a genuine rarity, I cannot stress enough that this is one album that anyone who is trying to get into rock music should investigate and if you are already into rock music in a big way but have somehow passed this by, invest in a copy you will not be disappointed

  9.  Genuinely Breathtaking!!


    Well what better to start with than this is constantly voted the best rock album ever made, every single song on this album is a genuine bonafide classic and everyone of the songs on this album will be played dozens of times each on rock radio stations around the world every single day for the rest of your life and probabaly for the rest of any of your relatives, relatives, relatives lifes probabaly.

    The track on this album that gets the most airplay is undoubtedly stairway to heaven, which for those of you unlucky enough never to have heard of it, is the song that gets voted the best rock song ever made more than any other, but if you look at the facts that becomes rather unsurprising, I mean that one song alone has officially spent more than 50 years of continous play on the many legal radio stations across the world , but the amount of airplay its had can probabaly be doubled if you think about how much pirate radio stations have played that tune to death as well, perhaps more amazing is the fact that stairway is the only tune on led zep 4 that isnt really based on a meaty riff, instead the song is based around a rather clever acoustic sound and only really becomes a raging rock monster when it nears its climax, which to be fair is probabaly the best climax to a song ever, the end guitar solo in particular is heavenly

    This isn't a one trick pony album though for instance one of the slower tracks on the album, when the levee breaks officially has the most sampled drum-beat ever and is quite the monster of a song as well
    The two songs black dog and rock n roll are both major rock radio staples which both have riffs to die for, misty mountain hop, going to calafornia and four sticks all show a slightly tenderer side to the led zep musical pallette and between them provide some really good acoustic pieces and then finally there is battle of evermore which is hard to describe to say the least but is like a little folk song but worth having a good listen to, if nothing else just to see how robert plants vocals are much stronger and powerful in the song than sandy dennys from the band fairport convention and to see how jimmy page implements his mandolin to good effect

    As for individual performances on the album all four members played their part in making what is quite possibly the most jaw dropping musical statement ever made and you get the feeling they knew it was something really special when they made it because they couldn't be bothered to even give the album a proper name or at least put theie band name on the front, the only way the album was identifiable is if you knew what you were looking at and it takes an album and a half to create its own identity

    Overall this is not just a landmark album and it is not just a musical statement it is in fact a work of art and if you are into rock music the chances are you will agree, the singing on this album is fantasticly emotive and powerful, the guitar work is fantastic to the point where some people think its never been bettered by anyone and the rhythm section of john bonham and john paul jones is a masterclass in how to put real music together

    This is a genuinely breath-taking album and it is one of the few albums out there that is worth 6 stars if you dont own it, invest in a copy, you won't be disappointed

  10.  Still Engaging


    Well at the time this album was released it was about as different as what could be possibly imagined by anyone already familiar with the straits, dire straits, communique, making movies and love over gold were all previous albums, all of which became massive hits but none of them had anything on them to hint at the direction they would take for this and yet even though they did something completely different and unexpected with brothers in arms, it still went on to be hugely popular in fact a whole lot more so than all the other albums that dire straits had ever done, which just goes to show how big they were, in fact for a time this was the biggest selling album in the uk ever

    So any good?
    Well nothing on this album is particularly heavy but the songs themselves are all beautifully crafted and all have instrumental passages in them that are wonderful to listen to and instantly recognizable to even the most casual music fans
    The lyrical themes on this album do tend to drift from one sadness and disappointment to another and in actual fact end up as a collection of love songs on the most part, but there are moments when mark knopflers casual observations of us as a society do work brilliantly for instance on the song money for nothing when the songs main charachter is whining about how easy other people seem to get things when hes still struggling

    The album itself mostly consists of songs that the casual music listener will have heard of such as the title track brothers in arms, sporting event favourite walk of life and mtv's unofficial theme song money for nothing, but it boasts so much more for instance your latest trick has one of the best pieces of saxophone music I have ever heard and so far away is such a laid back masterpiece that i'm surprised there are not people out there trying to make a career off the back of its simple but sublime set-up

    Overall this is an album that is already sat hiding in the bottom of an awful lot of peoples record collections, but it ought to be on the front shelf because this album although notoriously uncool in recent years is still a really engaging listen and kicks the collective butts of most things that most people have in their collections
    So if your one of the unlucky ones who do not have this album then you really owe it to yourself to invest in a copy