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  1.  unbelievably good


    I had a creative audigy 2 in my PC and it was getting overloaded by some of newer games so decided it was time for an upgrade, i was originally thinking about spending 40 pound maybe 50 then saw this and thought i would spend the extra and go for it.
    i have a DFI lanparty NF4 motherboard and at 1st i put this card in the same PCI slot as my old card (the middle of 3 slots) turned on and nothink! turned off and tried it in the top slot again nothink, i could see an RMA coming but as a last resort i tried it in the bottom slot and bingo it worked, installed the drivers and all was well, i am not a great fan of creative drivers but these ones seam sweet with options and extra that actually work and make a good difference to the various needs of the user, i used the drivers on the cd and so far they are great.
    i bought this card for gaming and i wasnt expecting much of an improvement over my audigy 2 but how wrong was I? very wrong as this blows the audigy 2 out of the water, the sound in games comes to life, i can here things i didnt no where there with my old card and even in big firefights this card doesn't get overloaded as u here it all in great clarity and detail, it has also helped my frame rates in the newer games especially Cysis, i didn't think it would add that much to my overall gaming experience but again i was completely wrong, if u think that the newer games have so much more better graphix than the older ones and the same can be said of the sound, it helps get you so much more indulged and immersed in the game but u need a top sound card to get the full effects.
    like i said i bought this for gaming and wasnt expecting much in the way of music and films but this card has improved my MP3s so so much, i have music on my pc that i have had for a very long time and listening to them now with this card has changed my listen experience so much for the better its untrue , i could go on and on about this card as it is truly gobsmakinkly good.
    yes it is expensive and i was doubting my judgement after spending so much on a sound card but in the 2 weeks i have had it it has been awesomely good and one of the best pieces of hardwear i have bought , i was no great fan of creative but there isnt much compaction for them in the sound card department but this has put my faith back in creative.
    if you are into your music and games, and can afford this card then buy it, right, thats my creaming over.

  2. Far Cry

    Far Cry

    PC Games

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     still a great game


    its old now but still takes some beating, if you havent got the latest hardwear to run the latest games then this is deffo worth buying, still one the best game s ever made, if u havent played it yet and dont have a new top of the range comp then buy this game, for 8 quid dont even think about it, just buy it and enjoy

  3.  superb game


    one of the best single player games i have played simply awesome, i have a 7900GTX, 2gb fast ram 2.9 AMD opy, on a DFI board and this game was lagging slightly now an then on middle settings @1680x1059, only now and then and nothink to right home about, tho my creative audigy 2 sound card was getting over loaded in action scenes, i have upgraded to acreative X-Fi pro game fatality and now the lag has gone and my frame rates are up, also the sound is awesome, best sound of any game i have ever played, George Lucas said %50 of what makes a great film is the great sound, this is true of games also. if you have a decent PC then this really is worth buying , if you dont have a good well balanced gaming rig then i wouldnt bother

  4.  not a bad game in its own right


    if you are after the "latest" NFS then this really isint it, might of been better if they had given this game a new fresh title because it is nothink like the others, in its own right it isnt that bad a game tho i wouldnt go over board on it, nice graphix, nice sounds and ok backdrop, fun playing your mates at LAN but gets borring on your own

  5.  ignore the fan boys, evan Konami say this game sucks


    i cant belive how many have rated this game as acceptable, evan seabass, the guy who heads the team that makes this game has come out and apologized for the terrible game konami have made blaming it on the time scale they had to deliver, there is so many bugs in this game it is untrue, and the online? forget about it, it is pathetically bugged with glitches and lag making the online experince somthink you wont want to repeat again, to make matters worse seabass has said that people who have already bought the game should not expect the issues with the game to be resolved as it is the game engine itself that has the bugs, most of the praise on here must be off konami fan boys who would praise dog mess on toast as long as it was supplied by konami, the price for the 360 and ps3 version was halved less than 3 weeks after release due to the fact that this game is buggy as hell,
    if you are after a good online game then dont look here, the only good thing i can say about this game is that fifa sucks, witch isnt much of apraise on this game itself as fifa is no great game, unfortunatly there is not much of a choice for footy sims at the minuite as both konami and fifa have produced rubbish this year, but at least EA/fifa try to solve problems with there games, konami just have a "we already have your money sucker, and we aint going to fix it" attitude, vote with your feet and dont buy either game
    i realy wish i could give this game a glowing review as i have been playing PES/ISS for years but this has just turned me right of Konami and they wont be getting another penny off me unless they deciede to change there ways and fix this game