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  1.  Awesome


    This film is amazing. Tamar Hassan and Danny Dyer should definitely stick together and star in everyfim together. I know they are ion alot of films together (football factory, city rats, dead man running etc...) but I would definitely say they play these roles the best. I love this film and everyone that watches it will love it too.

  2.  Tamar Hassan & Danny Dyer are awesome together.


    This film is really good. Funny also. Really enjoyed this and would recomend to anyone. 50 cent stars in this film, and I suggest he stocks to rapping, as it ios almost cringe worthy. It didn't spoil the film though.

  3.  Best Comedy I have EVER watched.


    OMG, well what can I say. This film is hilarious. honestly, you get some funny films where they arent that funny, but my stomach actually hurts after watching this. It never gets boring either, I have watched this about 20 times and still laugh.
    Definatly watch this film.

  4.  Worth a watch


    Didn't think this was going to be as goos as it was. I thought it was going to be the typical teen horror movie, with fake screams etc... It wasn't, it was actually quite scary. I have bought this, as I tend to stick it on when Im in the mood the be slightly scared.

  5.  Awesome


    I bought this film before I watched it, as I heard really good reviews on it. I wasn't let down, it is brilliant. I watch it all the tiome. Typical Sunday afternoon film.LOVE IT.

  6.  Brilliant


    Loved this film. Cnt say anything bad about it, apart from the sad ending. A must see.

  7.  Awesome Film


    I absolutely loved this film. OMG and the suspense, and the anger for the other women, made you want to jump in the film and kill her yourself. Bought this as I was completly OBSESSED (ha) with it after i watched it.

  8.  kept me awake!!


    this film is really good. has a brilliant stry line, and all parts are played awesomly. keeps you on edge and suprised right till the end. loved this so much, had to buy it.

  9.  alright


    you will be disappointed with the ending. I love all the final destinations, but wish this last one would have been a bit better. worth a watch, but don't get your hopes up. final destination 1 is the best by far.

  10.  this is horrifically the most terrible film ever


    OMG, the most awful film I have ever seen.please do not even waste your time. pointless and rather laughable. I cannot honestly believe how boring and terrible this film is. Not scary at all. I don't understand what the writer of this film was thinking.DO NOT WATSE YOUR MONEY.