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  1.  Just brilliant!


    Only 2 words: Just Brilliant! Excellent story, graphics, models, characters and of course voice acting. A bit too easy gameplay, however some levels were quite challenging. The ending sequence is awesome! Really worth the money you pay for it. If you think Portal was good, then you will be surprised how much better this game is.

  2.  Well done!


    During the game one of Duke's chicks asks him about a computer game that Duke was playing on a big TV: "Was it any good?" Duke answered: "Yeah, but after 12 freaking years, it should be...". After finishing the game I do believe that that game is good. Not perfect, but really good.

    It has many different mini-games and adventures in it - driving a small car, slot games, air hockey, basketball, pinball and even billiards. It also has a few puzzles and some mild erotic content. Being reduced to an action figure size and navigating through human size areas is a nice challenge. But what I value the most is the good sense of humor and typical Duke's comments during the game. Some of them are really funny.

    I don't understand why some people are giving low rating for the game. It's not supposed to be anything like "Half Life", "Rage" or "Dead Space". It's a Duke Nukem game and I think that the developers kept to the unique Duke's style really well.

    So I do recommend this game if the price is right. I paid 5 euros for it on Steam and it was worth every freaking penny.

  3.  Mostly disappointed. Is that a Red Faction 2 clone?


    I am a big fan of Bethesda and ID Software since Wolfenstein 3D and Terminator Rampage were released. And I am still enjoying the world of Fallout 3. I was patiently waiting for Rage for many years. But after playing the game for 2 evenings I got disappointed. First, the game did not even work after being installed. Spent an hour fixing graphics issues by trying to find the proper combination of graphics settings for the game to show something else than garbage. The game complains about an outdated video driver, but I am using the latest released one according to Nvidia. Textures of many objects are really bad, blurred. When outside, turning around allows you to see very blurred textures on all objects and scenery around you for a few seconds. Then those textures are updated but this still looks horrible. I don't understand why a 21 gigabyte game has a problem with textures at all.

    The game is VERY scripted, certain enemies attack exactly at the same position and exactly the same way the last ones did. Shooting from a car is a joke, no way to hit bad guys on those gun towers or small radio controlled cars with explosives. Driving to the same locations refilled with bad guys in order to get back some junk is just boring. Dialogs are one-sided only and do not affect anything. Rules of small games are not explained. Too few hints in the game.

    It seems that Rage was barely tested on PC, it's quite raw and unstable. There are random crashes, often when changing locations or saving a game with F5 (the progress is lost of course). I don't understand why such a respected company as ID Software released the game with so many problems. If they need more testers, they should do what some other game manufacturers do - make the game available for limited public testing before the release.

    To sum it up - Rage feels like a Red Faction 2 clone. The game is not worth 50 euros they ask for it on Steam, but 30 euro price tag is OK. Despite all the problems it's still worth playing Rage to experience the new post-apocalyptic world, which has the touch of a talented designer.

    P.S. Carmack's comments about the PC platform were very inappropriate as ID Software got its fame and glory from that very platform, so they should respect devoted PC users and not throw raw releases at them. I still remain the fan of ID Software and I hope that they fix the mess caused by a raw PC release soon.

  4.  The release is quite raw. Hopefully this gets fixed.


    I am a hardcore train simulator fan since MSTS came in. And I am currently developing objects and rolling stock models for the Microsoft Train Simulator and Auran Trainz. I was waiting for the release of the Rail Simulator with the hope that it would replace MSTS and allow more detailed models, more control over the environment, better SDK and so on. Unfortunately the first release is quite raw. There's no SDK, however they promise it for free in November, under a separate license. Don't know what this means, but I hope I will be able to convert my models after all. Surprisingly there's almost no control of the simulator's environment in the release (a user can't even change season, weather and time of the day easily). I had a weird problem during installation when the installer did not copy the main simulator's file to its folder and it set restricted access rights that prevented me from copying the file from the DVD to where it belonged. The user interface is simplified and does not look good. A really weird problem - there's no possibility to avoid saving changes in edited tracks or scenarios (and undo does not always work reliably). There are only 4 routes and about 10 trains to drive. Trains' lights do not light anything and this is bad, because even MSTS had that feature. The sumulator has a weird keyboard layout that can't be changed. The developers are now collecting the feedback and I really hope that the first patch will address all the reported issues. It should be noted, that this simulator is a big step forward from MSTS, it supports much better (meaning high-polygon) models, it has more usable Route Editor and more flexibility. When (and if) SDK is released, third-party developers like me will create a lot of new content for the simulator. Hope the managers of the Railsim project do the right thing this time.