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  1.  back to my youth...


    I remember watching biker mice from mars when i was younger and loving it and thought to myself £8 cant go wrong. Lots of fun and very original good buy :d

  2.  the brillance of world cinema..


    i first heard of this film through a friend and decided it was worth watching. but after having taken the time to veiw it i have come to the conclusion it is one of the greatest films i have ever seen. i say this because the film has a unique culture that is so hard to find. and with it being based in the slums of brazil it had to pack a punch and it did.. with some breath taking shots, music and very memorable performances from a young cast i would let the veiwing of this film slip through anyones fingers. a complete legend of film 10/10! must see!!!

  3.  A great "Movie"


    i first watched this years ago and thought it was a brilliant film and to be honest thhat analogy hasn't changed much, Roland Emmerich at his best as a director who also made the likes of godzilla its a gripping sci fi film which will keep u interested from start to finish... a good buy :D

  4.  A must if you played the games


    I'm giving this film a 4/5 because it captures exactly what mortal kombat is about, it has all the original characters, it includes all their moves characteristics and captures a glow and soul of the film, some bits are cheesy and unexplained but in truth it doesn't harm the veiwing and adds to the culture of the film a must see for mortal kombat fans :D enjoy

  5.  undoubtablly the worst film ever made!!


    the fact that this film has a star cast including the likes of kylie minogue!!?? who which in their justice are all good actors but... they just couldnt capture the characters and class of this film, the dialogue is poor, cheesy, the sets are bad, the fight scenes are unspeakablly bad with no real content to street fighter, the whole spirit of street fighter is lost and this poor excuse for a filmn is born.... i watched it because i cudnt believe it was that bad... but it was worse sorry :(

  6.  50/50


    if ypou was to compare this with the other movies it will not impress you too much, but if you take into context this film was made to explain some of the unexplained story, which is probally the reason for the used of art work i think its a purchase for true street fighter fans and entertains and explains alot of the story which we was unsure about before, although i do see the other guys point... but its farrrrrr better than the van dam film :D enjoy

  7.  A True Great!!


    this film empitimises what other mythologiccal films should be based on. i know for a fact there they are making a remake and although visually it was demolish this film trying to capture the feeling and heart of this film will not be as easy to recreate the culture of this film but it will be interesting and dispite weak sfx this is a must see for any real movie fan....great buy

  8.  Shows the brilliance of foreign films!!


    This is a truly great example of exactly how korean's display film as an art, with alot of complex shots, smart dialogue and raw fight scenes this is a must for any true film fan... great buy

  9.  "i'll be too busy lookin good"


    lol this qoute is one of my favourite from the film. Enter the Dragon is undoubtablly one of the best films ever made. unlike some of bruce lee's previosu films which where chinese this film being american means it has a much wider audience to those who would of found his previous films not to their likeing perhaps because of the fact chinese cinema was far behind american in ways of quality. all this aside theis film has all the kicks and punches you'll ever need from a true martial artist legend Bruce Lee comes a film that is a must see for any martial artist fan 10/10 must see!! enjoy

  10. Leon



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     What a Beautiful film


    I first watched Leon when i was younger but wasn't old enough to truly understand of respect the film. but after purchasing it i can honestly say it in my top 10 favourite films of all time. With a blend of action, drama and well placed humour. Along with brilliant acting from a young natalie portman, Jean Reno and a magnificent villian in Gary Oldman. it has all the qualities to be a true classic and doesn't disappoint i would recommend it to anyone. A truely wonderful film enjoy.