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  1.  Wow :)


    A massive supernatural fan here and have been following the series since the begining, and it is amazing! So I totaly recommend it to anyone because it is a great show with a great story line, and I can easily say that the fans have fallen madly in love with the show (And the cast ;)) The show is still going strong in series 3 and the stroy line gets more detailed in this series which is a plus, and the plot with dean's deal with the crossroads deamon thickens, so that gets interesting.. Also the cover art for this boxset is awesome and it really reflects the story line for this series which is great. Sadly becuase of the writers strike they are only 16 episodes (At this date) but I'm glad to see that the price is cheaper than the other boxsets before. So this is a definite buy for me and all Supernatural fans! Series 4 here we come!

  2.  Well...


    Like many people I had to expected a lot from this film and I was so excited when it finaly came out and I was able to go see it at the cinema. However I could tell from the start that this film had some problems. They were just some factors about the film that made it bad, and if these were changed then it would have been a really good film. Starting off in the Predator ship I was wondering to my self: "Why the hell is they only one predator on the ship?" I would have thought that more would have been on it, Come on! Secondly some of the actors were bad, I thought that Johhny Lewis played his role well, but they were some people who were awful. Like the two people who were Doped (Hello I could do a better impression). One main factor of the movie that I had a problem with was the fact that the lighting was too dark, Yes I know it's meant to be a sci-fi horror, but the lighting on this film was taking it too far! I would actually like to see what the PredAlien, Predator and Aliens look like You know! I have seen photos of the PredAlien on google and it is so much clearer on google than on the actual film. I ended up having to really concentrate on the picture all the way through the film. Like I said if these factors were changed, Especially the lighting problem, then this would be a film that gave a good go at the AlienVSPredator Franchise. Sadly when making the film they did not change these obvious downers to the film. Not a bad story line, I would rent the DVD as its alright for a night in.