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  1.  Great!!! but couldn't they soften up on the price?


    good points about the adaptor:)

    1) it allows you to put you xbox were u want it (for my instance my bedroom on the 3rd floor) and not have to connect it closer to the router via wires.

    2) its versitility allows it to work with almost any network :D

    3) looks as cool as can be and fits snug on the back of the console, and does not heat up with exsisive use

    4) it might just be me but downloading seems to be faster with this device than via wires

    bad points about the adaptor:(

    1) it was not as simple to set up as it claims u must go to edit setting and look manualy for your home network.

    2) its not exactly powerful, with my psp i can get 90% signal in my room with this i only get 50% :( and this can cause lags in game especialy on halo 3 which is graphicly demanding, but works 10000000% on ghost recon were i have had not lag or connection problems

    3) you must kick everyone else of your home network to get its ful potential as a small bit of interfirance such as a pc downloading a song will cause lag :(

  2.  Easier to use if u watch DVD's


    if u watch dvd's and or HD dvd's alot then this is a gd thing to have saves time fidling with controller and i feel like i have a sophisitcated peice of equiptment as it has so many buttons :D, but infa red? :( bit low tech there microsoft..none the less still useful :D (and u can use it one hand and use the other for beer :D)

  3.  Must own 360 game!


    Its just amazing!, the story mode is great, the animation is close to flawless(apart from when someones bleeding out then u use chainsaw-riffle then they stand-up lol) but forget that its just mindnumbingly amazing it must b purchased!, and multiplayer is even better its just tactical gone gory, ghost recon meets alien and it works incredably! the gore effects are just blood awsome(quite literaly :D) but thats why u love them!

  4.  Rockstar?, uv sold me already! :D


    i have not reali liked nickleback in the past but rockstar is just an amazing song, i dunno y it just plays in my head all the time!.....but its not like its barbie girl replaying in my head (then id have to go to a mental assylum)



    the arcade and elite now have there problems solved and so are realiable, and with free games u can go wrong :D, for the price this is great, id recomend this to a person who plays games occasionaly for fun or plays multiplayer at weekends, on a budget or just see no point in a hard drive when all you want to do is play those games :)

  6.  Strange that no one thought of this till now


    The green is a nice touch but as said before any plug and play reader will work, but as this is the first multicard read ive seen that was intended as a xbox 360 gadget they get thumbs up from me, and its about the same price as one intended for pc use too so no complaints :) (well from me anyways)

  7.  Teathing problems solved, and ready to take the throne!


    its a great console, with all the technical faults sorted!,a hdmi cabble, and a 120 gb hard drive instead of the 20gb one i got with my premieum which is sadly as we speak in 4 repair :'(, people who give it one star and say im not paying that for a colour should read more carfully please in future there is extra useful tings involved, and i plan to trade mine in 4 an elite ^^ so what u waiting for BUY ME!!!

  8.  Great multiplayer


    i have not purchased one yet but ive played on my cousins one many a time,it keeps you fit which cos of the movements involved PARENTS BY THIS FOR YOUR KIDS! ! now on to the Wii as a console

    Firstly anyone who says they have play on one and were unimpressed is because they are idiots with poor hand i co-ordination.

    its not the best next gen console for pro gamers i will admit but its made for everyone!, its fun and small, my younger sisters love it, and to be perfectly honest that nintendos to main markets there female gamers and kids but even im impressed :D, controllers are a little steep in price and u require alot of room to play 4 player all at once without (acidently lol) hitting people, but still amazing.
    and PS3 6 axis i mean what the hell were they thinking?, its nothing on compaired to this you reali feel as if ur in the game! (not reali just like your doing the movements)

    oh and BUY ONE!!!!!!