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  1.  My personal favourite game of all time


    Okay so it sounds cheesy and overblown but it really is. Deus Ex upon release was a game I didn't know anything about but after playing a demo I was hooked. The blend of First person shooter and RPG is at a perfect balance.

    For those that don't know much about the game you play as JC Denton a Nano augmented special agent (or a cyborg if you want the short version) You're part of a UN sanctioned anti terrorist group (UNATCO) and are sent into a dystopian world of intrigue and conspiracy.

    The main aspect of this game for me is its atmosphere its oppressive and harsh and makes you feel like the world is really going to hell, that coupled with a twisting plot and interesting support charatcers makes for a very good story.

    The graphics are rather dated by todays standard but still aren't hideous to look at.

    The gameplay is a real gem, players customize JC using Skills which upgrade his ability with weapons/lockpicks/medkits etc and also acquire augmentations which give him access to special abilities such as bullet resistant skin, increased speed and even a remote spy drone used for scouting.

    For Newcomers the difficulty can seem rather harsh but tis something you adapt to once you realise you have to be somewhat subtle and you can't run and gun the entire game like its the next Quake or Halo title.

    There's always more than one way around a problem. Depending on what you specialize in you can take numerous approaches to any given situation to reach your objective.

    There's really not much else to say except that if you haven't played this game get it while you can at a reasonable price.

    Still my most favourite game after all these years and gets replayed even now I give it a solid 10/10 which is very high and rare praise from me

  2.  Good but lacking


    This is a good racing game and fills a little corner while waiting for the full version of Gran Turismo 5 however there are some disappointing features of this early version. First of all there's hardly any tracks, so few that you really feel like you're repeating yourself playing them and secondly only 60 cars which is dispapointing for a Gran Turismo title.

    The racing itself is still as solid as ever in true Gran Turismo style with varying difficulty levels to kepe players of wide skill levels happy.

    The full game promises to be one hell of an experience deserving of 5 stars with its whopping 1000 cars and 35 tracks (60 layouts) with room for custom made tracks online. Also the full game will feature an all new damage physics engine for Gran Turismo.

    Overall I give this game 7/10 it's fun for a time and definitel fills a gap for a racing game in your PS3 collection but is by no stretch a complete Gran Turismo experience.

  3.  Be warned of future plans


    Okay as a game this is pretty good, much like the original starcraft but made more presentable however I want to warn potential buyers that this game has been confirmed to be released as 3 seperate titles which all be full priced. For me this blatant money making con puts the game down so many points, if each part costs 35 pounds then the final cost of owning starcraft 2 will be 105 pounds excluding any extra fees. It's a disgusting attempt at choking money out of gamers who would normally be loyal to the series after having loved the original for many years. Personally I'd urge gamers to avoid but this will not happen and Blizzard will replicate this way of marketing with future products.

  4.  A strong title


    Lets be very clear from the off, this game is GOOD, you won't find many portbale racing games as good as Gran turismo. Now with that out the way I'll tlak about the finer details.

    The car handling is realistic as expected from any Gran Turismo title and there is a vast amount of cars to buy. The adhoc mode allows for easy multiplayer with any friends who also have a PSP and offers an interesteing challenge.

    At times the Driving challenges can be frustrating but they are called CHALLENGES for a reason, once mastered you feel alot better knowing you can pull off the manouvers.

    The only single player mode is Single race, there's not tounraments or career mode as you would find in other Gran Turismo titles and this is the PSP games only let down in my opinion (hence the 4 stars instead of 5) However due to the money limitations and also the varying difficulties for each seperate track there's still alot on offer for any avid GT fan to explore.

    I've also heard rumours that this game will somehow be compatible with the full version of Gran Turismo 5, I don't know the details but I heard that either money or certian cars can be passed along.

    If you're a fan of the Gran Turismo series or just a PSP owner wanting a racing game for a change I definitely reccomend Gran Turismo, the price is also very reasonable for such a great game.

  5.  My favourite film this year


    I'll get this out the way, I have not read the original comic so I won't compare the movie with that, I'm going to review this as justa guy who saw it in cinema.

    From the get go this movie is shot and edited brilliantly. Some scenes just ooze with style and the choice of music for the majority of the film is perfect for creating atmosphere. The opening fight scene with the Comedian while "Unforgettable" plays really set the tone for the whole movie and if that didn't do it then the Bob Dylan during the opening credits really sweetened the deal.

    This is definitely not to be considered "Another comic book film" the content and the themes are very adult in nature and concern things far greater than good guys beating up bad guys. The different characters personas and alter egos are displayed in an interesting manner with each character getting his or her own back story. The really interesting thing is how we eventually get to see each characters perception of good and evil.

    The story is quite long and complex so I'll just give the first parts of it. Edward Blake who is also a superhero called the Comedian is suddenly murdered. A fellow comrade of the Comedian named Rorshach investigates his death suspicious that someone may be out to eliminate masked heroes. Meanwhile the cold war between Russia and America is escalating into what seems to be an inevitable nuclear war with only one man, Dr Manhattan, with the power to stop a nuclear strike on America.

    Marmite. That's what this film is, you either love it or hate it. There seems to be almost no middle ground concerning the matter. Personally I love the film and think it's really quite clever and never gets boring however some people dislike it, some for actual reasons, others because they're too immature to tolerate male nudity in a movie (funny how female nudity is never condemned)

    Conclusion, This is an amazing film which is brought to life by great characters and well handled seqences. I definitely reccomend seeing it just so you can see if you do love it or not. But if you hate violence or films that show humanities uglier side I'd say leave this one well alone.

  6.  Superb


    It's been a long time since an anime has truly impressed me, that is until I saw sword of the stranger. First of all the animation quality is amazing and incredibly stylish as one would expect from Bones studio having seen their previous works like Wolfs rain.

    The Story. A young boy named Kotaro and his dog Tobimaru are on the run from a Chinese lord and his warrior servants who seek to kidnap him for reasons explained later on. Kotaro encounters a nameless samurai whilst seeking shelter and eventually asks the samurai to be his guide/bodyguard which of course leads to lots of fights on Kortaro's behalf. Meanwhile a Japanese lord and a general serving him try to ascertain the intentions of the Chinese. Finally one of the Chinese warriors named Luo Lang is just seeking a worthy fight for his own skills and doesn't show much interest in his lords wishes.

    The action. This is where the film truly shines. The action sequences are animated and choreographed amazingly with the focus allowing us full view of the fight instead of overusing cut aways and extreme close ups. Another brilliant feature is the complete lack of super powers and dazzling light shows you see in shows like Bleach which ruin the feel of a sword fight. It's also worth mentioning the musical score for the fights is spectacular especially during the final fight which really gets the adrenaline pumping.

    In conclusion Sword of the stranger is a rare type of anime inspired more from classic Samurai/martial arts type stories and scenes than other anime and it really pays off to have a mature samurai movie with well thought out characters and amazing action sequences.

  7.  A very overlooked anime?


    Black lagoon is one of the most unusual but brilliant anime series to be released in recent years. The story revolves around Rock (Okajima Rokuro) who is on a business trip away from Japan and is suddenly kidnapped by pirates and held to ransom but in an unusual twist of events he ends up joining their numbers and setting out on a variety of mercenary actions.

    What amazes me most about black lagoon is how unlike a typical anime it can be, there's no super powers, no big crisis and no real hero, no highschoolers (a pet peeve of mine) everybody is corrupted in their own way and does what they have to in order to survive.

    Another thing I like is how the women lead the way in this show. It's very typical in other anime series for a woman to take the backseat in a fight for example just about every female Naruto character. In Black lagoon the women are the strongest characters namely Revy and Balalaika. While there are other anime series which do the same thing, they try and sex up the women whereas in Black lagoon we see how disturbing the violence can be.

    The animation in this show is nothing short of fantastic for the most part. The action sequences are heart poundingly good and it has some real tension to it at times. The humour is also a great feature as it's of a more adult nature compared to the more childish humour in a series such as Bleach or Naruto.

    There's also a very well conducted drama taking place among the characters of the show especially between Revy and Rock. Both characters show alot of depth and a classic `will they/won't they` kind of relationship which is very well written in my opinion and doesn't take over the show.

    In conclusion this anime can be comapred to Pirates of the caribbean meeting Desperado, the action sequences are amazing even if a little farfetched, the characters provide lots of humour, the animation is very high quality and overall it's a purely entertaining series. For the £22 price tag it's definitely worth a watch.

  8.  Based on the demo


    I have to say i'm very impressed with the demo, the co-op gameplay really does require good team work to be beneficial which is something i always enjoy in a game. The gameplay itself is alot like resident evil 4 but with tyhe little problems ironed out namely, the player can strafe sideways now which can help alot. Also there's no longer a need for constant pausing to change weapons or heal, instead all of that is done in game witha simple touch pad inventory consisting of 9 items slots. This new inventory also enforces tactical decisions on the players as 1 player can not take every type of gun there is and still have room for ammo and health boosts. Also the change of weapons being done in game means that you need to pick the right time to switch weapons otherwise you're going to get hit, these new additions make the thought process behind the combat more tactical and also rely on the partner character covering the others back as they change weapons etc.

    There are only 4 guns in the demo, a beretta (pistol), the m37 (shotgun), an mp5 (smg) and a bolt action sniper rifle. All the guns are great to use though the pistol does feel like bit of a popgun however i suspect that is because it's the basic starting weapon and there will be better pistols throughout the game as with resident evil 4.

    In conclusion i will be getting this game. It's a good action game and great for anyone who like resident evil 4. The graphics are great and the co-op mode is a good little bonus to add to the pile.

    9/10 (Doesn't get 10 out of 10 because i still think the movement could be a little bit quicker)

  9.  Does what it says on the tin.


    Bleach promises aciton and comedy, it delivers both greatly though sometimes the humour may be childish it doens't let the show down much. The fight scenes are fantastic especially for a long running anime which noramlly have reduced animaiton quality after the first couple episodes however Bleach keeps this trend up greatly. The pacing is very good considering the size of the series and the fights while haivng a predictable outcome are always exciting to watch and sometimes make me cringe when there's a nasty impact. This series is definitely worth owning if you're an aciton fan. My only problem is that after the Soul Society arc the series takes a big dip, up until that point though is solid gold

  10.  Well it's a laugh isn't it?


    I've only played the demo so far but I have to say the game is definitely funny and entertaining. Playing as the bad guy is a great change from hero based games and for the first time it really lets you enjoy being evil unlike Fable which just didn't quite do it for me. The combat is simple but fun with a combinaiton of Hack and slash gameplay which works similar to Fable, using magic whcih I felt was similar to Oblivion except that the spells are cool to use and finally minion commanding which is the unique and most fun part of the game, ordering a bunch of goblins/gremlins to beat the crap out a herd of sheep is just so sadistically funny I felt right at home. The game doens't over complicate itseld and mnakes sure the play is having fun at all times. I intend on buying this game when it comes out and reccomend it to anybody with a sadistic side they want to have fun with isntead of gettign arrested for it.