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  1.  magical story by a bright shining star


    wonderful story that you get totally wrapped up in it feels like youre there with the characters. A perfect escapist story for children and adults alike. it bears similarities to narnia and disney and i reckon it would make a fantastic film. highly recommended to anyone who wants to get away from the stresses and strains of real life and get lost in book that transports you to a magical world. The foreward by elton john and david furnish and the afterword by the Gately family are both very moving. RIP Stephen, your legacy lives on in your music and this book.

  2.  instant classic


    omg this film is HILARIOUS! one of the best comedies to come out in years! and although it may be primarily labelled as a 'chick flick' i reckon even guys will enjoy this film too. theres something for everyone in this film. great storyline, and kristen wiig is brilliant in the lead role. a tale of love, life and friendship that will appeal to all and i reckon will become one of those comedy classics that will be remembered for years to come, BUY BUY BUY!!!

  3.  great read


    This book was great, brilliant! you really connect with the characters and feel like you know them and are a part of thier lives throughout, that youre on thier journey with them. I think this makes a big difference to a story when the characters are so likeable and you can relate to them. i think everyone questions past relationships when theres a question mark over your current one, and this is for anyone who has felt like this before. I have loved all of adele parks books and this is no exception!

  4.  Tidy


    I never really watched this until I saw a couple of episodes after flicking through the channels one night.....can't believe its taken me this long to discover how amazingly brilliantly funny it is. I instantly fell in love with the characters and you root for them so much :) love the catchphrases too lol brilliant british comedy, cant fault it! there are many highlights but for me I love smithy's outburst when they order an indian takeaway and uncle bryn's night on the town with the essex lads and the extent he goes to planning thier stay in barry. doesnt sound much just written in a review I know but watch it! it is so funny! can't recommend this enough :) deserves 10 stars!

  5.  Fantastic film....worthy oscar winner!


    i loved this film and i would highly recommend it to anyone. even if you are not a fan of this genre usually i would still advise you to watch it. it is incredibly poignant and moving, and colin seriously deserved his long overdue oscar/golden globe/bafta. the way colin firth and geoffrey rush portray bertie and lionel's both personal and professional relationship is so believable and heartwarming. I loved the storyline and enjoyed sharing bertie's journey to overcoming his problems to become a wonderful public speaker and king. highly recommend this film :)

  6.  fantastic film, with brilliant extras aswell!


    I absolutely love this film, i didnt get round to seeing it at the cinema but i bought it anyway as i like stuff like this and with jason segel as one of the voices (who i love) it was a must watch. i can honestly say even though its an animated film it will appeal to both children AND adults. I am nearly 26 and its probably one of my favourites :) it is a lovely sweet story line with a bit of dark comedy thrown in there too. Highly recommended. Also impressed with the bonus features...particularly like the minion mini films, in particular the banana one. make sure you check it out!!!

  7.  Stays with you long after you've read it


    I read this a very long time ago but the story stayed with me, as theres parts that i still remember. Believable characters that you really root for and you really connect with them and both thier individual stories and as friends.

  8.  Great read but needs some peserverance


    Marian Keyes is a brilliant chick lit author. However, as good as this book is, I did find it quite hard to get into, but it is worth it if you stick with it, as the story does get going, it just takes a while. It also deals with some very sensitive issues, which I found quite hard to read, having gone through a similar experience myself with a family member. I wont spoil it but it is a good thing to be aware of if you find this sort of thing difficult to deal with, or like me, know what its like. These are the only reasons I've given it 4 stars rather than 5, I still highly recommend this book.

  9.  brilliant!!!


    Michael McIntyre is one my my favourite british comedians, so I was desperate to read this book! I got it for christmas and I absolutely loved it! Didnt take long to read and I was gutted when it finished, could of gone on for longer and I wouldnt of got bored in the slightest. Would recommend this to any fan of Michael McIntyre, you wont be disappointed! Cant wait to see him on Britains Got Talent :)

  10.  just as good as her others


    ive read all of dorothy's books and this didnt disappoint. at a couple of points during the middle of the book i took a little longer to read some of the chapters but only very slightly, not enough to put me off. the story is heartwrenching, moving and emotionally powerful. Dont let the pretty pastel colours on the cover fool you into thinking this is your average fun chick lit novel. It has a dark plot, serena and poppy are the only witnesses to a brutal murder and is basically the story of thier lives in the years after the event. the outcome of the story will shock you and the story in general will stay with you long after you finish reading the last page. Highly recommended for anyone, whether this is your first experience of a novel by the author or if you are an existing fan! Very dark but enjoyable!