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  1.  Fantastic


    Works perfectly with theMoove, much bette rthan anything on the nintendo Wee. Great game, the gladiator game will get you hot and sweaty, the Bowls game will let you chill and the archery in brilliant! If you are unsure which game too get for the Move first, get this.
    Also, if you have the old EYE PET GAME, you can download a FREE UPGRADE tomake it Move compatiblle from the Playstation Network store!

  2.  Fantastic


    Bought on day of release, charged it up and bought 'Sports Champions' game. So much better than theh Wee, very, very responsive and because it glows, you can use it in the dark, which you need to because you do look like a plonker waving it about! Highly recommended

  3. Lair



    Available  used  from  £1.84

     Pretty but something missing


    Bought this the day it came out in the UK and after 30 minutes it was back out of the PS3 to be replaced with Call of Duty 4 (Again!).

    The 6 axis control for movement is nice in places but can drive you mad when you are attempting decent manoeuvrability fighting dragons. I found some of the moves, like a sudden pull up to perform a 180 turn only effective 50% of the time. Unlike aeroplane games, it is disorientating attempting to find what you are supposed to be killing without radar and only a 2d pointing arrow for you objectives.

    I don't know if I just need more practice, but I have played it for a total of 3 hours now and it is just winding me up to the point where I am not really enjoying the game, but putting up with the game. I would strongly recommend playing a demo first or buying it from a shop where you can return it if you don't like it.

    Very pretty though and 10/10 for innovation.

  4.  A REAL Next Gen Game € Must Buy!


    Great Graphics
    Great Sound
    Great Game play

    The actual single player game is rather short and can be finished in a couple of days but is still excellent and opens up arcade mode. Therefore, you can play it all again wit a new time challenge!

    The online play is fantastic, countless options open up as you build up experience and gain access to new games and improved weapons.

    Total addiction
    Total Value For Money
    Best Game I have played in years