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  1.  give me more?


    this game is great but it lacks somethin that the so called fps big daddy cod can provide a ton more action this game has it's jump on cods multiplayer in some places aswell

  2.  2 good 2 be true


    I thought this game was quite good and i was a bit disappointed as i am a veteran of the cod series. Now though i see this game has alot to offer. Yes the singleplayer is short but its great and the reason why some people arnt as fussed is it dosent make you feel like a hero like most shooters and action adventure games so its different. Spec ops is a great mode that I keep going back to even though i have 69 stars and a platinum but the multiplayer is truely great make sure your nat type is open it makes your connection better i thought i was playing against pros untill this happened the amount of custumization i think is epic cant wait for cod7 infin ward FTW.

  3.  cod


    this game has only 1 problem the graphics are goog for a game out around 2004 the story is good but the ai needs to be better

  4.  where it all started


    this cod has a very good storyline but the ai sometimes can not work

  5.  blown away


    great graphics but screen refresh rate sucked on my laptop story line is good

  6.  mercs


    Far cry copied this but it's still better by far and it is a great buy

  7.  medal of honour


    Medal of honour game is good but dosent live up to others out old news now but ok at the time

  8.  da saints rock


    I aint played da first because i aint got xbox yet. But this is mega long campaigne entertaining after you finished the game and there are a lot more good points, now bad points as somebody before me pointed out disapearing cars but it dosent effect you yhat much also when playing levels checkpoints are to spread out eg say there was a hard bit at the end of the level youd be bored playing through most of the level again and again by the way great story ending and epilogue cant wait for three

  9.  good film just could be better


    If you like jack black and ben stiller you'l love this but the script could be better and tthere could be more action

  10.  cod on the psp?


    A good story with exciting gameplay only downside controlls cod keep away from th psp