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  1.  Sam Fisher is Back!


    Splinter Cell games have been around for a very long time now, but with good reason. I bet it feels like only yesterday since you got your first stealth kill and what do you know, you were hooked. Well, here is another one in an array of Splinter games. It is Conviction that completely re-invents the Splinter Cell series. Conviction has made the stealth about speed and turns it into a more fast paced stealth title.

    The story begins following the evens of Double Agent which, if you are like me, you didn't finish. Don't be concerned as you are brought up to speed Double quick (pardon the pun). Sam Fisher's daughter Sarah was murdered, Sam left the Government agency Third Echelon and it turns out that everything that Sam ever thought he knew was wrong, now that is a bit of a kick in the teeth for our Sam! Oh, yes, there is also an impending terrorist attack on the U.S.A. After leaving Third Echelon, Sam goes rouge and he is sure not happy.

    Conviction stands out from the games that preceded with the pace of the action. It is clever, quick and intense and you always seen to be moving ahead. When you begin a new level, you are greeted with a cut scene advancing the story a little further, which you can skip if you are replaying the game for a second or third time. The cut scenes are nicely laid out and voiced, at least once anyway. Projected text in the game seamlessly projects Sam's thoughts, objectives and important details on a nearby wall. At times it even shows clips of Sam's past so you can continue playing and learn a bit more about the game on the way, very cool.

    Along with the fairly short single player campaign comes a multiplayer campaign to play with friends. This sees you play completely new levees in a co-op mode and a terrorist hunt mode which will keep you busy for a while to come yet, trust me.

    Unlike most other Splinter Cell games, Sam is not the stalker, he is more of a hunter. When Sam is in the shadows, he cannot be seen, so the colour bleeds out of the screen. When you are back in light and can be seen, colour oozes back on to your screen. Seamless, clever and very effective. Splinter Cell has one of the best cover systems I've ever seen. You never get locked against any piece of cover and moving from cover to cover is simple, fast and fun.

    Now, I bet you are thinking, but what if I am caught? Hide behind cover, in the shadows, toss a grenade and you will be safe. Should you chose to fight back then you may be in trouble as if you are up against three or four guys, then it doesn't matter how highly trained you are because you will be killed if you don't take cover. Splinter Cell also has the addition of mark and execute option. Tag enemies and then when they are out in the open, hit execute and you will get an instant string of kills. You must preform a hand to hand take-down before you use it though so it is well earned.

    Well however good it is, it is not perfect. When using mark and execute you sometimes shoot through walls which feels a little tacky. The interrogation scenes are little more than slow interactive cut scene than anything else. At some points, I felt that the wherever I hid, the guards knew where I was, it was almost like they were forcing me into direct combat which annoyed me. There is one level in Iraq (a flashback) which has no stealth and almost made me put the game down. The main story is really short and this feels like the biggest drawback here, but remember there is more to it.

    Overall, I am very happy with Conviction, it has adapted effortlessly to the modern world of gaming, I welcome it with open arms!

    Overall: 83%
    Gameplay: 91%
    Graphics: 85%
    Storyline: 82%

  2.  Essential For Fans of Stealth Games


    Well, Assassin's Creed II is here. No less than two years after the original game was released, we are seeing a series second. Yes, it was a fair wait but what a wait it was!

    The game begins right where the last one let off except this time you will be going to Renaissance Italy. First of all, may I say, I really enjoyed the first AC game. It had a great free-running mechanic that I had not seen before but also an entreating Si-fi element with Desmond unravelling things from the past that linked to the present. I found the first AC a little too repetitive and the constant break in gameplay to the present just annoying. Well, guess what? The creators of the game have listened and made a much better game.

    The sequel follows on from the first game with you as Desmond going back in time to play as another one of his ancestors Ezio Auditore da Firenze an assassin in Renaissance Italy. You visit places such as Florence, Tuscany and Venice which look great in the game. Never played AC before then don't worry, you will be spending a good half hour as Desmond escaping the lab and work with a rouge team. Once you get into the Renaissance, you fill the boots of Ezio in the 15th century. At the beginning you don't even wear your hood which gives a nice and somewhat interesting background to Ezio and Renaissance Italy itself as you do mindless tasks for your family and close friends, brilliant! There is also a fairly lengthy training mode at the beginning, perhaps a little too long if you have played AC before.

    Missions have much more variety this time round. Once your family endures it's tragedy, you don't just go around mindlessly killing one evil guy after another, this time there are missions with all out fights which are really good fun. Assassinations also require more thought this time, you can hire Thieves, Brutes with big weapons and even Courtesans to help you either barge through or sneak past guards and trust me, you will need them at least once in the game. You can also seamlessly blend into crowds if need be. I have to say, the Missions are sensational and the easily best part of the game! Combat is pretty much the same as the first game and to be honest, once you have killed one guard, you may as well have killed them all. You have a good array of weapons such as knives, swords, hammers, smoke bombs and even a gun which in my opinion is a bit ridiculous. Even with all that, combat can be very repetitive once you get used to it.

    There are also tones of secrets and nice little side missions to complete which link into some very strange puzzles like tombs of former Assassins, this lets you really show off your free-running and climbing skills. These side quests really draw you into the game. The characters you meet are pretty cool too, both Leonardo da Vinci (who turns out to be your good friend) and Lorenzo de' Medici make more than one appearance which I really enjoyed.

    I found it tough to put Assassins Creed II down after I had picked it up and I did really enjoy it. However with the mix of religion, Si-fi and conspiracy, there were times when I had to ask just what the hell was going on! When you complete the story, I found there was very little to do but repeat the missions or go on a rampage against guards. Multiplayer and Xbox Live would have eased my pain at the end of the game. Still though, it is a great game and a must for fans of the series or stealth games in general!

    Overall: 83%
    Gameplay: 80%
    Graphics: 84%
    Storyline: 86%

  3.  Mario Has Done It Yet Again!


    Mario Kart is the latest edition to my Ds collection. I am a huge fan of all the Mario Kart games however I had fears about how one of the best series games would make the transition onto the Ds.

    Well with spot on handling, imaginative track design, superb visual flair and the vast selection of game modes, this is surely one of the best Mario Kart games ever! The tracks are extremely wide (to accommodate a possible eight racers!) and the hop feature makes a very welcome return following its' absence from the Gamecube version. There are no coins to collect but you can gain a nifty boost by driving in somebody's slipstream (very clever).

    There are 16 new courses, which seem to get more graphically astonishing until the inevitable Rainbow Road let down at the end. There are also four courses from each of the previous four games in the series. If all this isn't enough then you will be glad to know that multiplayer is amazing too, with the most generous array of options to date and guess what, you only need one cartridge for a four-player game. Incredible! This was a feature of the new Mario Kart on the Ds, which highly impressed me!

    And guess what, I haven't even mentioned the unbelievable mission mode which to be frank is amazing (I will let you try this one yourself instead of rambling on about it). Overall, this is one of the most sprawling and complete Mario Kart ever! A truly astonishing achievement, a highly impressive Ds racer!

    + The best Nintendo racer is back.
    + Nifty little control scheme.
    + Loads of different tracks to race on.
    + Graphics aren't too shabby either.
    + Always great fun to play.
    + Superb choice of characters.

    - Risk of becoming repetitive.

    Overall: 94%.
    Gamplay: 95%.
    Graphics: 86%.
    Character Selection: 89%.

  4.  A Really Exciting & Original Idea...


    If you have played any kind of action game, you'll know what they are like. You shoot everything in site & everyone is happy (including myself up to now); I myself thought that Mirror's Edge would be the same, how wrong I was! If you are like me & are sick of shooting everything in site then I recommend giving this a go!

    Mirror's Edge begins with you playing the character of Faith, a citizen of a Utopia where information is heavily monitored. Faith is a runner who's job it is to transport information away from prying eyes. You do this by sailing across the rooftops of the skyscrapers in the Utopia. Faith is a rather agile character that can jump great distances to deliver the info! Faith then discovers that her sister is accused of murder & sets off to prove her innocence!

    This is where the game really begins; the first level is just a way of training you in & teaching you all of Faith's cool & agile moves. Mirror's Edge is divided up into chapters, each with a rather annoying (but skip able) cut scene at the beginning! The cut scene keeps you up to date with the storyline. Even though they are irritating & are bundled with mediocre acting, I advise you to watch them as the story really doesn't make sense with out them & you may find yourself sprinting across a rooftop to escape guards chasing you even though you don't know why you are there in the first place if you've skipped the cut scene!

    Aside from the cut sense is the graphics. I really like the kind of Japanese style animation. As you jump off a building only to make a perfect land on another building, you'll see Faith tumble forward & build up momentum to jump onto another building or to scale over a vent. If you are unlucky enough to not to make a perfect land then you will see Faith land badly, with one foot in camera view to stop her face smashing into the ground, this, however is better than falling off the building & spiralling to your death! In Mirror's Edge you'll be doing a lot of running, weather it is to escape guards or to avoid guards spotting you, due to this fact you properly won't see the surrounding landscape which to be honest is fantastic! The buildings are done is superb detail weather you are inside or out!

    At this stage, I bet your ears are beginning to feel a bit neglected; well they need not worry because the sound is equally as good. This is illustrated when Faith jumps, a perfect landing will make a different sound to a not so perfect one, as will falling to your death. The main problem with the sound for me is the average Canadian acting; you never really make a reel connection with Faith's story, which makes part of the game particularly uninspiring & may leave you with less of an incentive to keep playing, I myself kept playing & trust me, it is worth it, there is a reel twist to who framed her sister for murder! Trust me keep playing!

    The gameplay is super, the choice of where to escape is not limited, & the game will give you at least 3 ways to reach your destination. When you are stuck you can also press "B" & the game will give you a push in the right direction! Combat is also pretty solid, Faith carries no gun but you can take one off someone if you need to! I think that it would have been a good idea to have a standard pistol, as I was crying out for a gun at times! Overall I believe that you'll really love it or hate it! There is a good online option that should keep you entertained once you complete the storyline! I highly recommend it!

    + An exciting new concept
    + Stunning graphics (10)
    + Excellent gameplay (9)
    + Good mix of strategy & combat
    + Decent replay value

    - Average storyline (6)
    - You haven't got a standard pistol
    - No Multiplayer Option

  5.  Nice Game To Have In Your Collection...


    Well I received Fable II (2) as a present on Christmas day, after hearing some good things about it. A friend of mine told me about it so I decided to give it a go, was I disappointed???

    As you can see 4 stars is a pretty good mark, so I am not disappointed, quite impressed actually! Your journey begins with you as a small child (boy or girl, it is your choice) who is homeless & looks up to their older sister for guidance in the harsh world that they live in. You & your sister see a "magic box" which you believe could get you out of the squalor you are living in. A wish is made & eventually you end up in the town castle. The King sees the two of you as heroes but he also sees you as a threat & kills your sister & tries to kill you. You survive & are found by Theresa, a women who helps you survive for the next ten years or so & your trusty new friend, a dog!

    From here the game skips ahead to the time of adulthood. You've been living in a camp for the last few years but now is the time for you to avenge your Sisters death, so you leave the camp with just a sword, a crossbow & the clothes on your back, oh & of coarse your new companion- the dog. The storyline is quite simple & can be completed pretty quickly however it is the sheer depth of Fable II (2) that keeps you playing for hours on end! If you were to just complete the game by following the yellow line & doing no more then you would find this awfully boring indeed. I recommend getting side tracked & end up working as a woodcutter in order to earn enough money to purchase a house instead of doing what you are supposed to do- these are my favourite moments in the game!

    Another key feature of Fable II (2) is the visuals, now if you have sprint through Bowerstone Market to escape the Guards that are chasing you because you stole from some guy's shop & then attempted to kill him on the way out then you are properly not going to notice the crystal clear graphics in Fable II (the wonderful graphics may be enhanced by your HD television), however if you don't have a HD telly then you should still be able to see the clarity of the graphics. In my opinion, however the reel flaw of this game is that there is very little variation between the weird & wonderful characters that you meet, example: Sue the villager could look the same as Lisa the tailor. This, unfortunately, is where the game's few flaws lie, the lack of variation in the faces of the people is the reason many people (including myself) have taken a star away from the overall rating! The countryside you travel through is quite breathtaking. Getting sidetracked allows you to explore the landscape around you & get your dog to find treasure, fight bandits or simply attack the locals, if you are evil!

    In Fable II you can choose to be either good or evil. Good being you get a job & earn a living the honest way, this way people will respect you & you can even sign autographs for your loyal fans. Evil means you steel & kill & people will fear you. This way is less honourable but arguably more fun. Which path you choose, its up to you.

    + Good solid role-playing game.
    + Stunning visuals.
    + Loads of characters to meet.
    + Choice of being good or evil.
    + The chance to use magic.
    + Option of getting sidetracked.
    + A nice, solid Xbox live feature
    + Decent replay value.

    - Everyone you meet looks far too alike.
    - The basic storyline is far too short.
    - The gameplay really doesn't differ from any other role-playing game on the market.
    - There aren't enough magic spells.
    - Not to everyone's taste.

    Overall: 8.5/10.
    Graphics: 8.5/10.
    Gameplay: 7/10.
    Storyline: 8/10.

  6.  A Refreshing Change Of Pace In Comparison To Dr. Kawashima!


    Okay, if you are like me and you have Dr. Kawashima and have had a brain age of twenty for the past six months. No matter what the doc throws at you know exactly what to do hence why your brain age still doesn't budge. Your brain still remains as sharp as Bowser's spikes & you have long tired of shouting words (sometimes rude) at Dr. Kawashima's head & getting a reaction, if so, then you too will find this little gem of a game very exciting indeed!! I found the Dr. Kawashima games to look a little too sterile, and look more like an extra dose of homework rather than a game; if you too felt like this then I recommend giving this a try.

    Enter the wondrous mystery of Professor Layton And The Curious Village, a series of mind-bending logic puzzles wrapped up in a surprisingly & beautifully presented story that is full of memorable characters, twists & turns & sprinkled with a healthy dose of gorgeous charm & wit! As Hershel Layton arrives in the mere little hamlet of St. Mystere (with his young apprentice, Luke), the first thing you'll notice is the games unique look.

    The story begins with Hershel determined to solve the mystery of a local inheritance dispute. The baron of the village, on Augustus Reinhold has passed away and has left his whole estate to whoever can find his hidden family treasure, the Golden Apple. As you might have guessed this task turns out to be far from straightforward, and the professor and his curiously accented sidekick have to solve a series of brainteasers barked out by the strange villagers encounter while you try and solve this equally unusual mystery...

    In the beginning the puzzles don't seem to have any correlation with the story whatsoever & this is really annoying, but (trust me) the game is one step ahead of you. Firstly, it brushes aside such criticism by mocking itself for the way the riddles seem out of place. Secondly when you reach the end of the game, you'll realise that this isn't actually the case. A genuinely breath-snatching twist revels that the entire thing made sense all along. I am not lying when I say that it is up there with the all-time great surprises, and the game is almost worth playing for that jaw-dropping moment alone!

    Yet the bulk of the game is in the logic problems, there are well over a hundred to solve (or attempt to solve, like me in the beginning). Most of these require lateral thinking rather than needing any mathematical knowledge- there are some that appear to involve trigonometry, however after a good look they are far simpler then they first appear. The key (believe it or not) is the clever wording of the question- you'll often find yourself missing a vital word in the text, which gives you a major clue! In short if you find yourself aimed at a sea of calculations, you've gone wrong! Most puzzles offer hints, the first a little nudge in the correct direction.

    Overall I love & it is a surprise smash hit. This game is one of the best the Ds has to offer! Although some puzzles repeat each other it is the way the game mixes them up by throwing in visual mind-benders & then introducing screen-based challenges, where you have to manipulate shapes, or shift blocks to move a trapped ball to an exit, the list goes on, & so could I. I highly recommend it; it beats the two Dr. Kawashima's by a country mile!

    + Satisfying, yet tough puzzles *(Many are too difficult for a child)*.
    + Gorgeous art style.
    + Plenty of content.
    + Dazzling storyline.

    - "7+" is a too low for the recommended age (Some puzzles would be just too challenging for anyone under 12)

    Overall: 10/10
    Graphics: 10/10
    Puzzles: 10/10 (Brilliantly thought out)
    Storyline: 10/10 (Keep playing until the end)

  7.  One Of Link's Best Adventures Ever...


    Okay, I'm not going to beat the bush around until I am blue in the face, instead I am just going to get the formalities out of the way right now in the opening paragraph!!! I am doing this because when it comes down to it, there is no denying the facts- Phantom Hourglass is outstanding! It is properly the best Zelda game in many a moon! Yes Really!!!

    When Link To The Past came out fifteen years ago, it completely rewrote the Zelda book by adding a superb in-depth plot and elements that we surely take for granted nowadays. Effectively then what we have here is the next evolutionary step in the Legend Of Zelda Series; something that becomes apparent not just through the gorgeous and unique control scheme that has been used here, but also the way that the game makes use of the controls that it was blessed with to subtly alter the logic of adventure. Yes it is still the same familiar style of game play that we have all grown to adore over the years but, equally it is different enough that I really couldn't breeze through without really butting my brain into gear, you'll be racking your brain at some of the levels, asking yourself "what do I do next???"

    However that is not to say that Phantom Hourglass is really difficult, it is just different. The biggest thing that you'll have to overcome is the control system however I guarantee that after a while you'll be an expert after a few tries! Using the stylus to move Link, make him attack enemies, use items like the boomerang or bombs and interact with the environment becomes a second nature after a few minuets of practice! A question you may ask is "Should there have been a D-Pad alternative???" My answer is NO! Not only would it not work in the same way with the traditional control, but most of the clever changes that make this game unique and such a joy to play, would be lost! Again it is an evolution of what you have come to expect from Zelda games over the decades, however it is not a complete overhaul requiring you to relearn everything from scratch, but rather a collection of subtle tweaks that enhance the game without being discouraging.

    Having to remember places that you are having trouble passing due to a lock of equipment is a fact of Zelda life (and, indeed, most of Nintendo's games). Now, you can scribble notes to yourself so you don't forget any vital information (really there is much more to remember). Using items now requires much more thought and effort, such as using the Grappling Hook as a slingshot to throw Link over gaps or finding a path to guide your boomerang! Even solving puzzles is much more cerebral because you've got the option of writing your information down.

    Of coarse there are the impressive visuals. The screenshots here don't do it justice, because you need to see it running - and, as a result, watch the way Link responds to skimming over a tightrope, skidding on ice or just simply speaking to someone- to appreciate hoe much the Ds is doing & how much time & effort went into it. The art style of Windwaker was genius, but to do this on a little Ds is something Nintendo should be very proud of!

    So up to now all I have done is praise it & you are properly asking yourself "Where are all the flaws???" It would be bizarre to say there are none, I myself would have liked it to be a bit longer, however that is just me being critical! Overall it is everything you could have wanted in a Zelda game, & more & it is certainly the Hylian Hero's best adventure in a long time!

    + Innovative control scheme.
    + Gorgeous & hugely impressive visuals.
    + Highly playable.
    + Loads to see & do.

    - I wish it was just a bit longer.

    Overall: 9/10
    Graphics: 10/10
    Gameplay: 10/10

  8.  Classic Bond Fans Will Have A Lot To Say About This One...


    Well, well, well, here we are looking at Daniel Craig on the big screen for the second time after the classic of Casino Royal, how does the latest Bond get on with his second film. Does he deliver what we are all expecting??

    In all fairness you have to say that this film is going to split all Bond fans right down the centre, the action lovers are going to adore this as there is no shortage of that however the fans who like to have a bit of plot to the film instead of all the movie being plagued with mindless killing are going to feel a little bit stranded here, yes there is a storyline but a number of people (including myself) will feel the storyline a tad difficult to follow. We are the one's who like 50% action and 50% plot, this film falls at about 80% action and 20% plot!

    First things first and that is the storyline in which I have been going on about in the last paragraph. The storyline is a continuation from the classic "Casino Royal", with White where Bond wants him, Bond must catch and kill him as White killed Bond's friend from the last film. White purchases some land and everyone believes that White believes that there is oil there, however White is too clever and he knows there is no oil but the most precious thing known to man, water. Bond soon discovers this and the action begins! In my opinion Daniel Craig should lighten up a bit, he is very dank and evil in this one just as he was in Casino Royal, if you found him too serious then you will most definitely find this one very heavy also! I believe that the big let down in this film is the fact that the structure of the storyline is poor. There doesn't appear to be a beginning, a middle and an end, it just seems that everything is piled up leaving very little structure to the film!

    Next is the action, as I said earlier there is a vast supply of action in this film, however what a lot people will find is that there is too mush of it, the film is plagued with killing and violence. Bond also uses no gadgets in the film [except for navigating on his phone which he uses pretty often, I bet the phone company (who will remain nameless) paid a bundle for that advertisement] so there is no Q (usually played by John Cleese). The gadgets lightened the mood of the films a little; this may be a reason for the film being a little heavy! The camera moves very fast while the action is going on making it a little difficult to follow.

    The actors are next to be discussed. In my opinion Daniel Craig is too dark and evil for my liking, as the ladies would say "he doesn't have that twinkle in his eye like Pierce Brosnan had". However I believe that a lot of people are going to like this new serious Bond and his Jason Bourne style, is this a good thing?? Well I believe that it is down to your personal view on things!

    In some ways I think that the makers got a tad sidetracked on this one, the famous opening of Bond in the circle and he shoots and the blood comes dripping down comes at the end instead of the beginning, in my opinion this was an error as that scene at the start of the film made Bond famous throughout the decades, again some will prefer it at the end and that's fine!

    The villain is no Max Zorin (Christopher Walken) or The Man With The Golden Gun (Christopher Lee). In my opinion he isn't evil enough, the villain is meant to be the evil one not Bond, Bond is the good guy!

    Overall I think that you will either love it or hate it, the classic fans won't be too fond of it but the action lovers will adore it.

    + Loads of action
    + Spells of classic Bond

    - Too much action
    - Craig is too evil & dark
    - Poor storyline structure
    - Too much like Bourne.

    Overall: 7/10.
    Story: 6/10.

  9.  Comedy At It's Very Best!


    I read about this film in the newspaper and it said that if you liked Johnny English then you would love Get Smart. So I did see Johnny English and I liked it so I went to see this. Did the newspaper lie to me??

    Well as you can see from the 5 stars that I have awarded it, Get Smart was no let down!! In fact it is one of the best films that I have seen all year. The film begins with Max (played by the very capable Steve Carell) as an employee of the secret agency, Control. Max desperately wants to be an agent and over his years working at control he has learned from the best and takes his test, he gets a perfect score but he has very little field experience so he isn't promoted, his fitness has also been an issue in the past but he got in shape to be an agent.

    Max gets promoted when the identity of all of their agents is discovered by their enemy KAOS and the boss of control has no choice but to promote Max. He becomes partners with agent 99 (played by the lovely Anne Hathaway) who thinks that he is incapable of being an agent and takes an instant disliking to him.

    So here they are on an aeroplane en-route to their destination. They really are complete opposites as agent 99 has loads of field experience but Max critics her for being a total field agent and vies versa, she critics him for being a total book worm and that it only takes an instant to be killed and she believes that Max doesn't realise that. There are some reel humorous moments in the film like when they break into a mansion to get to a party where one of the K.A.O.S members is. It really shows that Max is a reel James Bond wannabe.

    The main plot of this film is that K.A.O.S has made nuclear weapons and give them to terrorists and are threatening to give them the launch codes unless Control meet their demands. Overall I really love this film and would definitely watch it again. Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway are simply superb and the story line is also really good, I won't spoil the rest, so as you can fully enjoy it like I did, Enjoy, and super film with some excellent humour!!!

    + Some sensational actors.
    + Decent story line.
    + Good ending.
    + It all just seems to work.

    - What do they do from here??

    Overall: 9/10.
    Actors: 10/10.
    Humour: 10/10.
    Ending: 9/10.

  10.  Smooth, Sleek And Stylish.


    This is my first iPod/ Mp3 player and I must say that so far I am very impressed with it. I bought it in the first month that it arrived on the shelves wanting a high quality iPod and one with a stylish design so I decided to give this one a try. Was I to be disappointed??

    Well as you might have guessed by the star rating that I gave it I am not disappointed with it. The iPod touch is the best iPod/ Mp3 player that I have tried. First thing is first and that is the sound quality and the music. The sound quality is something that lets the iTouch down a little, the earphones that come with the iTouch aren't the best and that is why the sound quality is mediocre and lets the iTouch down somewhat. Next is the music, the 8 gigabyte (8gb) can hold up to 4000 songs which is plenty unlike some iPods that can hold up to 30,000 songs, which to me is a ridicules amount of songs, many people don't even know 30,000 words!!

    Next is the video quality, the large screen makes for very enjoyable video viewing. The video quality is crystal clear and can hold a decent amount of videos as well, there is not much more to say about the videos on the iTouch so I am going to move on.

    The iTouch also comes with the Internet built into it; this is my favourite thing about the iTouch as you can connect to the Internet on the go- Amazing!! The Internet connection quality varies depending on which router you connect to, Example: if you connect to a internet connection with a good signal then it will be faster, however if you connect to a weaker connection then it will be slower. The Itouch also comes with Youtube built in this is extremely useful as you don't have to always look it up on the Safari; you can also bookmark your favourite videos. On the Internet you can bookmark your favourite sites instead of looking them up again and again!!

    Overall the iTouch is a highly entertaining and an extremely useful piece of equipment. It includes many extra things installed in it like photos, clock, weather, stocks, videos, the Internet and of coarse iTunes built in you won't know where to begin. Overall a really brilliant piece of equipment and I highly recommend it if you are thinking of getting an ipod or Mp3 player.

    + Smooth, sleek design.
    + Super video quality.
    + Smooth touch design.
    + Decent battery life.
    + Glass screen doesn't scratch.
    + It's an iPod.

    - Sound quality is only mediocre.
    - Adequate headphones supplied.
    - The back scratches too Easley.

    Overall: 8/10
    Sound Quality: 7/10
    Video Quality: 9/10
    Internet: 8/10.