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  1.  Great Game - Bad Advertising


    Seeing all these ads on the TV would make the uninitiated think that this game was all about dressing up your character, and seems to be marketed for teenage girls who enjoy fashion games. No mention is made of the plot, or the actual gameplay. This initially put me off buying this title.
    However, I have always been fond of RPG titles so I decided to take a chance on it, and I'm glad I did.
    The story starts out slow and perhaps a little dull, but after a couple of hours once you gain a little bit of freedom to explore, the game really changes pace and you start to see the depth. Graphics are great for the DS, probably the best I've seen, and rarely do I notice anything that looks odd or poorly animated which is common in handheld systems.
    Gameplay isn't revolutionary, but it is high quality and JRPG fans will feel instantly comfortable. Sound is pretty decent too, with some catchy tunes that haven't grown old yet.
    On the whole, a very good game. A must for RPG fans.

  2.  Good, but far from perfect


    Firstly, those looking for a sequel to the original Far Cry will not find it here, as it shares nothing apart from a slightly similar style of gameplay and it's name. Seems to been only called this for name recognition purposes only.
    Aside from that gripe, the game on the whole is a pretty decent affair, though it won't be to everyone's taste. Graphics are excellent, with the environment nicely detailed and some great character animations. Sound is good, especially if hooked up to a proper surround setup.
    The actual mechanics of the game work well, which allows you to play in a style that suits you, though a stealthy approach often works best. With a pretty decent selection of weapons, which you can only carry a limited amount of, allows for certain amount of tactical choice, and all the weapons can be upgraded to an extent.
    There are also a small selection of vehicles (including boats) to chose from, which are essential for traversing the massive landscape, though only really one of them is particularly useful.
    Where this game lacks however, is the bland story line and largely repeatative missions. It will take you a while to complete the main story, but towards the end I had become bored and just wanted the story to end. The finale was a bit dissapointing too.

  3.  Stylish, but repetative


    On the whole this is a great game, with some good graphics, excellent control system, and a very slick character animations. Watching Altair (the character you play for the most part), engage in combat is a joy to watch, as is having him free run and climb through a busy city populated by many people.
    Plot is ok - not great, but decent enough.
    Where this game falls flat however, is the fact that it's quite repetitive. Essentially every assassination mission involves the same procedures (climbing tall buildings to find places interest, going to those places and involving a simple task, then using the information earned from those tasks to aid in your assassination of someone). After the first couple of missions, this really starts to get boring, as there really is so very little variety to each task.
    It's best to play this game over time, rather than play it continuously. Say, do a mission or two, leave it a few days than go back to it.

  4.  Endless possibilities


    First off, while the graphics, sound, control, etc. are still pretty decent, they are not perfect, and they are not the reason why this game is an essential purchase.
    The real draw here is the seemingly endless ways of playing this game. Those people who love the narrative structure can decide to follow the story laid out in front of them. Those people who love freedom can just simply head out into the unknown and see what is thrown at them. Or, you can have a mixture of both styles of play.
    Character customisation is pretty broad too, allowing you to, even from the very start, have a character that suits your style of play. Fancy yourself a strong man who is deadly with a sledge hammer, but is also a skilled hacker? - That's possible. Or do you feel a character more skilled with firearms would be the best bet? Whatever your choices, you'll find you can shape your character anyway you desire, and have (to a certain extent) the ability to adjust your skills and abilities as your character grows.
    Overall, this is a must for any RPG lover, with lengthy gameplay and terrific replay value.

  5.  RPG Strategy at its best


    This was my first venture into the delights of the Fire Emblem series (aside from the snippets found in the Smash Bros. series), but I can certainly say this will not be my last.
    The game offers superb gameplay that is complex (in a good way), satisfying, and addictive. This is a game that will keep you entertained for many hours, and offers good replay value due to varying diffculty levels and varying tactics for approaching the same situation.
    On the downside, the graphics and sound are unlikely to rock your world, but they aren't that bad either. Presentation could do with a little streamlining to make it easier for newcommers to the series, but it doesn't take long to get used to it.
    This is not a game for anyone looking for intense action (it will probably be quite boring for alot of people) but lovers of RPG titles who enjoy character growth and a great deal of thinking will adore it.

  6.  Loved it


    This seems to be one of those "you either love it or hate it" films, but I personally loved it. Not a serious piece of film making, and not one to make you think, but simply a great parody of modern Hollywood movie making and actors.
    Admittedly patchy in places, but overall I found this to be pretty decent slice of entertainment, with some great performances by the lead cast.

  7.  Decent enough


    This wouldn't have been a movie I would have ordinarily watched, but I caught it by chance late at night on the Disney Channel. While parts of the story were quite predictable (spotting all the stereotypes amongst the teenagers, for example), overall it was a fairly decent watch, with some genuine moments of humour, and the songs were well done and quite catchy.

  8.  Fantastic


    This is not a game for the casual game player, requiring a great deal of time, effort, and concentration to play it properly. However, those willing to put in the effort will find this to be a brilliant title, which will entertain you for many, many hours.
    The graphics are superb, the sound is great (even featuring voice acting, which is rare for a DS game), and the gameplay is nicely complex and lengthy.
    A must for any Final Fantasy fan, and certainly one to consider for any other hardcore game player.

  9.  Fun and long lasting


    This game has become one of my favourites, and certainly one I will play again. Graphics are excellent, and presented in cartoony fasion which fits in perfectly with great humour of the game. Gameplay is good, allowing you the option of playing casually or with a more active hands-on approach. This is an RPG of sorts, so the completion time is quite lenghty, and the environments are large and generally non-linear.
    It's not without it's flaws though - it can sometimes be tricky getting your minions to do what you want them to do - but on the whole this a pretty decent game for anyone that loves fantasy/rpg style titles.

  10.  Very handy guide


    This book is very informative, well written, and presented nicely. Style is generally informal but still feels professional. Worth a read for any future Groom.