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  1.  AWESOME!


    this is my favorite Korn album altogether because of the slightly techno/heavy metal sound of this album and my least favorite song on this album is 'Reclaim my place' (its not a pleasing sound!)

  2.  Very good KoRn!


    this album is really good it has good tracks like alone i break and thoughtless which are absolute KoRn essential songs but...
    alot of the songs on here like hating get a bit samey and just arnt brilliant to listen to but this is deffinatly an album to buy if your a KoRn fan. however i just preffered there other albums a bit more like issues, follow the leader and the debut albums those are the albums i would give 5 stars and recommend to you!

  3. Korn


    Korn - CD

    22 New from  £3.81  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.88

     Guy above is bloody right!


    this album is really great and really easy just to plug in and head bang in your own little korn world
    Go on buy this you wont regret it!

  4.  Really EPIC!


    This is just one of the most creative and crazy but amazing fusions of music i have ever heard in my life.
    i would definatley recommends this to everyone whether you are a fan of metallica or just want to here somthing fresh and new!
    So Go On BUY THIS!

  5.  An excellent game


    I ve just purchase another code r. i hadnt played the first one but thought i would give this one a shot as i thought it looked like a good adventure game. it is a great mystery! i haven't finished it yet and don't no how long it will be before i do but it is reallt really good. i think its only flaw is the constant talking and reading, most of the game revolves around talking to people, so if you don't want to bother with this and would rather just have a strait forward game then is is not for you. If you want a game to get stuck into then i would buy this, also the graphics are really good! Thankyou and i hope this helps.

  6.  WOW!


    If your a korn fan or just getting into them like me then i can tell you this is the perfect album for any metal lover or just somone wanting to hear somthing new.

  7. Okami


    Nintendo Wii

    9 New from  £11.54  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £22.99



    This is the best adventure game I've ever played in my life. It goes on forever so you don't finish it within a few hours and its so amazingly addictive. You will never get bored. The only thing thats a little bad about this game is that when you reach the end the boss is VERY difficult to beat. I tried to beet him for hours but he is really hard and I still haven't done it yet. But this really is an amazing game. Bye it now really you should its perfect for boys and girls. Thank you! (now stop reading the rest of the reviews and get it!)

  8.  Not bad!


    I really wanted this game and had been waiting to get it. It came as a bit of a disappointment though. I thought you would be able to create holiday resorts and places in the holiday places but not. The best thing about this expansion pack would have to be all the tons of new items you get. but you may as well just buy a stuff pack and save yourself some money. thank you!

  9.  Brilliant Tee!!!!!


    Great tee, Slash himself designed this symbol and its really good looking with a good print and excellent quality material, Good buy!

  10.  The Best Expansion Pack


    Open for Buisness is by far the best expansion pack. Everything about it is amazing. Theres tons of new stuff and its worth every penny. So buy it now!