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  1.  Absolute peach of a film


    Bravo!, i thoroughly enjoyed this film. Set in 1969, and with a very retro feel to it, almost like it was intended to look like it was made in 1969 too. Its a pg, so no gratuitus violence, sex, or language, but that is no bad thing. This film shows that it is just not needed to make a great movie. Ray Winston is on fine form, the rest of the cast are equally good. The film twists and turns with a variety of shady characters coming and going. You might call this a 'gentle' film, but that could imply that it was dull and boring, which it isnt, in any way. The fact that it is a pg will immediately deter some from watching this, but that will be their miss. It is a cracking film, and i would have no hesitation in recommending it!.

  2.  Good idea, poorly executed.


    This started well and showed potential. I was particularly impressed that it wasnt set in the usa (which seems to be the usual 1st port of call for any alien invasion!). But of course this was partly ruined by the main characters being american, doh!. I liked the effects, and the aliens being cloaked in their electrical energy shields. I realise of course, that this is just a means to keep the special effects budget down, but it was ingenious and effective all the same!. So far so good, but about 2 thirds of the way through, things started to unravel, the film went downhill, and continued to a frankly rubbish ending. It was dissappointing, considering the film that had the potential to be a good 4 star, maybe even 5, shame.

  3.  Slow moving, but engaging and creepy.


    This isnt really a horror, but that isnt to say it doesnt have a few scares. I would class it more a psychological thriller. It is a bit slow at times, but i found it engaging and thought provoking, with an unsettling element to it. Very creepy, and with a real twist in the tail, which others may see coming, but i didnt!. Clive Owen, as ever, is excellent as the main character, but he was well supported by the rest of the cast, especially the two children involved. I would have no problem recommending this film, so long as you realise what it is, i.e, a slow burner.

  4.  Very good, and pretty scary in places!


    I watched this with little expectations, having never heard of the film, or anyone in it. It was a pleasant surprise (if that is the right word for a horror film?!), and on the whole, much better than most so called horror films i have seen recently. The cast were good, there were plenty of opportunities to jump, there were some uncomfortable moments, and a particularly deranged and psychotic bad guy. Definitely worth a watch!.

  5.  Not too bad at all.


    This had the potential to be a real turkey, and personally, reading any reference to jurassic park (or indeed, any other 'big' film on any other on the cover would make me wary, but i was pleasantly surprised. Yes, as the previous reviewer stated, the 'lost/found' footage film is getting rather tired as a genre, but it has to be said, for a low budget film, its the best way to go!. The previous reviewer's comment on the little dinosaur i feel is a little unfair, lets be honest, nobody really knows how any particular dinosaur would behave if thrown together with humans, and we certainly dont know whether or not it would have spat poisonous saliva!. What we do know though, is that spielberg's veloceraptor's were treated to a lot of artstic license, as the real ones were much smaller than portrayed in jurassic park!. Anyway, back to the film, no it wasnt a brilliant film, but it was pretty good i thought. The main character, started off by really irritating me, but i came round. His father really irritated me too, but, again, by about 2 thirds through the film, that changed. The 'bad guy' (if that is the right word?), i started off liking him, so based on that, i think on the whole, the characters were pretty well portrayed, given that they were all unknowns. Also, the bit near the start, when you see what the boy posted on the internet about his teacher was very funny!. I think being brutally honest, 3.5 would have been a more accurate rating, but you cant put .5's on here, and i was feeling generous, so i gave it 4!. Definately worth a look though.

  6.  Terrible beyond words!


    Stephen Rea, i blame you for my buying this rubbish!. Seriously, what went wrong?, is this really the same acting genius we saw in films like the crying game, and interview with a vampire?. When i saw his name on the cover i thought it would be a safe bet, how wrong was i!. I have seen 'made for tv' movies better than this, with utterly cringeworthy, cliched, and deeply irritating characters. A poor story, average effects, stodgy acting, and jerky camera (though this may have been my bottom of the range dvd player?), cemented my utter dissapointment and dismay at shelling out 7 quid for this tosh. Take my advice, if you really want to see this, wait till its 2.99 or less, it wont be long.......!

  7.  Awful, truly awful!


    Twice i tried watching this, the 2nd time, i was quite drunk, both times i switched it off!. I characters were just so predictable and so cliched that i just couldnt care less what happened to them. At least in piranna there was copious quantities of gore and nudity to make up for the dreadful characters and storyline. Some films can be so bad, that in a weird sort of way, they end up being good, this is just boring drivel, like the 'made for tv' equivalent of a horror film. Stay away from it!.

  8.  truly awsome!


    Be in no doubt that this has got to be up there amongst the best fight films ever!. No faffing about, this is a full on martial arts extravaganza!. Yes, it has subtitles, but that really shouldnt put you off, its is a simple enough story!. Get it, it is the dogs doodah's!.

  9.  Dark, gritty and different


    An interesting take on the traditional 'low budget' british horror. Set in a depressingly bleak Edinburgh council estate, the atmosphere was pretty much spot on. The characters i felt, unlike some other reviewers, were interesting, ranging from the almost introverted Feargal, to the dark and intense characters of Mary (Feargals mother), and Cathal, the excellent James Nesbitt. There are some genuinly uncomfortable and gory moments throughout the film, and while its low budget is apparent, it all comes together well. Also, the brilliant James Cosmo is in it, which is always a bonus!. Not a 5 star, but a good solid 4, which aint bad!.

  10.  Ok for kids i suppose, but....


    .....for a big kid like me who fondly remembers yogi bear from his childhood, it was a big dissapointment. The story is cheesier than a cheese factory, more predictable than american wrestling and just lacked any sort of originality. To add insult to injury was Dan Akroyds voice. I'm a big fan of Mr Akroyd, but i dont remember the yogi bear from my childhood sounding like jewish comedian Jackie Mason!. If they managed to find someone who sounded exactly like shaggy for the big screen scooby doo, why couldnt they do the same for yogi?. On the other hand, young kids, such as my 10 year old, wont give two hoots, he loves it, go figure!.