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  1.  much better than new sofa!


    after watching a new sofa last year (which was okay but as soon as they left the royle's house it was bad) i was really happy they tried with another episode...and done well with it

    im a big fan of the older episodes and to see this was brilliant, a few hilaious scenes like the car trip there and the caravan part with jim and dave in bed were highlights, also great so see all the old classics back like anthony, joe and cheyl, anyway any royle family fan should love this, its brilliant!

  2.  amazing solo campaign...shame about the online nade-fest...


    This game has probably the best solo campaign in any war game ive played, the graphics are amazing for a game that 3 years old now and the gameplay is perfect, so are the controls

    The thing that puts this game down is the online, its a grenade fest, and the guns take no skill to get kills, i prefer world war 2 style guns, but still this game is great, it would get a 5 star if it had online that wasn't so easy to get kills, id get world at war if you want a better online shooter and this if you like single player (iw fanboys probably won't agree but its an opinion that world at war is the better game)

  3.  probably my favourite and most played game ever!


    This in my opinion is alot better than cod4, the only thing about this game that isn't as good as cod4 is the solo campaign, but other than that this game is better for guns, multiplayer, dlc, graphics and of course the zombie modes!

    If give this game a 10/10 since i bought it around december and still play it everyday now..ive spent triple as long on this as i have cod4 since the online is bad on cod4, its full of guns that are too easy to get kills with and of course its a grenade fest!

    This game rocks! Buy it!

  4.  very fun and very addicting!


    had mine for a while but still love it! its really addicting and sounds alot like bubblewrap and every 100th time its popped it makes a little noise! its awesome!

  5.  10 times better than the original saga attempt....


    i bought the original saga and it was glitchy, buggy and graphics were kinda dull, but with this its a whole new story, its pretty much the console version but just portable, the graphics look like ps2 graphics, the gameplay is fun and very addictive and the sounds are perfect with the lightsaber and blaster sounds, its in my top 20 ds games, get it now!

  6.  not as bad as i thought it would be!


    most games that are based on movies are awful, but this is actually pretty good, the gameplay uses the touch screen nicely and you use the buttons too, the gameplay is simple but fun, sound is amazing, especially the voice's, graphics are alright for a ds game (looks like ps1 graphics) but its relatively easy and will not last you very long and there is NO mulitiplayer or online....but fun while it lasts!

  7.  awesome!!


    i bought this when it first came out and i knew exactly what is was and what is wasn't (not guitar hero) and its the perfect portable guitar and it works a treat, but people shouldn't buy if they don't know its a portable guitar and NOT A GAME! i enjoyed hours of fun with it and still play it now.

  8.  3D war on the DS!!!


    amazing game! the graphics are full 3D, the sound is very realistic, the controls are good but a little annoying at times, the gameplay is.....call of duty! the only major problem i had was no WIFI! once you have finished, thats it! nothing else..

    8/10 buy if you love war games.

  9.  great game!


    i played the GBA version before and it was terrible and then i tryed this and its so much better the cut scene bits are full 3D and the gameplay and controls are great and easy to get used to, the only problem is it gets boring to quickly...

  10.  Classic Mario Party!!!


    i was expecting it to be bad like the GBA version but...its just like the old console versions and the gameplay is classic and the graphics are awesome 3D! if you have played the old n64 and gamecube mario partys then buy this! if not...maybe because you will have to get use to the mechanics of the game. another amazing mario party!