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  1.  A lovely little unit that delivers!


    Had this a week now and am very pleased with it. Lives up to my expectations - small and portable, stylish and love the ability that it can rotate the IPod to work widescreen. Finally the sound is impressive with apparently an output of 20w per speaker. Obviously it's not in the league of an expensive hi fi set up but it's still quite amazing for the price. The power lead could have done with being a bit longer and I would have been happy to have paid a little more for the inclusion of a radio but there is a line in socket that I assume could be linked up with a separate radio if one desired. In total I would heartily recommend.

  2.  Stylish and powerful system.


    Always went for hifi separates in the past but this is a perfect little system - top brand, stylish, powerful and a perfect addition for any IPod. With a CD player and radio included it is an absolute bargain for the price, more so if you check out the Playtrade prices (Don't be afraid to go for a "refurbished" model). The addition of a couple of phono sockets and a DAB radio would have been nice but again for the price you can't have everything.

  3.  The best yet!


    If you've ever watched a series of 24 you might know what to expect. However this series twists and turns far greater than any that have gone before and part of the fun now is trying to guess the next turn and how the plots will last throughout the full day. Yes it is far fetched to the extreme and a massive amount of artistic licence is applied in every episode. However every single character in the series always gives a totally believable and likeable performance. Thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.

  4.  A musical journey back more than half a century!


    4 CD Box set containing 100 tracks from the likes of the Drifters, The Platters, The Spaniels, The Flamingoes and many more. The music still sounds as fresh as it did over 50 years ago. Fans of "American Graffitti" will know what to expect. This is the Soundtrack to Fifties teen music. A stark contrast to the rap and hip hop music of today. Highly recommended.

  5.  Absolutely brilliant.


    The first review said it all, first class acting from what is now an all star cast, great direction and very compelling. Nearly 20 hours of first class drama for a fiver. Highly recommended. Can hardly wait to watch the next two series as I can hardly remember this from the first time round.

  6.  An enjoyable "covers" album


    Loved Melanies voice in the sixties and I came across this "new" album from her. The voice has certainly deepened and I even thought it was a male singing on the opening of the first track. After getting into the album the voice became more familar and by the time the Bee Gees "To love somebody" plays you hear the Melanie of old. Superbly produced with some standout classic tracks. Why wasn't this album better promoted? Definetely an overlooked gem!

  7.  Must buy for any Fleetwood Mac fan


    I've seen other reviews describing this concert as dull and boring but for any die hard Fleetwood Mac fan this certainly won't disappoint. Running at just under two hours this represents good value. The melodic and infectious rhythms should appeal to a wide audience. So sit back and let this hynotising show wash over you.

  8.  Must have DVD for any Beatle fan.


    As a long standing fan of the fab four I was blown away by this DVD. It shows once again that the Beatles where light years ahead of their time. Nowadays with the advent of Big Brother and all the other fly on the wall reality shows this DVD would not be out of place but back in 1964 this behind the scenes look of the Beatles first visit to the US of A is stunning. If you have the Anthology then some of the sequences on the Ed Sullivan show will be familar but on this DVD there is approx a dozen songs all in their entirity and presented in a logical order. The quality is stunning even when played on my 42" HDTV and this whole program is like an unscripted forerunner to A Hard Day's Night. At approx 2 hours running time (the documentary on the making of included) this has got to be excellent value for money. Give it a viewing, you will not be disappointed.

  9.  Best series yet!


    Wasn't expecting it to be this good as the first two series where a bit hit and miss on occasions but each episode of this one had so many twists, turns and cliffhangers. Just cannot see how the scriptwriters can keep coming up with new ideas but then I thought that about my other favourite 24. Thoroughly recommend!

  10.  Reasonable value for money but limited functionality.


    I bought this recorder as for the price it had free view built in, offered up scaling for better picture quality, had excellent 5 star reviews and allegedly works with a wide range of formats. It ticked most of the boxes but you only get full editing functionality with DVD-RAM discs and up to now I have discovered only Panasonic's own discs work. As these are not widely available and are expensive compared to the other formats I am very disappointed. Panasonic should make this clear in their advertising and even in the instruction manual they disguise the fact that you can only fully edit on their own discs. If you are happy with a recorder for just "time shifting" TV programmes this may be the machine for you but otherwise I would give it a miss.