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  1.  Conqueror of the British Empire!


    The Last King of Scotland is a film about a young Scottish doctor who travels to Uganda to provide medical care to the thousands of Ugandan people in the remote areas of the country when he gets there the country has been taken over by military coup by a man named Idi Amin who declares himself president of Uganda amongst other titles such as Commander in Chief of the Ugandan Army, His Excellency President for Life and most notably The Last King of Scotland. What you have with this movie is gritty performances of all the actors involved and a very entertaining movie that will show you just a small slice of Uganda under Idi Amin. Enjoy

  2.  Jack Burton here driving the Pork Chop Express!!!


    John Carpenter is a legend! This movie does not exactly fit into Carpenters usual theme but there are a few dark moments flung into this Fantasy\Action Comedy (it was supposed to be a western)....Its all in the reflexes!! Great fun and always good to have Carpenter\Russell working together.

  3.  Just Beautiful!!!


    This movie is worth every penny of your hard earned cash, your getting two movies in one. Sit back for 3+ hours and watch a piece of pure brilliance. I won't delve into the plot but i let you soak this movie up all by yourself.Own It!!

  4.  The Beginning of Great Film Making!!


    Martin Scorsese before Goodfellas & Casino made this classic italian mob story which i will confess does not have the brillance of the latter two, but hey forget about it!! Watch this movie and appreciate the beginning of a beautiful working relationship between Scorsese, De Niro & Keitel.

  5.  What's Your Pleasure, Sir?"


    Legendary Horror Classic from Clive Barker. Watched it last night and must say it looks just as good as it did 22 years ago. If you're looking for a horror film exploring the themes of pain as a source of pleasure and morality under duress and fear then look no further than Hellraiser with Pinhead and his Cenobites. Who said pain wasn't pleasurable.Totally agree with the below post btw.

  6.  Personal Death Wish!


    This movie loosely follows the life of Michael Gordon Peterson aka Charlie Bronson Britain's most violent prisoner incarcerated at her majesty's pleasure for 34 long years for various crimes but the most notable would be the armed robbery at the post office which he got away with just £26.18 pence and received 7 years prison time. Now this movie only gets 3 stars as i feel that its rushed and does not provide a deep insight to Charlie's life before his being in prison and times during prison, what am trying to say is that the movie is all over the place and there's nothing for the viewer to grab hold of and try to understand why this man is deemed just a violent prisoner or to even believe that he is capable to reform. There are some great movie moments here but just a few Tom Hardy for me was very believable as Bronson but the movie direction and story needs to be consistent if we the viewer are to follow one mans personal crusade to destroy the system and his own demons.

  7.  The Special One!!


    Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to watch this and i must say i wasn't disappointed...I have admired Brian Clough because of his no nonsense approach to football management and his charismatic but somewhat erratic behaviour Michael Sheen plays the part with great ease as does Timothy Spall as the brains of the duo as Peter Taylor. All in all a very enjoyable movie taking the viewer through his 44 days as Leeds manager.

  8.  Prepare To Be Punished!!


    Watched this movie few years ago and thought it was a very good story of Special Agent undercover one last job, son of mob boss killed in a sting operation, special agent retires to be with his beautiful wife and son, go for a family reunion, mob boss puts out contract to have special agent executed and entire family, special agent survives, becomes the punisher and annihilates the mob boss and his evil henchmen.Now that's what I call a revenge movie.

  9.  The Story of Sawney Bean!


    A cult classic that shocked the movie world with its violence,rape, cannablism and murder now feels not as disturbing as it did when realeased but still worth owning to judge for yourself.Inspired by the true events of Sawney Bean.The lucky ones died first...

  10.  Teacher!!!!!


    Second kung-fu movie from the legend Bruce Lee and another slice of Bruce Lee's legendary rise from nobody to the king of kung-fu.This movie sees Lee take on Japanese tyrants who killed his master and wrecked there dojo.Bruce shows them there can be only one!!