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  1.  Excellent TV 10/10


    Excellent quality picture, sound OK from a 24", looks lovely in white.
    Loads of options for picture & sound adjustments, in fact every feature has loads of options.
    Built in wifi (description says dongle needed but you dont need one??)
    Easy internet connection with loads of streaming content including up to date HD trailers on LoveFilm Trailers.
    I am going to invest in a portable usb hard drive, plug in TV and you have a freeview recorder with series link, did try this on a usb stick but didnt reconise it as specs have to be a minimum 32GB, right up to a massive 2TB.
    Highly recommended purchase as this is the start of the future of all TV's now.

  2.  Excellent


    Looking good on Bluray, not alot of extras but its quality not quantity. Good film with a different take on Rise of the Footsoldier, Tamer Hassan plays a good Pat Tate & Neil Maskell is on top form! nice to see a bit of humour in the story also, nice companion next to Rise of the Footsoldier on Bluray.

  3.  Nice Bass!!!!


    After putting up with my Sony £9.99 super bass headphones that hurt your ears, I treated myself to these and boy what a good move, they are comfortable (with 3 different sized buds to choose from) the bass is amazing with no distortion, just sounds like you got decent big full ear headphones on, this is on a itouch ipod.
    Highly recommended for 30 quid. The cable is short but if you are about 5"8 tall then it will reach your pocket, put the extention on and it is alot longer, not too long to skip with it, not a major problem. Comes with a nice tidy little case to keep them in tangle free.

  4.  Good Case


    I was impressed when I got this, softer than i thought, there is i bit of a problem with the home button being covered and you having to press a bit harder, a bit hit and miss.
    The film screen protecter got binned, dont look good with air bubbles on the screen!
    All in all a very good buy as the itouch needs a case as I have had a few near misses with it nearly slipping out my hand.
    I am glad I brought it and would recommend

  5.  Can!t wait!


    I just downloaded & played the demo of Killzone 2, very short demo but will be playing over & over until it pops through the door!
    Best deal on Play............as normal.

  6.  Superb!!!!


    I got mine delivered a day late (Saturday) but the £5 cheaper than everywhere else & a free T-Shirt made up for that!!
    This game has come a long way from the first one, I love the water tunnels that cool your boost down, very handy.
    The graphics are top notch & the handling and ram features are a big improvement.

  7.  Classic


    I thought this was up there with the likes of "The Office" etc, very funny and I have added to my collection as this is going to be a classic.

  8.  Icing on the Cake


    Just received this and I was surprised at how snug this fits the Zen, doesn't bulk the player at all (smaller than a wallet) I was always frightened of dropping or have it slip from my hand but this case just makes it easier to hold and use! The belt attachment at the back of the case is pretty flush with the case so not a big deal, this was the only thing i was concerned about before buying.
    You need this case for your Zen!!!..............Highly recommended. Also its a nice touch by having 2 slits/pockets in the case to put 2 SDHC cards in!

  9.  Extra Memory


    I brought this to expand the memory on my Creative Zen MP3, works a treat, i managed to get 11 films on it, will never run out of stuff to watch/listen to with these cards being so cheap!!

  10.  Nice & Quick


    Excellent service from Play, ordered Tuesday and received by 4pm next day. Lovely looking player (very small and neat) nice and easy drag and drop system, I had a Sony Walkman before and Sonic Stage is so slow!
    Only gripe with this player is the headphones, really cheap and dont do the player any justice at all, I am using the Sony ones I got with my walkman which are alot better!
    The Screen is just right size and lovely and bright even at 60% brightness. Photos look lovely crisp and sharp with a nice feature of being able to listen to music while viewing. Very pleased with this, gonna invest in some new headphones and the leather case as the screen is the same as the PSP, shiny and prone to finger print marks.
    Just going to wait for the SD cards to come down in price to double the capacity for films!