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  1.  Fantastic


    I have loved this...the 1st half seemed a bit too easy - but once you have completed levels 1-8 you unlock the secret 8 levels....these are harder and more of a challenge - which I love.....you also have the option to play as mario or luigi. If you collect all the stars and complete all words with mario AND luigi - you unlock a final crown level.....this is super tough - but I have just completed

  2.  Addicted!


    I am so addicted to this game. I loved new supermario bros on the ds and was looking for a new game to play. I must have been late to catch on to super mario 64 as its a few years old now...but I think its a little bit better than new mario bros! Theres stacks to do and you have to unlock 4 characters and find 80-150 stars. Bowsers there and all of the great things that makes nintendo so good. Lots of swimming, wall jumping, icy ravines, flying etc BUY IT!

  3.  Loved It


    Saw it on sky movies over the weekend and loved it - have watched it twice since!!

  4.  Waste of 3 hours!


    I was looking forward to this, i love andrew davies work normally, but this seemed so disjointed and to be honest - a total bore! Thats not to say the actors were bad - it was just a bad premise/book!

  5.  Good Film!


    I thought oh no...just another hugh grant fluffy rom com film and to a certain extent it is - but it is really good!!! Its a nice watch for a evening in with the girlies and I would recommend. Nice to sit back and unwind with.

  6. Red



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    This was a great surprise of a film. Brilliant acting. Good story (had to bear with it a little at the beggining) and I love that fact that all the actors are over a certain age and hope to see more films like this in the future. Bruce Willis once again flex's his muscles and boy is he good at it.

  7.  Great Film!


    I rented this last weekend and I have to say I loved it! Its not your average rom com which is good! Buy this and you will want to watch it again and again!

  8.  Well worth the money


    This is a nice game that took me about 4 hrs to complete the main part (you unlock other sections after this). It like a tamer version of return to ravenhearst-so a good buy for the price.

  9.  Good but not as Great as it should be!


    This little receiver if full of promise. In reality its a little dissapointing. The box advertises Instant downloading ability for hd films and tv programmes...but this is not the case. You can watch standard definition films quickly - but I was really looking foward to seeing what a hd film would look like on my tv!
    They just take so long to download (about 5 hours!!!) Standard definition are instant!
    This IS good value though for what it offers. You can download a film or tv programme (rental or purchase) from itunes on your laptop (or direct from your apple tv) and then sync it to your tv..or you can sync photos...or watch Youtube!! It is so full of great promise and this is the beginning of great things to come

  10.  Great Film


    This is the best film since Twilight...New Moon was not great in my opinion...the cast are back on top form. Visually its so much better and the action really hots up, the direction of the film is much better and most of the highlights from the book are included. The only downside for me was the wig that Kristen Stewart was wearing!!!!