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  1.  short but a great mystery game


    i liked my mystery games and this game did not dissoppoint i just found it a bit short this game is similar to the old school pc mystery games but takes it another level with clue finding and piecing it all together. I think it took me half a day to complete but i could have been more thorough in finding more clues. The story was very well done would reccommend if your into mystery games and want a break from all the gun slinging games.

  2.  this is like a demo


    my gf knowing i was a mgs fan bought this thinking it was the actual game only to find out it was like a demo before the actual game was released basicly to recoup some extra cash, it was great playing the small missions graphics gameplay story was just like the previous mgs always pushing the limits but i would have gave it a miss and waited for the actual game had i known.

  3.  the best game out so far on ps4


    i have played them all this one was a great game the graphic and story and the fluidity of the game play is great, going out to sea was great ai have played allot of ps4 games and i think this is the best ps4 game out at the moment definately worth buying.

  4.  if you can get it cheap worth a go


    graphic is great story play was ok predictable at times but still worth playing if you can get it cheap enough

  5.  good but i would prefer the new gta


    This game is good and does have its unique stuff like using modern gadgets to find an alternative to shooting your way threw but i did find it repetative but it does have allot of ingame stuff to keep you occupied even after you complete the game but i found my self thinking i would rather play gta 5 it just seemed more of a rounded game.

  6.  great all rounder


    one of the best mobiles out there and one of the best av owned by far the mobile capabilities are endless and so many gangets that come with it camera is very good very nice interface. screen you have to see to believe very fast, in the mobile world this is a power house i can go on but i will save my self the trouble i am also using the htc media link to watch movies regularly which is amazing battery despite sum reviews was not bad but i have charger in my car and work but sume time has last me one and half days with out charge, beats audio seperates it from other mobiles when you have the earpiece all in all an amazing bit of kit.

  7.  simply amazing


    this mobile by far is one of the best in the market for speed, camera ,speaker quality,browser experience are amazing but it also has so many innovative gadgets that make other phone users envy your mobile it does have its ups and downs with battery but i found it better that other htc phones because it switches to a companion core to take on small jobs which can prolong the battery. this phone just keeps on suprising me 9/10 only for battery

  8.  thi phone is a beast


    love the phone it may not look as chavy as an i phone but it beats it at everything else