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  1.  Almost Perfect!


    Outstanding picture quality my only gripe is the sound but if you have a system to play the sound through then you will have no problems. Gaming is superb through this plasma and the fact i just bought mine for only £728 it`s great value for what you are getting Haven`t hooked up the freesat yet though as we are decorating but i can imagine it will be jaw droppingly good! Suppose i shopuld give it 5 stars because of the price drop realy :-)

  2.  great graphics but not enough gameplay!


    1st of all fantastic job on the story the graphics and physics side of the game but it`s just too damn short completed it again in 4 hours 26 minutes 1st time i did it in 18 hours just goes to show how long the cut scenes are unless u skip through them but you don`t want to skip the 1st time you play it. Could have been much better and for the amount of time they made us wait for the game i am dissapointed in the length of it :O(

  3.  Good idea, But didn`t do it for me


    O.k i wasn`t expecting much when i rented this movie, and that`s exactly what i got ... not much! I thought there were some funny moments with the guy holding the camera (hud i think he was called) but you find out nothing about the creature at all , yeah you see it but how did it get to the city? where did it come from? did the statue of liberty head look to scale to you? :O) how did the army get there so fast? how did they set-up that makeshift hospital so quickly? why is it called cloverfield? this movie tells you absolutely nothing about anything it`s just a group of friends going to look for a fit bird then trying to escape The end !

  4.  Starts o.k (for 1 minute) but OMG! Downhill from there


    Do not buy or watch this movie i watched it last weekend and i have never turned off a movie , but this was the closest i have ever come to doing so. the movie itself is very very slow i think and boring. and i think the main female character won her audition for this movie by producing the most annoying screams ever! the script is very poor and the ending is terrible. I can`t even compare this to another bad movie i have had the misfortune of watching. All i can do is voice my opinion to help others in avoiding dissapointment. I didn`t even want to give it 1 star but it`s the lowest it goes.

  5. PES 2008

    PES 2008


    4 New from  £12.76  Free delivery

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     3 stars for gameplay but everything else POOR! :o(


    O.k i played fifa 08 on my 360 and now got ps3 so didn`t buy fifa and waited for pro evo on ps3.... I`m afraid that my wait was not worth it the graphics for a next gen pro evo 2008 i think are very poor . am i the only one who thinks this? they realy need to do more because if fifa get the gameplay better then it will be the most outstanding football game ever although fifa 08 was a dissapointment because of the season mode for me. OH! well maybe next year there will be a better game i`m gonna sell pro evo and purchase fifa again.

  6.  o.k game but bit dissapointing after all the hype.


    o.k got the game friday ... The biggest thing for me is the fact that there is still no commentary so it`s pretty boring :O( the game seems easier than the last one which is gd because it was pretty tough. this is still difficult on the hardest mode but on rookie it is pretty easy now for new comers. still very similar to old version and after all the hype i am pretty dissapointed in the overall game BUT ESPECIALLY NO COMMENTARY AT ALL !!! Would`ve made it less boring.