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  1.  gold =p


    goldfrapp have been going for 10 years now and never disappoint and im sure this CD will be no different,so four stars only because i feel 9 songs is to little.

  2.  one of the best dance movies ever-R.I.P PATRICK!!!


    has to be one of the best dance movies around a bit like flashdance (Jennifer beals) a young girl learning how to dance and falls in love along the way.its more than 20 years old and people are still using lines from the movie (no one puts baby in the corner!)etc and god knows everyone's tried that the lift at the end,don't bother especially after a few drinks your just asking for it lol.its a classic that will live on as with patrick swayze.

  3.  l word soundtrack season 1.


    Great mix or music ,leisha haily (alice) is the first artist on the album with her old band the murmers.great band but uh huh her leisha's new band rocks.anyway awesome mix of old and new music on here that really help bring the show alive.

  4.  w.t.c


    some really great acting from the guy from ugly Betty the scene where he thinks there is another attack and breaks down is so well done.the reason the acting was so raw in parts was because the actors actually witnessed the 9/11 attacks.

  5.  i love a girl in leather! lol.


    awesome poster of the stunning miss fox great figure curves in all the right places,sexy hair lovely lips gorgeous eyes what more could you ask for.the only problem for me is in this pic she looks alot like my mate Leah,and i don't see her like that! i joked to her that she looks like her and she loves the compliment,what girl wouldnt.anyway about the poster its a fair size the paper is nice and strong,great buy overall!!!

  6.  my fave series so far.


    my fave from Dante's so far,even more hot guys and lots of van (love it :) ! the story lines are better, more sex in this season than the first.i love Toby and i wish Micheal and van lasted,van does not know when she has a good thing going for her.

  7.  cool cheese.


    i love Dante's cove sure the acting is not the best but its all fun,some stunning looking boys and hot girls (van is the best lol)the soundtrack is very addictive,every time i watch i cant help sing "dieing to be with you".the story lines are cheep and cheerful and the sex is hot.

  8.  not as good as Dante's cove.


    i thought i would like this cos i love Dante's cove,but its not as good not by a long way.in Dante's the men are sexier and they actually have hot women to but there is no mix in the lair.Dante's has a better soundtrack and way better acting.plus the sex in Dante's is far more erotic in the lair its just rough and not in a good way.

  9.  better than season 1.


    as a fan of dantes cove i thought i would like the lair,its ok but no where near as good as dantes.the acting is better than the first series but not by much,the story lines are ok but even i could of made them up alot of the time you know whats coming.



    i got this CD for my birthday last month and its awesome i had a best of the doors already so it had alot of the same songs,its a bit like the Micheal jackson albums when you get a best of you get almost all the same songs every time and its like your buying the same album over and over.anyway all the best well known songs are hear plus a few not so well known its a good album for someone who is getting into the doors and wants the best of there work.