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  1.  Brilliant


    Don't listen to the poor review from the other guy, who clearly doesn't know what he's talking about. It's very easy to approach and play for casuals and hard to master for the hardcore. Button mashers will be made to look like beat em up masters with the extravagent moves you can pull off all with a couple of button presses. Great graphics, great fun, great online, A few more characters wouldv'e been nice but there enough in here to keep it interesting. Don't hesitate in buying it.

  2.  OK


    Not a great game but was kinda fun playing through with my little brother. Similar to the Lego games just not as good. single player would be worse but in co-op it's ok and easyish trophies to unlock.

  3.  The best SvR in years


    Not a huge difference to last year but it is definitely improved and a must buy for any WWE fan. The only gripe i have is that some characters on the roster are quite dated but the more the merrier, although i'm still puzzled on how Rob Van Dam made it into the game.

  4.  Did it really take all that time to make this?


    Considering some companies bang out some great racers in a year it makes you wonder why Polyphony took so long to make this, whilst a great game it's not really anything more than say Forza has already done. The graphics are not a great as i expected either.
    Anyway whilst a great game, to get the most out of it you have to be prepared to put a lot of time into it. It's not a game to just pick up and play, it's not an arcade game' it's a simulation and needs time dedicated to it. If you want an arcade racer probably look into Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

  5.  Best in co-operative


    I'm playing this through with my little brother and it's great fun, not the best graphics or gameplay but as with most co-op games it's more fun with someone else.
    Some boss fights are a little difficult though.

  6.  One of the best racers


    Burnout paradise isn't to everyones taste mainly because a lot of people don't like the open world gameplay. At first i wasn't too keen on it myself but after sitting on my shelf for over 2 years i recently decided to give it another try and i was hooked. The added bikes make it even better, they are really great fun to drive.

  7. Blur



    3 New from  £24.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £11.49

     Best in Multiplayer


    Very solid game but i feel the single players a bit of drag and i got bored, there are better racers out there but for 9.99 it's definitley worth getting especially if your looking for multiplayer games.

  8.  Good game


    Some reviews in magazines didn't rate this too highly but i still thought i'd give it a go and i must say it's not bad at all. Doesn't have much longevity to it but to pick it up once in a while it's a fun little game.

  9.  As fun as the original


    I played the original NBA Jam on the SNES to death so was well pleased of a remake and was more than happy to intrduce it to my 13 year old brother. It is a great game, i hope too many people don't overlook this because it deserves a lot of attention.

  10.  Great alternative to Mario


    If you've finished Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 and looking for similar games, Epic Mickey is the game. Whilst not quite on the level of Mario it still is a great game in it's own right. Definitely worth buying.