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  1.  Fun game, Fast racing


    I played the demo of this and to be honest it left me a little cold. I however had gift token so I took a chance - I'm glad I did. The Demo did not give the open world nature of this game, the fun side missions, the good story.

    The multiplayer is well thought out and great fun, tag is my fav!!!! One more good thing is they put split screen in which a number of AAA's leave out.

  2.  Great Game don't miss this!!!


    I'm sorry but millzy107 is completely wrong to try and compare this game to the likes of COD, If you think Mass effect meets Metal Gear you would be close to the mark.

    The game play is intense and challenging without being a drag there is real choice in how to complete your objectives which are not always obvious the first time though a level. Controls are not at all hard to get to grips with they are of the standard ARPG type. This is not a run and gun and type game (although you can play it like that the choice is there, but you would miss so much)

    The augments all build you in any direction you want non feels that it should not be there and you don't feel that you are missing anything my not choosing a route which sugests massive replay for me.

    Again if you like ARPG's don't listen to the twitch happy COD generation this is a game you should not miss.

    EDIT**** To the guy who says the hacking mini game is too hard I felt the same way but I looked online for a tutorial and it is much eaiser once you understand exactly what to do, it is not explained well in the game.***

  3.  WoW just WoW


    I'm a semi "hardcore" gamer :-) and I got the kinect for christmas I can say is wow. The control is so good it one to one between you and your avatar and any lag is not noticable. While there is a limited choice of games at the moment what there is are very fun to play. A million times better than the wii

  4.  Great game a little too easy


    First off this is great racing game that is as deap or as shalow as you would like. However even with asists off is a little too easy to win. I should not be battling for the lead in season 1 races driving for lotus I find this a unrealistic I can pass a Maclaren on the straight as if its standing still.

    Still a good game graphics are great, wet races are a thrill all in a must for racing fans

  5.  Worth a look


    Picked this up the sales... Its quite a good game think GTA with Nazi's (what more could you want) great one liners and good action. The black and white sections are a little jarring to begin with but they soon add so much to the game. Only issue is with the slightly dodgy Irish accent of the lead car but if can get past this there is a gem to be found.

  6.  Just what I've been looking for


    I am a big fan for the baldars gate games and this game is like a 21st century version. Graphics are not the best but to be honest if your main concern when picking a game is graphics then this is not the game for you anyway. This is a very deep RPG with long cut scene's and dialoge trees that lay the great story ouy for you the voice acting is second to none here the best I've ever seen in a game.Game play is smooth and fluid combat is easy to pick up but difficut to master. If you like other RPG's such as Oblivion, Two world etc then this should be on your wish list.

  7.  Wow Great Game


    Just got this today. This is a really good game. Popped it in the tray and lost 5 hours of my life this game is brill on your own but really shines in co-op play. Get this today you will not be disapointed.

  8.  Need for speed SIMlite racer


    Game starts off a little shakey cars are difficult to control and all seems lost. But stick with this game and there is gem underneath. Once you start to upgrade your cars and put together custom setups the game really comes alive. Each setup change you make has a noticable inpact on the cars so you can tune each to your indivdual driving style. Also although the line up of cars is not huge it feels that each has been hand picked for a paticular driving style find your style buy the right cars and tune them up and you'll be winning in no time. I found this game fun both fighting for 5,6,7 or 8th place our steaming ahead and leading the pack. There is a real sence of speed.

    To sum up if you like racing games you can't go wrong with this one.

  9.  WoW great game a must for RPG fans


    Most the reviews I've read simply dismiss this game as 'Oblivion with guns' if so sign me up sounds like heven, Seriously I've played this game for a number of hours and I've not even been near the main quest exploring is much fun heart in the mouth stuff when you come accross a abandoned high school full of Raiders or any number of other places. A must for any RPG fan but be aware this is NOT an FPS although it looks very much like one. This is not a leave your brain at the door game like Gears of War 2.

  10.  You can be Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger


    This game is an 80's action movie in a box, Blow anything up kill anyone, Call in massive air strikes. The best movie scene to discribe this game whould be from comando (i think) when Arne crashes a bulldoser into a gun shop and proceeds to load a shopping trolley with guns and rocket launchers. This is how this game makes you feel. Get over the grapics and enjoy this game for what it is a few hours of mindless rampage. I've played games with great graphics that fall over on game play give me great game play over great graphics any day.