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  1.  It really works!!


    This is great and i definately recommend getting this for your DS.
    I have played this everyday since christmas and already i have improved in my maths calculations.
    When i first ever played this i had a brain age of 70, but playing everyday for the last 2 weeks has taken my brain age to 39, so a definate improvement and even when you reach brain age 20, which is as low as you can go i feel that even then the game would not be completed as you need to keep training your brain to keep it working and at 20.

  2.  Its like having a real life dog, fantastic!!


    This is a very good game and i would definately recommend getting this.
    There are several tricks that you can teach your dog, but i would recommend looking on the internet for more as there are way more tricks you can teach your dog than what are listed in the manual, for example i have managed to teach my dog to breakdance, lol

    WARNING!! you will become hooked and genuinely attached to your dog and your family and friends who have not entered the world of the NDS will think you have gone bonkers when you start talking in to the NDS mic teaching your dog commands and calling his/her name.

  3.  A must for any NDS owner


    I have been playing this game for about 2 weeks and probably play it for about half an hour everyday and i still havent even scratched the surface.
    There is so much to do and to discover, its absolutely fantastic and i guarantee it will be one you will enjoy if you bought it as well.

    Some of the things that i have done so far are fishing, planting and watering flowers and trees, catching fish, donating fish, fossils, bugs, etc to the museum, creating star constallations, shaking trees to get fruit or money and there are some hidden surprises in the trees, but im not saying what or it will spoil it for you. (tee hee)

    This is a very cute looking game and you get your very own charater that you guide around a village completing day to day tasks, dressing them up in clothes that you have designed, talking to friends and loads more. This game runs on realtime so when its 3pm in the real world its 3pm in the Animal Crossing world as well, so if you are not the type of person that likes to have to check in on a game from time to time this may not be your cup of tea.

    Definately a NDS must

  4.  It's alright...


    ...but not one of the best games for the NDS.
    If you liked the PC version of this game then you may be slightly disapointed some minor details found in the PC version are missing, but this will not effect you if you have only ever played this on the NDS.
    The graphics are ok, but not fantastic, but not bad considering thefact that they are displayed on a much smaller screen than Zoo Tycoon was origionally meant for.

    If you like games such as The Sims, Sim City or any of the other Tycoon additions then you will like this.
    Its great being able to build your Zoo up step by step, creating different animal enclosures and attracting customers to your Zoo. This is a game that you can go back to time and time again creating better Zoos each time.

  5.  Good Fun


    This is a great game and kept me (24 year old) very entertained.
    Some of the recipes are incredibly difficult to get a gold medal for and for that reason it has kept me going back to see if i can do it better.
    This is fantastic fun for all ages and in my oppinion one of the best games for the DS where the stylus is your main tool.
    I can see what people mean by it becoming a little boring once all the recipes are completed, but i have had this since christmas and i still have tons to do.
    In my opinion this is a must for any NDS owner.