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  1.  Good card for the price - No issues so far...


    I purchased 2 of these cards when they were recently on sale and wish I'd got a couple more.

    I've been using them in the Sony HDR-TD20 3D camcorder and they both handled the recording of full 1920x1080 50i dual video files without any issues recording just over 4GB of data to the card during a 20 minute recording.

    How they will cope with repeated use is yet to be discovered but for now I'm pleased with my purchase.

  2.  Works on both new and old laptops


    Not sure what the other reviewers problem was but I purchased 2 of these - 1 for a 5 year old laptop and another for a brand new laptop - both running Vista 32bit. Pooped them in and Vista recognised them immediately and installed the drivers. Working perfectly on both machines.

  3.  Another Lego success


    Following in the footsteps of Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Batman is based on the Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer films, at least from a soundtrack and character point of view as the missions bear no relation to any of the films.

    As with Lego Indy, the cut scenes are humerous and the gameplay hasn't changed so those who have played the Indy or Star Wars games will feel right at home with the controls.

    As always, you can only fully complete the game when playing in Free mode as after completing the main 15 levels in story mode you'll find you haven't even completed a third of the game.

    Little kids will love it, big kids too. It's easy and fun for everyone. I wonder what's next... Lego Justice League maybe?

  4. Iron Man

    Iron Man

    Nintendo Wii

    1 New from  £19.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.39

     Has anyone managed to finish this game?


    I was really getting into this game - sure every level is the same but then that could be said for many film tie in. The problem I face is that it's impossible to finish the game as on what I believe is the last level, the game crashes. I've checked the search engines and it appears I'm not alone. If you don't mind not finishing the game give it a try. If like me you like to see the end credits before moving onto the next game then give it a miss - it may be just a compatibility issue with the older Wii's like mine but it's pretty annoying.

  5.  As entertaining as a wet Sunday


    I was curious as to how they could come up with a table football game for the Wii as traditionally you have each hand on a pole and alternate fast - how could they replicate this I asked. The answer - they couldn't. What you have is a poor excuse for a game with clumsy, almost impossible controls. Scoring a goal is a matter of pure luck than skill. Avoid at all costs.