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  1.  Take it for what it is, not as a COD wannabe!!


    After reading many reviews on this game, mixed reviews at that, i decided to dive head first in and buy it. This was a risk as Black Ops was recent and still massively popular. However my risk was well rewarded by , in my eyes, what was the most amazing FPS game ever. I haven't based this review on multiplayer gameplay (Which most of you COD fanboys will pick up on and insult instantly), i have based this review on the depth at which the single player campaign goes. Most complaints about the game were about its campaign's short length. I cannot stress enough that this game is based on a TRUE CAMPAIGN, what can they add to it? if they add extra content they will be contradicting themselves. The story is totally enveloping and gives an amazing realisation of war as never been seen before in a gameplay sense. The single player (and parts of the multiplayer ) leave COD in its dirt track, the realistic graphics, sounds, guns, personnel contact and conversations between NPC's is that which COD should be aiming for to top it. So as for the single player mode my final verdict :- Outstanding, buy just for this.

    Now onto the more controversial area, controversial due to the decision of incorporating 2 developer's (Dice and Danger Close, Dice being incharge of multiplayer). As we know Dice was the developer behind Bf2. The multiplayer is very similar to BF2 (Infact almost identical), my only downfall with MOH's online is the lack of weapons , 9 being a very short number. However in my opinion for the more realistic, intricate and more challenging play , the multiplayer on MOH is of a much better quality than COD's. So my final multiplayer verdict:- Very good gameplay, amazing graphics for multiplayer, only downfall is weapons issue,

    Final Verdict on the game as a whole:- Absolutely amazing game, definately one for the records. Enveloping single player mode, breathtaking graphics, surreal realism in the shooting business, Outstanding online. In my books this makes for an amazing game, as long as you accept that its not COD and don't compare MOH to COD.

  2.  Can't be compared to DMC


    Most comments people have told me or that i have read online have been mainly around the same concept. They keep comparing this games to the well renouned hack and slash games (For those who dont know, im referring to the Devil May Cry series, undoubtedly the best hack and slash series ever) and that is where reviews have been wrong. This game is totally different to DMC. The graphics are amazing. The scenery looks almost realistic when played on a HD tv. The concept is brilliant, could have been longer and possibly added more sycthe/cross combos but i digress. The story mode is quite enthralling and the enemies you come across each have there own unique abilities which keeps the game turning on its head.

    I believe that this game is definately one to be purchased under any circumstances. However if it was a choice between this and DMC 4, then i would definately choose DMC 4 just for the history the game has and its variation between swords,gauntlets and guns. However as a standalone it is absolutely amazing
    4 out of 5

  3.  brilliance


    At first i was a bit sceptical about this game (mainly because i brought it for a fiver). But when i started playing it took me totally by suprise. The graphics are as expected very childish, but for a game like this is doesn't matter. The Wii's motion techonology is finally put to proper use where slight movements are taken into consideration i.e Using a saw in the actual way your meant to. Good for any age as some puzzles are tedious but other's are just downright hard.

    If your a hardcore gamer and prefer blowing peoples brains out in afghan, or drifting in sweden then this isn't the game for you. However if you dont mind a bit of a mental challenge and some patience then this is the perfect game for you.

  4.  BETA than the first


    I brought the first a few months ago. I wanted it for so long.
    When i got it instantly i thought WOW, graphics were absolutely amazing, Gameplay was so more intricate than that of similar games like tomb raider. The possibly moves, that like hanging of a wall and shooting, throwing grenades. That is what made this game in my eyes one of the best games i've ever played.
    The beta i downloaded was a risk. It was a risk because i thought how could they possibly improve on such a awesome game, however when i played it it totally blew me away, Graphics, better. Gameplay, Better. Overal based on the beta i believe this will be one of the games of this year and possibly next year.
    Definately a pre-order game, The cheapest Place youll find it is Play.com

  5.  Class


    Only got this game a few hours ago and havent gone that to far through the game , but from what ive played it is amazing, the combat is class it , if there were more fights more frequent it wouldnt be as bad, It doesnt really make a different though.
    The wall climbing is amazing although a teeney bit repetitive it doesnt matter. The roof climbing feature is class, along wih the help from the girl it tops off what ive done soo far , hopefully ill b able write a more detailed review when i have completed it but from what ive played it is amzing

  6.  EPIC !!!!


    I didnt think that they would be able to top the off and online gameplay that was call of duty 4 , but somehow in there small offices they have managed to create wat has to be the greatest war game on the market to date. Online is tottally epic, the graphics on the guns are top notch, blood is immense, offline is totally epic and epitimises the overall greatness of the game, using the flamethrower is sick , all of the updates , levels and enemy intelligence has been peeked, zombie mode !!!!! Amazing mode, when yu complete game you unlock this mode and are able to kill wave after wave after wave of zombie nazi's , how cool is that , seriously buy this , you wont regret it =)

  7.  based on demo : Class


    I played the demo of this and the graphics are absolutely immense. The movement is great , the new ammount of moves lara can perform is mind boggling on hwo they do it , the only problem i had with the demo is the camera, its quite hard to turn it around when your hanging of a cliff or killing something and hopefully they will fix this by the time it is released

  8.  quality


    This was the best installment of the series so far , oflline was amazing , online was azmazing , graphics/sound/gameplay all 10/10 , so y 4/5 , i think this deserves 4 stars because the offline gameplay was good but was far too short, if you own this game already then you'll know what i mean but if you dont then really buy it purely for the online gameplay, or by cod5 your call chief =)

  9.  Bioshock ? Bio amazing


    I first played thi game when i was at a friends house ( i had a ps3 then) and i thought it was sick , in that time till now ive bought a 360 , this was the first game i brought and what a buy if i say so , the graphics are amazing , gameplay is immense, seriously if u have a 360 or ps3 for that matter u have to buy this game ,