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  1.  Fantastic Game!


    Ive had this game since its come out and i still dont come off it, simply because the online is so Awesome! The frostbite engine is simply the best around and every shooting game should run on it. I will never tire of endless explosions and random walls explodeing, The online is simply insane and if your like me and like destruction i would highly recommend this game. The story is very fun and has a good story but it doesnt last very long soo if you dont have xbox live i dont think this game offers enough

  2.  Potter at his best


    Fantastic game, Im a massive Harry Potter fan but i thought the film was a bit of a let down, but the good news is that the game isnt. Ive had all of the harry potter games and this one is by far the best. It may be a very short game but the minigames make it last a bit longer, which are also very fun. Especially flying and potion making, Overall this is a great game which would appeal to anybody who likes the harry potter films and games.

  3.  Best Game Ever!


    I really cant describe just how good this game is, it has everything you could possibly want + something no other game has. For a start i cannot compare it to any other game on the 360, it offers suck a unique game experiance and it really takes skill to become good at free running on the game. If this sounds a bit boring to you, the game also offers frequant combat using melee attack and also guns, its up to you if you fight or run. Although the campain is rather short there are time trails and speedruns to keep you occupied after the main story is over, and if you are competetive person you can put your fastest times on a leaderboard and race against other people 'ghosts',
    Overall i would say this is the best game i have ever played, 10/10

  4.  Awesome!


    Even though this is a old game it is still one of my fravriotes, it it has a great story line, great gameplay and some of the best graphics ive seen.
    Even after I have completed the main storyline i still find myself going on and just starting a random fight or even just admire the veiws of one of the great cities on the game.
    Overall i think it is a very unique game and it offers a lot of action and enjoyment for many hours.

  5.  Best NFS Ever


    Im not usually a big fan of racing games, but i would have to say this changes my opinion. It is differant to any other racing game as its more of a free roam instead of having to stick to a fixed storyline. There are challanges throught out the game, like having to gain bounty in a police chase and i find this to be a welcome break from the competetive races. Overall i think this is a very good game and it can appeal to anyone, even if you dont usually like racing games. 7/10

  6.  Great Game


    I would recommend this game to anybody who loves the TV series, they really capture the feel of the CSI series and put it into a great game. I would also recommend this to anybody who wants to add a extra 1000G to their gamerscore