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  1.  Still at the top of their game


    A must for anyone who likes Heart. AQ and VQ are top notch, and the new material sits very well with the old classics. One can only hope they do another live release AFTER the tour :)

  2.  U2's finest hour


    pq is 1 star, maybe 2. but the rest is easily 5 stars.
    it's true that the film quality isn't very good. but it's still better than the dvd version. and the HD audio track is brilliant.
    this is, for me, U2 at their best. before Bono became as big as the Pope, and before they went away from their original sounds that made the first albums which by many are regarded as their best .
    so you're left with a very good band, and a singer who was, in my opinion, at his best around this period.
    the black & white makes the film more timeless (check out the gig in colour in the joshua tree box - which looks so much more dated cause of outfits etc). and it contains some great moments; larry mullen talking about elvis, bono being in awe when BB King praises his lyrics (maybe the last time Bono was in awe of something?), probably the best version of Running to stand still, and many other great things.
    Get this, not for the picture quality, but for EVERYTHING else.

  3.  good starting point for recent Purple


    this box is a great idea and a nice place to start if you want to check out the Steve Morse era of Deep Purple. While the idea is great, the actual execution is not THAT great. The production quality varies, and two of the gigs have been released earlier. this is peculiar, especially as Purple has filmed alot of gigs in this period that have never been released.
    however, this is probably not aimed at die hard fans who already own all releases. Keeping this fact in mind, it is a good place to start if you want to see why Deep Purple is still a superb band. Bombay 1995 is the first major tour Morse did with purple, and the band is already tight. the picture and audio quality is not perfect, but it's still a great document. The concert from australia is very well produced and therefore a joy to watch. The third concert, from Jon Lord's farwell tour, is a real gem. musically, this is one of the, if not the, best purple concerts available on dvd. The band is really fireing, and that fact that it features two keyboard players adds to the excitement. the audio track is great, but the picture is sadly sometimes not very good. the final disc is a documentary which is always nice to watch. together with the 2002 concert, this has never been released, which means alot of fans will have to pick up the box anyway! but at 14,99 - who can complain. 5 stars for the idea of releasing a purple dvd box. 5 stars for the musical content. anything from 3 - 5 stars on the production

  4.  a must have


    I haven't seen alot of HD concerts, but this is by far and away the best one. not just musically, but production wise as well. the image is superb (shot on 70 mm film) and the sound is excellent. it's like having the best band in the world, in your living room

  5.  return to form


    classic rock called it the best since hysteria. and that's what it is. the best thing about the album is that there are no weak tracks. C'mon is a great tune. Love is probably more Queen than anything on the forthcoming QPR record. Tomorrow and Bad Actress are great rockers. the list goes on
    I thought Def Leppard had lost it after "X" - but this, I'm happy to say, proves me wrong. BUY IT!

  6.  top notch


    the soundstage dvds seem to be extremely well produced. this is no exception. my only complaint about this dvd, is the fact that it's too short!!
    it's great to see/hear him buckingham play when the audio and video quality is this good. it includes some great songs, both solo and fleetwood mac, and you get stevie nicks guesting on a few tracks

    highly recommended

  7.  a must have


    quite simply one of the best music documentaries there is. very detailed. only thing lacking is blackmore interviews, but then again, no one exptected that either.

    get it

  8.  still a great act


    for any other comedian, this set would have scored 5 stars. but this is billy connolly, probably the best comedian britian has produced, who has set the bar with many of his previous releases. this new one is not as good as some of his best earlier work (an audience with, bites yer bum etc) - but it is still a damn good show. in fact, it is probably the best he has done in about 10 years (at least judging from what's availiable as official videos). when I picked up australia 99 I thought his career was over, but I regained faith after dublin 2002 and new york 2005, and this new one is much much better than any of the previous two.
    his style has changed somewhat over the years, but what do you expect as the man gets older?

    many classic moments here; the bit about his wife and the house as well as the bit about "the worst pain known to man" are truly classic

    buy it!!

  9.  Purple Mk8 smokes


    this is the first new live release from Purple since John Lord left the band in 2002, and this show captures Purple Mk8(!) at the top of their game. the production of the dvd is stunning, both picture and sound is superb, and coupled with a top notch performance it makes this dvd an instant classic amongst rock fans. The band is rock solid (no pun intended), and the set list has a nice mix of older hits and tracks from their latest album. Steve Morse finally gets to release his "Well Dressed Guitar" on a live document after playing it for almost a decade, and this track is one of many highlights on the disc. The show catches Ian Gillan in fine form, though not as good as he was, he still delivers the goods
    the only complaint about the montreux gig is that perfect strangers has obviously been edited out, for reasons best known to the record company

    however, you get a second show here, which includes Perfect Strangers. shot at the hard rock cafe in london, this illustrates perfectly how purple is still a superb band. no big stage, no big PA, no effects, just 5 guys being damn good at what they do. the production is not up to standard compared to Montreux, but the energy of the London show makes it worthwhile.

    buy it!

  10.  best of rodgers


    superbly recorded, this captures "the voice" on a solo tour which includes highlights from Free, Bad Company and even the Firm. Rodgers is in top form, and the band is very good as well. let's hope he releases another dvd in the near future with all the songs you wish were on this dvd but never made it to the set list